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Keep reading for an ultimate guide on how and where to sell feet pics in 2023 and realize your full potential.

How to Get Started Selling Feet Pics in 2023

When people say “There’s no time like the present”, they must be talking about selling feet pics online. The foot fetish industry is booming like never before as more people discover the convenience and earning potential of selling foot content online. Everyone from product companies and advertising agencies to foot fetishists and stock image websites is snatching up feet pics left and right.

If you’ve been torn on whether or not to start snapping photos of your feet and posting them online, this ultimate guide should help put all your doubts to rest. With a little know-how, hard work, and these tips and tricks, you can start a lucrative side hustle selling foot pics online without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Get the Right Equipment

The best way to guarantee you take quality foot pics that sell is to invest in the right equipment. The good news is, this isn’t very costly. All you need is a decent camera, a ring light or similar light, and a tripod with a wireless remote for taking hands-free photos. None of these items will break the bank but they’ll all help grow your feet pic business and ensure you deliver high-quality images that keep sellers satisfied and coming back for more..

Most people selling feet pics online use their cell phone camera. With today’s cutting-edge technology and features, this is a perfectly acceptable alternative to buying a traditional digital camera. Most smartphones have different features and filters you can use to take breathtaking, professional-grade photos. Remember, even professionals take dozens or even hundreds of photos of the same thing before finding that perfect shot. And while you don’t need to take that many feet pics every single time, it’s important to invest a few extra minutes in getting a quality shot from the best angle. One of the easiest ways to do this is by getting a tripod and Bluetooth remote that lets you set up your phone or camera anywhere in the room and strike a pose, hands-free! 

Shed some light on the situation by investing in a ring light that helps make your feet the focal point of every picture. You should also incorporate natural light into your foot pics. Take some photos outdoors or near an open window. Nothing beats that warm, natural glow cascading across the lines, curves, and angles of your sexy feet.

Create a Diverse Portfolio

People say variety is the spice of life. And the same can be said for selling foot content. The more options you give buyers, the broader audience you’ll attract. For example, if someone with a dirty foot fetish is searching your page but it’s filled completely with flattering photos of your newly pedicured feet, chances are, you’ll lose the sale. Even if dirty feet aren’t your thing, don’t be afraid to add different types of foot pics to your inventory. Showcase some sexy high heels, post a video of you rubbing lotion on your feet, or experiment with foot bondage. You can still fill your foot pic portfolio with your favorite types of feet pics, just remember, the more variety you have, the larger your customer base and payouts will be.

Consider Remaining Anonymous

01.One of the main reasons people avoid selling feet pics online or getting involved in OnlyFans and similar websites is out of fear that their family, friends, and coworkers will find out. The good news is if there’s one industry where you can easily protect your identity and make money anonymously, it’s selling feet pics. After all, most customers aren’t interested in your face or even your body for that matter. What they want is high-quality and sexy pics and videos of your toes, ankles, heels, and arches. Many sellers incorporate pictures that include their lower legs or even sexy curves, but that still doesn’t mean you need to reveal your identity.

02.The best way to remain anonymous while selling feet pics is to never show your face, avoid taking pics that include identifiable markings like tattoos or birthmarks, and use a fake name. Most websites require you to provide your legal name for payment and verification purposes, but when it comes time to display your name to buyers, it can be whatever you want! This is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and take on that mysterious and alluring persona mentioned earlier.

03.Another bonus tip is to avoid taking pictures that include personal details in the background. For example, a picture that shows your street name, business signs, or other information about your exact location. Be mindful of what’s displayed on your walls and other areas of your bedroom when taking feet pics, too. Diplomas, name decor, and even framed photos of you and your friends or family on your nightstand may seem innocent enough but could be the one clue that lets the world know who you really are.

Promote Yourself on Social Media

Once you build a diverse portfolio, choose a niche and platform to work on, and create your persona, it’s time to start getting your name out there. While many interested buyers may naturally stumble upon your sales page, the more self-promotion and advertising you do, the better. Especially as the foot pic industry continues

to grow.

There are a few ways to go about this but your best bet is to turn to social media for exposure. If you’re selling feet pics anonymously, don’t use your personal social media accounts. Instead, create brand new ones dedicated strictly to your foot pic business. Some of the best platforms to work on include Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Instagram is great too, considering it’s a social media network based on pictures and videos, but it also has strict guidelines regarding adult-related content so be careful not to post anything too racy. While it’s not recommended you try selling your foot pics directly through social media, you can add links to your sales pages in the bios and drum up interest by posting daily, following other foot-related accounts, and interacting with

your followers.

Public forums like Reddit are a great source for meeting like-minded foot lovers and gaining more traffic and sales for your foot content. Join some of these groups and see what people are chatting about. There are numerous subreddits dedicated strictly to foot lovers and foot fetishes. Become an active member by answering and asking questions and interacting with other members before plugging your foot pics and sharing links to your sales page, personal website, or other accounts.

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