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Expert Advice for Selling Feet Pics
Expert advice point 0
Love your feet
We know you wouldn’t be interested in selling pictures of your feet unless you loved your feet to begin with! Be sure to embrace that, and let it shine through in your foot content. Have fun, and enjoy the sexy new experience of dressing and undressing your feet.
Expert advice point 1
Create themed collections
Many sellers have success creating themed collections. Perhaps a collection where you’re pampering your feet, your feet after a night of dancing in heels, and if you really want to spice things up, a collection that combines your feet with other body parts 😉
Expert advice point 2
Create a profile you’re proud of!
Sellers that just add one or two collections usually don’t get many sales. Aim to create at least 3 collections (if not many more!), that teases and guides our buyers to wanting more! Create a profile that you’re proud of to maximize your potential sales.
Expert advice point 3
Balance free and paid content
With each collection you create, you have the option to show some pictures for free, and some which are paid for. Entice buyers with your free content, but save your hottest feet pics and videos for those interested enough to make a purchase.
Why do people sell feet pics?
There are several different reasons why people sell their feet pics, some do it for a side income, some do it to feel more confident, and most do it just for the love of feet! Our users are crazy for feet; the look, shape, and the person above the feet. Just as much as our buyers love seeing feet, our sellers love showing them off too!
What kind of feet pics and videos should I sell?
That’s completely up to you! We have a huge community of buyers, all interested in different types of feet. Whether you're tattooed, plus-sized, a dancer, mature, or anything between, we have buyers interested in your feet. You should try uploading a variety of different styles of content, maybe different settings, doing different things, maybe even with different people - get creative!
What else can I do beyond selling feet content?
Selling feet pics is only the beginning! You can sell videos, custom content, chat with buyers and so much more.
How much do sellers make?
There isn’t a cap on earning potential at Fun with Feet! We have everywhere from our part-time sellers earning a nice side income, to our full-time content creators who earn their entire living with us!

The average active Fun with Feet seller enjoys 15 picture/video collection unlocks a month*. With collection prices ranging from $10 to $30, this can soon lead to a healthy side income. And of course, the more established your profile, the more sales you’re likely to get.

*Correct as of November 2021. Our average active seller with more than 6 collections.
How much does it cost to sign up?
Our small listing fee allows us to maintain and continually improve our platform. Here are our prices:

$9.99 for 3 Months of selling
$14.99 for 6 Months of selling
How do I get paid?
Whenever a buyer unlocks any of your feet pics or videos you’ll receive the money instantly into your Fun with Feet wallet. From there, you can withdraw these funds from your wallet directly to your bank account.
How can I remain anonymous when selling?
We understand the importance of your anonymity. Should you wish to remain anonymous, avoid giving out your real information such as full name, address or financial information. If a buyer does ask you for this, please contact us right away. The best practice is that all communication should be kept on Fun with Feet.
How does Fun with Feet protect buyers?
We verify every seller on the site to ensure that our buyers are buying from real people and have the best experience possible.

We take our commitment to our buyers seriously. So if you do need our help or experience any issues, our dedicated support team will be available to assist.
Can I speak to sellers outside of Fun with Feet?
All conversations with Fun with Feet sellers must remain on our platform to ensure the safety of our users. Any violations of this rule may result in account restrictions and termination.
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