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Can I Get Fired for Selling Feet Pics?

In today’s digital world, where the Internet is swirling with stories and scandals, nothing is sacred anymore. A wild night that you’d like to forget could easily be broadcast across social media, forever burned into the minds and memories of your closest friends, family members, and even your employers. But can you get fired for questionable activities or faux pas that occur outside of your traditional 9-5 job? 

The answer to this question is complicated. And the question, “Can I get fired for selling feet pics?” is even more difficult to answer. But, don’t fret! We’re here to take a closer look at whether or not an employer can legally fire an employee for engaging in the sexy side hustle of selling feet pics online. Plus, more info on how to engage in this practice without compromising your day job. 

Can I Get Fired for Selling Feet Pics?

The short answer is no. There’s nothing illegal, wrong, or even immoral about selling feet pics online. While some people may consider the practice taboo or frown upon it, it’s a personal choice and one that you shouldn’t have to explain or justify to anyone – including your employer! 

But before you slip off those socks and start snapping feet pics, keep reading. There are different types of employers, policies, and laws that could give your boss a serious leg to stand on (pun intended) when it comes to terminating you due to your extracurricular activities. 

Even though the First Amendment protects a person’s right to free speech, some private employers can still discipline or even terminate you based on your online activity. This includes photos, videos, or captions you post on social media and, yes, selling feet pics! 

On the other side of the equation are instances of wrongful or unlawful termination, which involves an employer firing you without a legitimate reason. These laws vary from state to state in the United States and also from one region or country to another. Your best bet is to check your local laws and regulations before selling feet pics online or accusing your boss of wrongful termination. 

Below you’ll find more information and details about wrongful termination and whether or not you have a case.

At-Will Employers

Most companies and employers in the United States are considered at-will. This means that an employer or boss can choose to fire an employee for any reason that’s considered lawful – including engaging in behavior outside of work that negatively impacts the company image. It could also include behavior that reflects poorly on the company’s mission statement, goals, and brand. 

There are, however, some situations where an employer can’t simply fire you because they don’t like something you did (i.e. selling feet pics).

These include:

Illegal Discrimination 

Your employer can’t fire you based on your race, religion, color, sex or sexual orientation, disability if you’re over the age of 40, national origin, or other genetic-related reasons. This is considered discrimination and you could reasonably fight for your job back, regardless of how many foot pics you’ve sold over the years. 


Did you use your job or career as a way to sell feet pics and, in the process, make true statements or claims about your working conditions? If so, your boss can’t fire you! For example, if you are a nurse and decide to take and sell sexy nurse foot pics but the caption reads something about working insanely long hours, mentions unsafe working conditions, or you being harassed, your employer can’t punish you for this. As long as the claims you make are factual and you can prove it, you’re entitled to freely speak about poor working conditions. 

Talking about your employer engaging in illegal activity (i.e. hiring minors, not paying fair wages, money laundering, etc.), is also covered under this clause. Just keep in mind that any statements you make must be 100% true and based on facts. Making false claims about your company, employer, or your working conditions could be considered slander and are grounds for lawful termination. You’ll need to prove your statements are true and backed by evidence and your employer would need to prove otherwise. 

Violating Employee Agreements and Contracts

Employee agreements and contracts are designed to protect both the employer and the company’s employees. These agreements often list the company’s requirements and guidelines for all employees to follow. Failing to do so could result in termination. These include things like not using your cell phone at work, not discussing certain aspects of your job outside of work, and prohibiting any and all harassment. 

On the other side of the coin, employee agreements and contracts are also designed to protect your rights as an employee. Employers can’t discriminate, threaten, harass, or blackmail you. It also prevents employers from firing you for making true and factual statements about the company, its policies, or your working conditions. These are just a few of the ways an employee contract can protect both parties involved. 

Your employer could try to fire you for selling feet pics by claiming it violates a clause or statement in the contract you signed, but they’d need to prove it. So be sure to read your agreement carefully before signing and also take note of which areas of the contract protect you and your rights to make money in other potentially unconventional ways. However, if there are line items in the contract about posting and selling content online or engaging in certain online activities and you violate these terms, your employer may have grounds to fire you.

Reasons an Employer CAN Fire You for Selling Feet Pics

Although you can’t get fired for selling feet pics in itself, if you engage in some of the following practices, your job could be at risk.

Creating a Hostile Work Environment

All employees are entitled to a work environment where they feel safe. Creating a hostile work environment goes against nearly every company’s policy. Therefore, if your foot pic business somehow creates a hostile work environment, you may be facing the unemployment line. Your photos and posts would need to be deemed threatening or harassing to fall under this category. If your feet pics make any of your coworkers feel unsafe, your employer has the right to fire you without hesitation, so make sure your foot pic practice doesn’t overlap with your work life.

Making False or Misleading Statements

While selling feet pics anonymously using a fake name or even creating an alter ego or persona is totally acceptable, lying about your job, company, or employer, isn’t. Never make false or misleading statements about your job. For example, if you showcase dirty feet pics or pictures of your “tired overworked feet” and claim that your employer forces you to work long hours, doesn’t pay reasonable wages, or abuses its employees and they find out about it, you could be in big trouble and may be out of a job. 

Posting Illegal or Scandalous Images 

This is the area where most foot pic sellers get themselves into trouble. Many companies want their employees to embody and represent the ideals, morals, and image of the company itself – both inside and outside of work. For example, a school system may frown upon a teacher also having an OnlyFans account. Parents may not appreciate someone posting nude or scandalous photos and videos teaching their children. While some people may feel this is discrimination, it’s fairly common for employers to prohibit staff members from posting scandalous, racy, or illegal images.

Although selling feet pics isn’t illegal, including nudity or X-rated aspects to your foot pics could get you fired. If the employer feels these images taint or damage their reputation and includes these restrictions in the company policy, any foot pics deemed scandalous or inappropriate could be grounds for termination. This is another reason to consider selling foot pics anonymously and keeping any and all private details about your life, job, and career under wraps. 

Using or Displaying the Company Name or Logo

Some employers don’t care what you do in your free time and may overlook the fact that you sell feet pics and they don’t understand the appeal. But once you bring their name, brand, or logo into the equation, their feelings may change quickly. Never post feet pics wearing your company uniform if it displays their name or a recognizable logo. No matter how well-known your company is, never use their name or popularity to increase your own. For example, “I’m a sexy foot model that works at Victoria’s Secret” and tag the company, use their logo, or post pictures wearing company property. Not only is this in poor taste but it puts you at risk of losing your job. 

Taking Feet Pics in the Work Setting 

This is another no-no when taking feet pics and still working a traditional day job. Your two jobs should never overlap, especially if that means taking feet pics at work or in the office setting. Propping your feet up on your desk and snapping a quick shot for your sales page may seem innocent enough, but if that image falls into the wrong hands, you could be accused of a long list of company violations from using your cell phone at work to performing a second job on company time. Do yourself a favor and save your foot photoshoots for after-hours and outside the work setting. 

Selling Feet Pics on Work Time

Even if you don’t physically take your foot pics at work, managing your foot pic business during company time is also a risky maneuver you should avoid at all costs. Your employer is paying you to perform a certain job or task and chances are, it’s not to answer messages on your foot pic account, update your photos, and check your notifications. Avoid bringing your foot pic business into the office even if it means just editing and uploading photos. Instead, create a posting and editing schedule at home that you can perform either before or after work or on the weekends.

Missing Work for Your Foot Pic Business

With 60% of people calling out of work sick and lying about it, unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon practice. However, if you’re found out or abuse this privilege, you could find yourself without a job. Even if you find yourself falling behind on your foot pic uploads and updates, it’s never a good idea to call out of work to play catch-up. On the other hand, most companies offer a certain number of personal days that you can use for whatever you see fit – including working on your foot pics! Just use these days sparingly and make sure they don’t cause you to fall behind in your day job. 

Using Company Supplies or Resources

Using company supplies or resources without permission is technically considered stealing. Simple things like borrowing some copy paper to steal pens could get you fired. Known as misappropriation of property or goods, you’re essentially stealing and using materials or resources that you didn’t pay for. While it’s unlikely you’ll need a stapler or file folders for your foot pic business, using the company printer ink to produce hard copies of your photos or even using your company-issued laptop or tablet and the building’s Wi-Fi could potentially be considered misappropriation of property for personal use or gain, so be mindful of what you do in the office and what resources you utilize. 

FAQ About Selling Feet Pics Without Getting Fired

While job security is never a 100% guarantee, answering these last few questions could help you simultaneously preserve your current position and explore your passion for selling feet pics. 

Should I sell feet pics anonymously?

Selling foot pics anonymously is one of the best ways to keep your sexy side hustle a secret. Plenty of successful sellers have made their living off selling foot pics without ever revealing their true identities or names. Because people are paying for pictures of your feet, not your face, it’s easy to conceal your identity while, at the same time, protecting your job and employment status. 

Is selling feet pics illegal?

Yes! Selling feet pics is legal in most areas of the world. There’s nothing illegal about selling pictures or videos of your feet for money, as long as both parties are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. Where you start to get in hot water, so to speak, is when you sell scandalous images, incorporate nudity into your foot pics, or any other content that may be deemed “adult” or “X-rated”. Selling explicit content could be considered illegal depending on the region and the local laws and restrictions. To avoid getting yourself into legal trouble, make sure you’re following all of the local rules and are only engaging with buyers of a legal age. The best way to prevent accidentally selling to a minor is to only use reputable websites that verify the age and identity of their users. 

What recourse can I take if my employer fired me for selling feet pics?

If you believe that your First Amendment Right has been violated or that you’ve been illegally terminated, you can take action. Unfortunately, this often involves hiring a lawyer which can become quite costly. Chances are, you won’t want to return to the old job you were fired from but you may be entitled to compensation or a payout for being fired without cause or being discriminated against. 

Protect Your Job, Your Income, and Your Foot Pics

What you do on your own time is your business – sort of. If you choose to sell foot pics online to make some extra money (and we recommend that you do!), there’s a certain way to go about it. Remaining anonymous, adhering to the company’s rules and regulations, and keeping your foot pic business and day job separate are just a few ways to successfully sell feet pics on the side while also protecting your employment status. 

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