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Do Guys Make Money on Feetfinder?

The belief that some jobs or career paths are strictly for men vs women is quickly becoming outdated. As more females tackle labor-intensive careers like construction workers and firefighters and men step into more nurturing roles like nurses or stay-at-home dads, the world is transforming into a more inclusive place.

This applies to the foot pic industry as well. In an arena that was once dominated primarily by women, men are now making their mark. Is there really a market for men’s feet pics, though? And do guys make money on FeetFinder?

Keep reading for answers to these questions and more!

Can Men Sell Feet Pics?

Yes! There’s nothing stopping men from selling feet pics. But just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are a few hurdles guys need to overcome to enter the industry successfully.

For starters, not all foot pic platforms accept men’s feet pics. Inclusive websites like and FeetFinder are paving the way for guys to make money selling feet pics. Men can always sell feet pics independently as well. Social media platforms and subscription sites like OnlyFans allow users to promote whatever type of content they want (within reason). 

Once you find a platform for selling men’s feet pics, there’s the challenge of finding buyers. Most foot pic buyers are men seeking female foot pics. However, 21% of foot fetishists are gay or bisexual men, which means there are plenty of men out there searching for other mens’ feet pics.

There’s also the issue of foot care. According to one survey, only 25% of men have gotten pedicures. Regular foot care is an important part of selling feet pics. While there’s a market for dirty feet pics, most people seek attractive, sexy feet that are well-cared for. This includes trimmed toenails and cuticles, moisturized heels and ankles, and no unsightly marks. Unfortunately, men aren’t always on top of their foot care game. If you want to make money selling feet pics as a dude, you need to invest a little TLC in your tootsies. 

Do Guys Make Money on FeetFinder?

Absolutely. Motivated men selling feet pics online can make just as much money as their female counterparts. Many of the same basic principles apply. For example, creating a diverse portfolio, engaging with prospective buyers, and editing your work are all important aspects of the foot pic business.

Although it may be slightly more challenging to make a name for yourself as a male foot pic model, it’s not impossible. Because there are fewer men selling feet pics online, you may be able to use this rarity to your advantage. Word travels fast within the foot pic community. If you can stand out as a reliable male seller who creates high-quality content, you may earn greater recognition and a higher income. 

Similar to women selling feet pics, there’s no standard figure for how much money guys make on FeetFinder. According to the website, the average male picture sells for between $5 and $8 to start. As you gain more popularity, you can start increasing your prices, with some sellers earning between $10 and $100 for a single foot pic! If you average $20 per foot pic and sell 5 per week, that’s a healthy side hustle of $100 for 7 days of work.

Other ways to increase your income as a guy on FeetFinder include offering exclusive content, accepting custom orders, and staying abreast of popular foot pic trends. You also need to understand your limitations. According to one report, female foot models can make between $500 and $2,000 an hour, whereas successful male foot models may only earn $4,000 every month. While these figures are nothing to sneeze at, it’s a clear uphill battle for men in the industry.

The good news is, though, that with the right approach, techniques, and work ethic, guys can make money on FeetFinder and other reputable platforms like FunwithFeet. 

How to Sell Feet Pics as a Guy

If you’re up for the challenge and want to make money selling feet pics online as a guy, listen up. While some of the same basic tips apply to both males and females, there are a few differences to keep in mind. 

Know Your Audience

This is one of the most important steps (pun intended) for men entering the foot pic industry. Similar to other businesses, you need to identify your target market from the start. Otherwise, you’re simply throwing things at the wall (or your sales page) and seeing what sticks.

Men selling feet pics need a more detailed approach. Some of the best niches and markets for men’s feet pics include

  • Foot fetishists and kink communities 
  • Brands and product companies (shoes, athletic accessories, medical products)
  • Magazines and online publications 

Check out what other male foot models are doing online and on social media. Mimic their poses and themes while adding your own personal touch. After you land your first few sales, reevaluate your approach and adjust it where needed. 

Find the Right Platform 

As we mentioned before, not all foot pic websites are on board with male foot pics. Make sure that the website you plan to sell on welcomes foot content creators from all walks of life (pun intended). is an all-inclusive marketplace that encourages sellers of all genders to post, promote, and sell their high-quality foot content. 

Follow Male Foot Pic Trends

If TikTok taught us anything, it’s that trending videos can lead to monumental success. Just ask Charlie D’Amelio! As a male in an industry dominated by women, it’s important to do plenty of research before launching your foot pic business. Find out what types of male foot pics are trending or selling the most. Then, try to replicate these themes while also carving out your own niche within the market. 

Great places to check include foot fetish subreddits on Reddit, Twitter, other social media communities, and foot fetish groups. Browse stock photo sites like Shutterstock as well. Here you’ll find more generic male foot pics to help get your creative juices flowing. 

Take Care of Your Tootsies 

Men who successfully sell foot pics online have no shame in their self-care game. From manscaping and skin care to meditating, yoga, and massages, men are finally embracing self-care and realizing its many benefits. And this includes maintaining the look, appearance, and health of their feet. 

Most men’s feet pics showcase trimmed toenails, healthy skin, and just the right amount of hair. Experts recommend applying moisturizer to your feet daily, treating yourself to a pedicure once a month, and both trimming and cleaning your toenails when needed. The people buying men’s foot pics are probably using them for either sexual arousal or to model a product – both of which require an attractive pair of feet. 

Show Off Your Personality 

Creating high-quality and attractive foot pics is only half the battle when trying to sell foot pics as a man. Engaging with potential buyers and showing them your amazing personality is a great way to earn more fans and land more sales. It’s always okay to flirt a little, but keep it PG and never stray outside your comfort zone. 

Be considerate and prompt when responding to inquiries and messages. Many buyers will message you directly to ask questions about your content or place a custom order. Responding quickly shows the buyer that you’re active online, dedicated to your craft, and reliable. 

Focus on Quality over Quantity 

Selling foot pics as a guy is all about balance. You want a portfolio that’s diverse while also being attractive. It’s about striking a balance between a page filled with hundreds of poor quality photos that don’t represent your best work and a sparse page with only a few photos that are breathtaking.

There’s a way to do both! Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s posting once a week or once every two weeks, consistency is key when growing your foot pic business. Then, take time to edit your foot pics and experiment with different settings, props, and accessories. Offer buyers a diverse selection of quality photos to help build a positive reputation. 

Promote Your Work 

After you’ve polished your portfolio, it’s time to spread the word. Although selling foot pics on social media comes with its own challenges and pitfalls, social media platforms are a vital marketing tool. Apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat let you find and engage with other foot lovers. You can post teasers of your work and links to your sales page in your bio. Use these outlets to drive traffic to your foot pic website or sales page and to build a loyal following. 

Stay Consistent and Patient 

Patience is a virtue. Especially when selling foot pics as a guy. Male foot pics are a relatively new phenomenon. As the popularity of men’s feet grows, you’ll need to be patient and consistent with your efforts. It may take several months for you to see an uptick in your foot pic following and sales. Don’t give up! If you can stick it out and surpass your competitors, you could reign supreme as a top-tier male foot model. 

Make Way for Men’s Feet Pics!

The foot pic industry is constantly changing and evolving. As the foot fetish community grows, so does the market for high-quality foot pics – both mens and womens! So, if you’re a guy looking to make money on FeetFinder or FunwithFeet, the time is now! 

Click here to register today, or check out our in-depth FeetFinder review here.

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