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Best Places, Websites, and Apps to Sell Feet Pics

Do you have delicious and delectable digits… on your feet? There’s something appealing and arousing about feet. In fact, 1 in 7 people report having had at least one foot fetish fantasy. From sucking toes to giving foot massages, people are fascinated (and excited) by this not-so-obvious body part.

If you have particularly attractive feet and are looking to cash in on that expensive pedicure or pair of Jimmy Choos, you’ve come to the right place. There are countless places, including social media platforms, websites, and apps, where you can sell pictures of your tantalizing tootsies. And with thousands of kinksters eager and waiting to devour these images, you can make a pretty penny thanks to your pretty feet!

Keep reading to learn more about the top platforms and sources for selling foot fetish pics!

Best Websites for Foot Fetish Pics

Let’s start with the worldwide web. With over 5.6 billion Google searches performed every single day, if someone is looking to buy foot pictures, their first stop is going to be the internet. But with countless websites out there, it can be hard to weed through the scammers and frauds.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you (or should we say foot?). Here are the top-rated websites and online marketplaces for selling and buying feet pictures. is a premier marketplace for those looking to buy and sell feet pictures. With all the same features of other popular foot fetish websites and apps, is a safe, secure platform that has even more amazing ways to buy, sell, and connect with other foot lovers like yourself. 


With dozens of unique categories, verified users, and hundreds of new photos and videos uploaded every day, FeetFinder is one of the most popular places to buy and sell custom feet content. Post or sell pictures and videos in categories like BDSM, dancer, dirty, soles, toenails, and tattoos. You can even browse feet by ethnicity, age, and footwear including heels, sandals, and sneakers. 

FeetFinder is free and easy to use. All buyers and sellers go through a verification process to ensure authentic content and payment. Buyers can purchase individual photos or subscribe to a specific person’s account for access to all their content for a monthly fee. Buyers and sellers on FeetFinder can also communicate directly to create custom orders and arrangements. Sellers get to keep 80% of all sales. 

All images are blurred until the photo and payment are verified, making FeetFinder one of the most secure foot fetish sites on the web. 

Dollar Feet

Calling all foot models! Dollar Feet is another popular online marketplace for people with beautiful feet and those who crave them. All prospective models must apply and be approved to start posting and selling feet pics and videos on the site. Approval and payment both take about 24 hours. 

Dollar Feet is different from most other foot fetish websites because the buyer and seller never communicate. In fact, as a seller, you’ll likely never know who’s purchasing your photos and videos. Instead, you send a 10-minute long video to Dollar Feet and get paid instantly ($15 per video), regardless of if it sells or not. Once submitted, your images are uploaded to the website’s “Model Page” for purchase.

Do you have particularly high arches, wide heels, or long toes? Unique features like these could land you a spot as one of Dollar Feet’s regular models. Better still, if a client requests a custom order based on your previous uploads, you could make between $30 and $100 for a 10-minute video. 

All you have to do is fill out an application, upload a few pictures and videos of your gorgeous feet and wait for a reply. Keep in mind that Dollar Feet only works with female models over the age of 18 and strongly urges them to include their faces in all content for the best results. 


A spin-off of the popular OnlyFans website, InstaFeet is the same concept but deals specifically with foot-related content. You create an account, upload whatever foot pictures and videos you want, and charge visitors a certain fee to view your exclusive content. 

The price you set is completely up to you, but if you’re looking to make some money, you need to price competitively. The average subscription fee is between $5 and $25. This is a great platform for anyone not comfortable showing your face. All you need to do is showcase your gorgeous toes, heels, and ankles in whatever way you want. Rubbing them in lotion, wearing sexy footwear, or displaying dirty feet are all popular options. 

Like most foot fetish websites dealing in buying and selling pics, you need to undergo a verification process. With over 90,000 creators and over 9,000 subscribers on Instafeet, it’s pretty clear that foot fetishes are here to stay — which means big bucks for you!


The original subscription website, OnlyFans is for content creators from all walks of life. Members post everything from artwork and amateur porn videos to ASMR audio clips and you guessed it, feet pics! Similar to InstaFeet, you need to create an account and gain approval from the website admins before you can start posting, charging subscription fees, and collecting tips. 

Once you’re established, you can start uploading foot pictures. Some people want photos that include your face while certain buyers don’t mind if you remain anonymous. One of the best tips for selling feet pics on OnlyFans is to start by posting free content minus the subscription fee. This will gain you a fast following and notoriety. 

At this point, create a second, subscription-only account where you post exclusive content that fans have to pay to access. Keep posting your feet pics on your main, free account to draw people in. Then, once they see your sexy tootsies, you can direct them to your paid account and require a subscription fee for exclusive content. You can also accept and fill custom orders for top dollar.

Happy customers and loyal fans are more than willing to send you tips as a show of appreciation and to encourage you to keep producing high-quality content. OnlyFans keeps 20% of your earnings, but with a consistent posting schedule, online promotion, and a loyal fanbase, you can still make a pretty penny selling feet pics on this popular platform. 


Etsy is more than just handcrafted jewelry, home decor, and clothes. When you take the right approach, this popular e-commerce community is actually a lucrative place to sell your feet pics as “digital goods”. As with most other platforms on this list, you need to create an account and get approval from the admins. Once you finish all the necessary paperwork and red tape, you can start snapping, uploading, and selling! 

Most feet pics on Etsy are just that – feet with no distinguishing characteristics. This makes it a favorite platform for those looking to anonymously sell foot pics. Etsy utilizes hashtags the same way as other popular sites like Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to include plenty of hashtags that make your account easy to find and relevant. You can also categorize your pictures by types and fetishes. Post your pics, sit back, and wait for the buyers to roll in! (That’s only when you’re not promoting yourself on other websites, apps, and social media platforms, of course). 

Social Media Platforms 

If you want to reach an audience in a specific niche, social media is the place to do it. From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and TikTok, these platforms are saturated with like-minded individuals looking to connect. And foot fetish kinksters are no different! If you have foot pictures to sell, chances are, there’s someone on social media looking to buy them.

Here’s how it’s done!


Ah, the platform of pictures and videos. It’s no wonder that Instagram tops the list of social media platforms for selling and buying pictures of feet. Instagram also gives you the most freedom and control over what you post and sell. While you have to agree to their policies and community guidelines for posting, there’s no application process needed to post gorgeous pictures and videos of your feet!

There is one caveat though — Instagram doesn’t allow direct payments for digital downloads. That means you can’t hop on your personal account and start marketing and charging for content. If you do, you’ll no doubt get booted. Instead, you need to use Instagram to market yourself and drive traffic to either your personal blog or OnlyFans page. You can also communicate with prospective buyers via direct messenger and create custom orders and pricing. Try using PayPal or Stripe to collect payments. 

Another approach is to sign up for an Instagram Business account. This gives you access to a lot more marketing tools and resources. It also allows you to use Instagram shopping. Now, you can tag specific images that direct your followers to a sales page where they make a purchase. Once the follower clicks on your tempting foot photos, a tag pops up. They then click on this tag and it takes them to your personal blog, website, or product page, and voila! 

The only thing Instagram is more well-known for than images and stories are hashtags, so be sure to add plenty of relevant and trending tags to help expand your “customer” base and gain more traffic and attention. 


This social media platform is about more than just catchy dance moves and viral trends. With over 1 billion users and climbing, this is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in recent times. And that means it’s an untapped resource for selling naughty foot pics to the highest bidder.

Similar to Instagram, hashtags rule and you can’t simply hop on TikTok and start selling your foot photos. Instead, you need to put in the work and grow your following through the platform before converting your followers into buyers. Once you have them on the hook, you can either accept direct payment or have them subscribe using a third-party platform. 

Take a page out of this TikToker’s book — literally. Not only does she make thousands every month selling foot pictures through TikTok but she’s also expanded her business by writing an ebook on side-hustling. This just goes to show you that where there’s a will, there’s a way!


More than just funny filters, Snapchat is another lucrative platform for selling exclusive content (like pictures and videos of your feet) to your loyal followers — at a price. Similar to OnlyFans and InstaFeet, Snapchat allows you to create private accounts that contain exclusive content. 

Start creating sexy, naughty, and taboo foot content and charge a monthly fee for anyone who wants access to your private snaps. If you already have an OnlyFans or InstaFeet account, you can add your Snapchat content as a bonus! The only trick to this approach is that you need to hustle. Growing a following on Snapchat isn’t easy. Growing a following that includes viewers willing to pay for your exclusive content is even harder. But, done right, and your side hustle selling feet pics might just turn into your main source of income. 


Tweeting is all the rage these days. But Twitter is about more than just celebrities taking jabs at each other. It’s becoming a popular platform for selling custom content from videos and photos to advice, fitness plans, and therapy sessions. The best part is, the selling process on Twitter is pretty simple.

Post your content (foot pictures or videos), use plenty of relevant hashtags, and accept payment using widely accepted and trusted apps like PayPal or CashApp. 


Caught somewhere between a social media platform and a traditional website, Craigslist is one of the most popular advertising platforms in existence. With sections designated for things like housing, jobs, items, and services, if someone’s selling it, it’s probably on Craigslist — and that includes foot fetish pics! 

Founded in 1995, Craigslist is an oldie but a goodie. Just because it’s not as trendy as some of the newer platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, its longevity makes it one of the more reliable sites on the list. Sellers can post ads for whatever they want and set whatever price they want. Typically, foot videos sell for more than photos and most sellers accept custom orders. 

If you’re looking to sell feet pictures and videos anonymously, Craigslist is a great option. Here, sellers don’t need to include their faces or other personal information like their addresses. Another bonus is plenty of payment options including PayPal and Venmo.


There’s an app for that. It’s a saying that soared in popularity in early 2010 and it’s only grown from there! There are currently 3.4 million apps in the Apple store ripe for the picking (pun intended). So, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of apps that let you buy and sell foot pictures. These apps make it incredibly convenient for those looking to make some extra cash and kinksters who can’t get enough of those dirty, sexy foot pics!

Here are some of the best apps out there for this naughty, niche topic.


What an ironic name for an app where people can buy and sell foot pictures! Kik is a free social networking and instant messaging app where you can easily connect with other users using your email. With no phone number required, this Canadian-based app eliminates the need for text messages or high-priced data plans.

All you need to do is create a profile and choose which Kik groups you want to join. There are plenty of groups designed specifically for foot fetish lovers. Here, sellers and buyers can meet, communicate, and work out a deal to swap foot pictures and videos for payment. Send and receive instant messages from potential clients and start making money right away. Kik is also a great tool for building your email list and securing future business.


Foap is an app available on Android and iPhone designed specifically for photographers of all types — including those who love taking and selling pictures of their feet! All uploaded photos instantly become part of Foaps marketplace, known as the Foap Market. Here, fellow creative minds and interested buyers from around the world browse and shop for content. 

The only downside to Foap is that all photos sell for $10, but you only receive half ($5). On a positive note, you can sell the same photo multiple times. That means you can continue making money on the same pictures time after time. Another bonus is that all photos uploaded to the Foap Market are automatically shared with Getty Images, instantly gaining you even more exposure, views, and sales. 


As the name suggests, this app allows you to anonymously sell your feet pictures for a profit. Whisper is a social media app that allows users to post comments and confessions (true or false) by adding whatever text they want on top of photos. 

While this isn’t the most high-tech app, it’s still a viable platform for selling your sexy feet pictures. Unfortunately, communicating with prospective buyers isn’t always easy. You’ll need to pay close attention to the comments section. Here is where interested buyers will inquire about sales and more information. From here, you can pick up the conversation outside the app via text or email and discuss pricing and any special requests. 

Make Fast, Easy Money Selling Feet Pics Today!

Now that you know all the best outlets for selling your sexy feet pics, all that’s left to do is start posing and snapping! Browse these sites, platforms, and apps for inspiration. You’d be surprised at the kinky and taboo feet pictures that many fetish-lovers are willing to pay top dollar for. So, polish up those toenails and start turning a profit today. 

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