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Art is a form of personal expression and creativity. It’s also a way to explore your deepest thoughts, desires, and needs without words. Erotic art is wildly popular and not just because it’s sexy (although that’s a bonus!). The purpose of erotic art is to arouse and inspire both the artist and viewers. Most erotic art depicts nudity, specific sex acts, and other explicit and taboo activities. It also comes in various forms including drawings, sculptures, photographs, paintings, and even films.

Foot fetish art is one type of erotic art that appeals primarily to the foot fetish community. The fact that 1 in 7 people has a foot fetish just goes to show you how large of a market there is for foot fetish art. Whether you’re an artist thinking about dabbling in foot fetish art or a foot lover looking to make a purchase, this article is for you. Here, we’ll explore the wild and wonderful world of foot fetish art from every vantage point.

What is a Foot Fetish?

To fully appreciate foot fetish art, you must first understand exactly what a foot fetish is and why so many people find feet both arousing and mystifying. A foot fetish, by definition, is a person’s sexual interest in feet. This can include everything from feet, toes, and ankles to foot accessories like high heels, stockings, and other sexy footwear. Some foot fetishists are turned on merely by the sight of feet which is why selling feet pics online is such a lucrative business. Other people prefer hands-on contact including foot massages, foot bondage, giving or receiving foot jobs, and even licking, kissing, and sucking toes.

The History of Feet in Erotic Art

Although foot fetishes have grown in popularity in recent years, our fascination with feet is nothing new. Foot worship (also known as podophilia) dates back to ancient times, with the earliest evidence found in a set of second-century AD love letters where the anonymous author describes both men’s and women’s feet in great detail.

Over the centuries, erotic artwork of all forms became more common and appreciated. In fact, it played a significant role in the artistic revolution of the 20th century. The late 1800s were marked by Paul Gaugin’s colorful and exotic painting of two nude Tahitian women. Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele can be credited with even more scandalous sculptures that emerged in the early 1900s in Vienna. Many erotic paintings and sculptures depicted nude women with full, curvaceous bodies. The details were found in their most prominent attributes including their breasts, hips, buttocks, and even their feet. Men’s feet were especially popular in many Italian and Greek sculptures. 

Over the years, feet have become the main focus of many pieces of art and acted as a muse for some of history’s most creative minds. Some of the most notable pieces of art include:

  • Dancer Taking a Bow (Edgar Degas) 1877
  • Woman Drying Her Feet (Edgar Degas) 1886 
  • The Child’s Bath (Mary Cassatt) 1893
  • Flaming June (Sir Frederic Leighton) 1895
  • The Old Guitarist (Pablo Picasso) 1903

Over the course of the next hundred years, foot fetish artwork has taken on many new forms and become even racier and more explicit.

Types of Foot Fetish Art

When someone proclaimed, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, they must’ve been talking about foot fetish artwork. There is no limit to what constitutes a foot fetish masterpiece. Foot fetishists can find beauty and meaning in everything from feet decorated with colorful tattoos or adorned in delicate jewelry to detailed paintings of feet, a sculpture, feet pictures, or even foot fetish anime. 

Here are some of the most popular types of foot fetish art for you to explore. 

Photographs of Feet

It’s never been more popular, common, or lucrative to take and sell feet pics online. People buy them for a variety of reasons from fulfilling a foot fetish fantasy to using them for product sales or as art. 

Photography in itself is an artform and foot lovers are taking full advantage of the sharp lines, curves, and details of the human foot. Some of the most beautiful photos depict foot bondage (feet tied in ropes, shackles, etc.), feet covered in tattoos or henna, and feet displaying attractive footwear and accessories. Artists also buy feet pics to use as a muse for their own artwork. Not everyone has access to a foot model or someone who will pose for them. Sketch artists, painters, and even sculptures look to foot pics as a means to create beautiful and inspiring masterpieces. 

Videos of Feet

In recent years, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has emerged as a legitimate art form. This tingling sensation in the scalp, neck, and upper spine is triggered by a variety of auditory and visual stimuli. One such stimulus for foot fetishists is foot videos depicting slow, methodical, and sensual acts. These can range from foot massage videos to videos of someone applying lotion to their feet or even clipping their toenails. 

While ASMR videos are mostly designed to deliver auditory stimulation, visual stimuli are just as effective. Foot fetish videos often incorporate both. For example, if a foot massage is given using lotion or oil is visually stimulating as the hands manipulate the foot but may also include the sound of the lotion squelching between the toes and sliding over the skin or the massage recipient moaning in delight. The same principle applies to videos of someone clipping their toenails. The sound of the toenail clipper may be extremely stimulating for someone, as well as watching the person trim, pamper, and perfect their feet. While ASMR videos aren’t a traditional art form, they are growing in popularity and taking on new forms. 

Drawings and Paintings of Feet 

Other than foot pics, this is probably the most popular form of foot fetish art with endless possibilities. Artists of all skill levels and interests paint, sketch, and draw feet using different techniques and tools. You may notice some foot fetish art is more subdued and beautiful, focusing more on the curves and lines of the foot. These up-close masterpieces often include propers (like dancing shoes, a bath, etc.) and may have hands delicately placed on the feet. Other drawings or paintings depict one or more people with a focus on their feet. For example, there are countless paintings of Jesus washing the feet of the Twelve Apostles in the historical Last Supper painting. Although this isn’t the primary focus of the painting, it stands out and delivers a powerful, meaningful message.

But foot drawings and paintings aren’t always inspirational. When discussing foot fetishes, many people create erotic foot art for nothing more than sexual arousal and pleasure. This is especially popular among the anime community. Sexy cartoon drawings depicting beautiful women and even furries with an emphasis on feet are wildly popular online and within the foot fetish community. 

Foot Sculptures

When you think of foot sculptures, Greek gods and goddesses most likely come to mind. That’s because this type of foot fetish art was extremely popular in ancient Greece and Italy, with sculptures portraying strong, powerful, and sexual beings. Not all of these sculptures focus on feet but if you examine them with an artful eye, you can notice the incredible details of the feet on these large-scale structures.

Some of the most famous Hellenistic Greek sculptures include:

  • David  by Michelangelo (1501 – 1504)  
  • Aphrodite of Milos (C. 130 BCE)
  • The Rape of Proserpina by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1621 – 1622)
  • The Thinker  by Auguste Rodin (1880)

Although many of these sculptures depict full bodies, foot fetishists and artists will notice the intricate detail, care, and attention paid to the subject’s feet.

Best Places to Buy Foot Fetish Art

If you want to add a piece of foot fetish art to your collection, you can visit a local art gallery or art show or head online to find and purchase paintings, photographs, drawings, and even foot sculptures. While a quick Google search will generate plenty of results, here are a few places to check first. 


DeviantArt is the largest online art gallery and community. It also happens to be one of the most popular and kinky websites for purchasing foot fetish drawings created by incredibly talented artists. You can also search for nude art and other fetish-related pieces. Categories include cosplay, comics, anime, kinky, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. You can also purchase wallpapers, stickers, drawings, paintings, digital art, and emojis.

When it comes to foot fetish artwork on this website, there are plenty of kinky images but most focus on cartoon characters and anime with an emphasis on feet. You may find a traditional photograph or two, but this outlet is geared more toward sketch artists and cartoon fanatics.  

Fine Art America

Although there are hundreds of art websites online where you can purchase still photos, paintings, drawings of feet, and other erotic or nude art, this website has some especially breathtaking pieces to choose from. 

Here you’ll find captivating photographs of mostly women’s feet. Some are close-up shots in high heels and fishnet stockings while others are full-body shots with the feet highlighted in a subtle way. There’s also a heavy emphasis on foot bondage in these photographs. Many of these BDSM images are beautifully crafted to portray submission and power. In addition to photos, you can also purchase paintings, drawings, and other forms of foot fetish art. 

Feet Pic Websites and Platforms

If it’s feet pics you’re after, there are plenty of websites to choose from. Just keep in mind that most of these platforms are geared toward the foot fetish community and sell photos for sexual pleasure and arousal only. That’s not to say that these images aren’t beautiful in their own right, but they’re focused more on foot fetishes and kink than artistic expression. 

For example, websites like FunwithFeet and FeetFinder are two of the most popular marketplaces for buying and selling foot pics. Here, foot fetishists can browse numerous categories for feet pics that meet their naughty needs and fantasies. In most cases, these photos are used for sexual pleasure rather than to display over the fireplace as a piece of art. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on these sites, you can also check subscription websites like OnlyFans or even social media by searching popular hashtags including #footfetish, #feetpics, and #footlovers. Reddit is another outlet for foot fetishists looking to meet and connect with like-minded foot lovers.

Tips for Creating Foot Fetish Art that Sells

You don’t need to attend art school, per se, to create beautiful and inspiring foot fetish artwork. It all depends on the message you’re trying to deliver and how. Of course, if you’re a talented artist you have the upper hand when it comes to drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpting. For others, photography might be the right approach for combining your love of art and feet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating beautiful foot fetish artwork for yourself and others. 

Trust Your Instincts

Art is a personal expression, which basically means, you can’t mess it up. If you’re creating foot fetish artwork for your own pleasure, there are no limits to what you can create. Let your naughty imagination run wild as you draw, sketch, paint, or even sculpt beautiful masterpieces that speak to you on an intimate level.

If it’s the unique shape of the human foot that intrigues you, create artwork that depicts high arches, pronounced ankles, or long, elegant toes. For those who find footwear especially arousing, photograph yourself or a willing model in a variety of shoes and stockings. Experiment with different types of footwear, positions, angles, and lighting. Photograph the entire leg or just the foot. Play around with different ideas but always trust your instincts. If something turns you on, chances are, there are plenty of other foot fetishists out there who would enjoy (and even pay for) the images you capture. 

Consider People’s Favorite Fetishes

When it comes to creating foot fetish art for the masses and making a few extra bucks, you need to consider what people are looking for. By researching some of the most popular foot fetishes and types of foot fetish artwork, you’ll get a better idea of what sells and for how much.

Some of the most common foot fetish categories include bare feet, BDSM and bondage, and footwear. A quick search online for foot fetish artwork will turn up plenty of cartoon drawings as well that depict sexy cosplay characters with an up-close shot of their feet. And don’t forget about ASMR foot fetish videos and generic feet pics. Take the time to see what people are searching for and buying before creating foot fetish art for sale.

Foot Fetish Art: A Beautiful Form of Self-Expression

Art is about self-expression and discovery. And many artists argue there’s no greater muse than the human form. Whether you enjoy foot fetish art as a creator or merely a spectator, there’s something beautiful and intriguing about these photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and even videos. The only thing left to do now is pick up a pencil, camera, or paintbrush and get to work!

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