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How to Fully Enjoy Your Furry Foot Fetish?

Chances are you’ve heard of (or have) a foot fetish and you may have heard of “furries” (don’t worry, we’ll explain), but what happens when these two erotic outlets come together for a unique form of sexual arousal and pleasure?

We’re about to find out!

This article will take an in-depth look at the rise of foot fetishes, furries, and what these two things have in common. Plus, tips for exploring your furry foot fetish in creative and healthy ways.

What is a Foot Fetish?

In short, a foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. Studies suggest that 1 in 7 people are sexually aroused by feet. This attraction ranges in intensity and type. For example, some people get off on having their feet rubbed or toes sucked, while others prefer to be on the “giving” side of the equation. Humiliation foot fetishism has undertones of BDSM and bondage where the recipient enjoys being pushed around and manhandled by someone’s feet. Then there’s a “foot job” which involves jerking someone off using your feet. 

If these all sound a bit intense, don’t worry. There are other, much milder, ways to explore foot fetishes with simple things like wearing sexy footwear or looking at feet pics online

It’s important to note that just because you enjoy a foot massage from time to a time or a little toe-nibbling during sex doesn’t necessarily mean you have a foot fetish. When you have a particular sexual fetish, it means you become so fixated on a specific object or body part (in this case, feet), that it becomes necessary to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction. One reason is that fetishes tend to become psychologically intertwined with sexual desire. Soon, they become one and the same, with some people finding it nearly impossible to achieve sexual pleasure without including this particular item or activity in sex play.

What Are Furries?

As the name suggests, furries are animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. These characteristics include things like wearing human clothes, walking on two legs, talking, and exhibiting human facial expressions. People who dress up as animal characters are often referred to as furries and are deeply engrossed in the furry fandom subculture. 

Many furries also create their own anime character or fursona. This character acts as the person’s avatar and often embodies their personality or personality traits they admire or find attractive. Many fursonas are based on a specific animal like a reptile, bird, wild animal, or mythical creature (dragon, unicorn, etc.) and have a cartoon-like appearance. Furries often create drawings, writings, and other art forms to display and honor their chosen fursona. They also create fursuits which they wear on various occasions including furry gatherings and conventions, to socialize with other furries, and during furry sex. These costumes are often very elaborate and include large heads and full-face masks. Some furries prefer to only wear accessories like ears, a tail, or gloves.

The furry community is extremely diverse and accepting of all members. Research shows that one-third of furries identify as heterosexual while furries are five times as likely to identify as LGBTQ than the general population.

Most people mistakenly assume that being a furry also means that you’re turned on by sex in an animal costume. While this is true for some furries, it’s not always the case. As with any fictional character or subculture, there are sexual undertones and opportunities to capitalize on the sensual side of the furry fandom but it’s not a requirement. An easier way to think of it is that some fetishists are furries but not all furries are necessarily fetishists. 

Furries, in their most basic form, are simply animal super fans. Most people associate or identify with a particular animal or character that also exhibits human personality traits. 

What Is a Furry Foot Fetish?

Now that you know a little bit more about foot fetishes and the furry fandom lifestyle, let’s talk about how these two very different worlds come together to create a furry foot fetish. Because this type of fetish is somewhat uncommon, there’s not a lot of information available. Understanding furry foot fetishes are made even more complicated by the fact that not all furries find the hobby sexually arousing. There are, in fact, some furries that simply enjoy dressing up as their favorite animal characters, getting zero sexual pleasure or stimulation from the practice. By definition, though, a fetish is a form of sexual desire and gratification of an abnormal degree, connected to a particular object or part of the body. 

So, how do furries and foot fetishes co-exist?

As far as we can tell, a furry foot fetish, also known as a paw fetish or a foot paw fetish is a strong affinity for the feet or paws of furry characters. This fetish is usually sexual in nature and involves an adoration of furry paws and is considered an extension of a typical human foot fetish. While some furries are turned on by the persona (or fursona) of certain characters, people with a furry foot fetish are specifically focused on the character’s feet (or paws). This includes people in fursuits, furry feet artwork, and even stuffed animals, in some cases (more on this later). 

There are also subcategories of furry foot fetishes within this overarching theme. This is similar to a traditional human foot fetish where some people are turned on by bare feet and toes, while others prefer feet in sexy footwear or foot bondage. When discussing furry feet, some people are attracted to paws that are human-like in nature, while others prefer the idea of cartoon feet or padded feet that more closely resemble an authentic animal paw. The specific furry character plays an important role too, with some people only finding bunny feet attractive, bear, fox, or another particular animal. 

Other attributes people look for include art style (when discussing furry feet drawings), the number of toes, size of the paw, claw or nail length, and color. Fetishes also vary from dirty paws to clean paws and furry feet with socks, shoes, and other accessories. Humiliation and intimidation is a popular form of human foot fetishism where the person likes being manhandled, pushed around, and dominated by someone else’s foot. Similarly, some furry foot lovers fantasize about the possible destruction done by a giant paw that belongs to a giant furry character.

A Closer Look at Plushophilia

You can’t discuss a furry foot fetish without at least mentioning plushophilia and what it is. In short, plushophilia describes a sexual attraction to a stuffed animal or someone in an animal costume (furries). Unlike a furry foot fetish that focuses specifically on the character’s paw, plushophilia involves being sexually aroused by the entire character and the thought of furry sex. Many people with plushophilia identify as “plushies” and are sexually attracted to stuffed animals of all varieties and sizes. Similar to a furry foot fetish, there are non-sexual forms of plushophilia that include a more emotional connection and adoration of a particular stuffed animal or furry rather than a sexual attraction.

If you are sexually attracted to furries, you may have already engaged in or are considering furry sex. This is often done through role-playing activities, both online and in person. Furries will act like their fursonas, interacting with other avatars in a virtual world. Some go as far as to meet in person at large conventions (fur cons) or smaller meet-ups (furry meets). If you’re new to the world of furry sex or want to explore a furry foot fetish, there are countless online communities that let you do so, safely. Online furry communities provide a low-risk environment where you can engage in sexual exploration. 

Creative and Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Furry Foot Fetish

If you suspect you have a furry foot fetish or already find yourself sexually aroused by animal paws, there are plenty of safe and healthy ways to explore this somewhat unconventional sexual fixation.

Join the Furry Community

Joining online furry communities and groups is a great place to start as you begin to explore and understand your furry foot fetish. While the furry lifestyle isn’t solely focused on feet and paws, it does offer ample opportunity for you to explore this side of your fetish.

While most online outlets are structured around furry artwork, a new social platform called Ferzu recently launched in an effort to bring furries together. This social network also doubles as a dating site for furries and fursonas of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for furry friends or a date, you can find other like-minded furries on this platform. With a little digging, you may even discover others that share your same passion for paws!

Create Your Own Fursona

Before you hop online, you may want to create a fursona. Even if you don’t enjoy dressing up as an animal character, if you’re attracted to furry feet, you may get some gratification out of creating your own personal avatar. Choose an animal that appeals to you. Furry and cuddly creatures like a bunny, fox, bear, wolf, dog, or cat are great places to start. You may discover another layer of your sexual attraction in the process. Perhaps it’s more than just furry feet that turn you on. Because the furry community is so accepting of people from all walks of life, you’re sure to find others that share your same fetishes and kinks. 

Check Out Furry Artwork

Furry artwork is a booming business with new websites and artists popping up all over the place! While it’s been around for a long time, it’s increased in popularity over the last several years and expanded to include furry porn, also known as “yiff”. (The name is derived from “yiffing” which is the unofficial mating sound of a fox.)

Furry artwork varies greatly from one artist to the next and if you dig deep enough, you can find furry artwork dedicated to furry feet and paws. This may include close-up pictures of furry feet, full-length furry characters with oversized feet, or even furry feet in human-like shoes. 

Purchase Stuffed Animals that Turn You On

If the look of furry feet turns you on, you may enjoy owning a few stuffed animals that depict your favorite character. This is also the perfect way to indulge your furry foot fetish if you also have plushophilia. Purchase stuffed animals of various sizes, textures, and colors to satisfy all of your naughty needs and desires. You can name them, dress them up, snuggle with them, and enjoy their furry little feet and paws in the comfort and privacy of your own home and bedroom. Experiment with different types of stuffed animals or even a variety of animal types from bears and bunnies to monkeys, birds, and even reptiles. 

Open Up About Your Furry Foot Fetish

Having a furry foot fetish can be a difficult thing to accept, understand, and share with others. While some people are open and proud of their fetish, others find it hard to open up about it. This is especially true if you’re in a relationship. Because furry foot fetishes are somewhat uncommon, your partner may not understand the appeal behind furry feet and paws or how to help you indulge in this non-traditional sexual fixation.

As with any relationship, honest communication and mutual respect are key. Even if it’s difficult, it’s important to share your furry foot fetish with your significant other. Failing to do so means stifling an important part of your personality and denying yourself the sexual freedom, expression, and satisfaction you deserve. Choose a good time and place to bring up the subject, when your partner isn’t stressed or distracted and you’re free from interruption. Explain exactly what it is that drives your furry foot fetish and the ways you’d like to incorporate it into your sex life. A loving and supportive partner should be open to accommodate your needs within the parameters of their own comfort zone. 

Furry Foot Fetishes Aren’t as Uncommon as You Might Think 

Everyone has a fetish but not everyone is as willing to open up and share it with the world. The unique thing about a furry foot fetish is that it combines two unique and popular worlds –  the world of foot fetishism and the furry lifestyle. Both groups are accepting and welcoming to new and interested members. There are also plenty of safe and healthy ways to explore your furry foot fetish, you just need to know where to look!

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