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Twitter has over 217 million active users worldwide. It’s one of the most widely recognized social media platforms in the world where registered users can post messages — known as “tweets – and other registered users can read them, respond, and “retweet” them. But this microblogging platform isn’t reserved just for the likes of celebrities and politicians. Millions of everyday people turn to Twitter for networking opportunities, entertainment, and information.

Twitter is also home to numerous communities where like-minded individuals can meet, chat, and socialize. In these communities, people can bond over a myriad of topics and interests from sports and music to slightly more obscure topics – like feet! In this article, we’ll discuss Twitter’s growing foot fetish community, what it’s all about, and how you can become a part of it.

How Communities on Twitter Work

Similar to other public forums and chat groups like those found on Reddit and Facebook, you’ll need to be approved and accepted by the specific Twitter community’s moderator before you can join, post, and interact with other members. Once accepted, you can invite up to 5 more members to join the community.

There are some Twitter communities that don’t require an invite and offer open membership. To join these groups, you simply need to have a registered account and click the “Join” button at the top of the page. After you do this, you’ll need to read through the community’s rules and then click “Agree and Join”. It’s as easy as that!

The creation of Twitter communities is still in its infancy, but the platform’s ultimate plan is to offer groups where people can meet and mingle over a variety of topics ranging from weather and sports to dogs, sneakers, skincare, astrology, and yes, feet!

Here are a few other things you should know about tweeting in a specific community on Twitter.

  • Tweets posted in a community are not visible to your normal followers. These tweets are only visible within the community itself.
  • Community moderators can remove members for not following the rules and guidelines.
  • You can join multiple communities at once.

Twitter is looking to expand the number of available communities and the ways in which people can join.

Most Popular Foot Fetish Communities on Twitter

Because Twitter communities are a relatively new concept, they’re still growing, expanding, and changing. For now, there are a few ways for foot lovers and foot fetish enthusiasts to explore their interests on Twitter.

Let’s take a closer look!

#FootParadise RT Group

This foot fetish community currently has over 138,000 tweets and nearly 22,000 followers. The community is run by a single moderator that welcomes direct messages @rt_feet. This community promotes other users that post feet pics by sharing their handles on the main feed. This is a great way to gain exposure if you’re looking to make money online by selling and posting high-quality feet pics. If you’re looking for a foot fetish Twitter community that promotes dominatrix behavior, this one might also fit your needs with hashtags like #findom topping their list of most used hashtags. When it comes to promo foot fetish groups on Twitter, this one may deliver the best results.

Feet Lover Community

You can find this Feet Lover Community by searching @FeetForumArea. The community currently has 1,470 followers and 783 tweets. Pictures in this group include everything from dirty feet and manicured toes to beautiful people taking feet pics in public, in bed, or with friends! Common hashtags used in this group include #soles #girlfeet #dirtyfeet #prettyfeet and #barefeet. From the page’s feed, you can also visit

FootFetish Community

This is one of the smaller foot fetish communities currently on Twitter with just 32 followers, but it still boasts over 1,000 tweets with the handle @feet_footfetish. Given the name, it’s also the first result that pops up when you search “foot fetish communities on Twitter”. Most of the main feed is in a different language with the option to translate the text. At first glance, it appears the main purpose of this community is to drive traffic to the creator’s primary website which contains NSFW foot fetish pictures and videos.

Finding Foot Fetish Communities on Twitter

Finding communities on Twitter is still in its infancy. There’s no way to “search” for a specific community to join. Instead, you need to keep your eyes open for tweets that include hashtags and handles for foot fetish-related content. Most community creators will create a generic post advertising their new group and telling members where to find it and how to join. If you choose to create your own foot fetish community, it’s in your best interest to draft a “welcome” tweet as well. Be sure to check @HiCommunities for announcements and updates on newly created groups.

Creating Your Own Foot Fetish Twitter Community

When Twitter first introduced the concept of communities, they were invite-only. Now, the platform has expanded and evolved, allowing registered users to create their own communities and open them up to others. If you can’t find a Twitter community to fit your specific foot fetish needs, you can create your own! All you have to do is submit a request to Twitter. Once approved, you can invite as many members as you want into your new world. Remember, each member also has the ability to invite 5 other people, so your following could grow rapidly, which is great news for anyone looking to bring attention to their beautiful feet pics and the foot fetish community, in general.

As the creator, you have quite a bit of freedom on how to design and organize the community. You can choose a theme, set rules and guidelines, and send invitations. Make sure your group has a discussion board or hub where members can openly conversate and swap pictures in a positive and safe environment. As the moderator, it’s also your job to monitor the tweets in your group and block or remove any that break the community guidelines. Your rules should include things like:

  • What type of content is allowed
  • What types of posts are not permitted and will be removed or result in users being  banned from the group
  • Rules about private messaging
  • Topics you’ll include to help facilitate conversations

As time goes on, you can adjust and update the rules to better serve the group’s members, needs, and interests. Twitter also recently released paid communities called Super Follows. These allow creators to offer members extra services and content for a small fee. Super Follows is a great tool for anyone looking to sell feet pics privately or produce custom content for a price.

Reasons to Join the Foot Fetish Community

Twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms right now. It’s also one of the most lenient when it comes to posting adult content. Unlike Instagram and Facebook which will ban your account in a heartbeat, Twitter offers a little more wiggle room. It’s also the perfect place to promote your personal brand which, in this case, would be selling feet pics!

Similar to building a community and following on Twitter, many professionals use this platform to grow their brands. Not only can you create a persona that gains attention, traction, and followers, but increase your visibility and, ultimately, sales. One thing to keep in mind, though, is to not overpromote yourself on Twitter. Instead, focus on topics that are relevant and people care about. Instead of putting all your efforts into marketing your feet pics or pushing sales, take this opportunity to make a name for yourself as a trusted source, influencer, and expert in the industry. When you humanize yourself and your brand, you’ll gain the trust of community members. Once they trust you, they’ll be much more apt to do business with you, refer your community and feet pics to friends and colleagues, and continue to engage with your tweets and discussions.

Make sure the content you post is always high-quality, relevant, and useful. Don’t flood the feed with your own feet pics and sales gimmicks. While there’s a time and place for this, you also need to include plenty of information and conversations that members will find useful. It also helps to promote other people selling feet pics as a sort of referral program. This works as a two-way street. By endorsing other foot fetish enthusiasts, you’re helping build a larger community of like-minded individuals, which could serve you well in the future. Before long, your foot fetish Twitter community will be synonymous with you and your brand.

Use Twitter to Facilitate Your Foot Fetish Dreams

The foot fetish community is growing. And with it comes increased opportunities for buying and selling feet pics. Whether you’re a foot model looking for more customers or a foot fetish enthusiast just looking for a group where you feel welcomed, joining Twitter’s foot fetish community is the perfect place to start.

Here, you can find plenty of like-minded people looking to talk about, swap pictures, and obsess over feet! Because Twitter’s community structure is still developing, now is the time to get involved – especially if you’re looking to increase your personal brand awareness and market yourself as an industry expert. Start by joining a few communities to get a feel for how it works and then try creating your own foot fetish community. You may just be the next Twitter star!

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