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How to Sell Feet Pics in South Africa

One thing that makes the foot pic industry so unique is its ability to span age groups, genders, sexualities, experience levels, and time zones. Selling feet pics first became popular in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s now a favorite pastime (and a great way to make money) around the world – including in South Africa.

Whether you live in South Africa or plan to expand your clientele overseas, keep reading. In this article, we’ll cover how to sell feet pics in South Africa and share some tips and tricks for building a loyal customer base in this region.

How to Sell Feet Pics in South Africa Legally

The basics of selling feet pics online works similarly regardless of the location. However, some laws, regulations, and guidelines may change based on the region. These rules could limit your audience and your ability to promote your content on certain platforms. 

For example, any explicit content filmed or sold in South Africa is considered ‘porn’ and, therefore, illegal. However, if the platform you’re selling on is hosted in another country, these same laws may not apply. Do your due diligence and research any restrictions in the country where you live, where the site is hosted, and where your customers reside. 

The Film and Publications Act of 1996 explains this in greater detail. The Act is designed to protect consumers (especially those who are underage) from being exposed to sexual or offensive content. The amendments also provide for technological advances including websites and social media platforms. Failing to follow these regulations could result in your online accounts and funds being restricted or banned. 

The Best Foot Pics Platforms in South Africa

Finding South African outlets for your feet pics can be difficult since adult content in this region is considered illegal. However, there are a few places you can list and promote your foot pics for sale that are available to South African buyers.

This foot fetish website is another popular outlet for interested foot pic sellers and buyers in South Africa. Users credit the platform’s user-friendly interface and secure payments as two reasons why this is a preferred outlet for selling feet pics in South Africa. Sellers can also customize the privacy settings and promote their foot content to a broad, international audience of buyers.

Social Media

It can be tricky to sell feet pics on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, these social media outlets are a useful tool for promoting your work and sending traffic to your sales page. As of this writing, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the most popular social media networks in South Africa.

If you decide to use these platforms to sell or promote your feet pics, it’s best to create new accounts strictly dedicated to your foot content. This prevents your closest friends, family, and coworkers from discovering your foot pic side hustle and also keeps your professional and private lives separate. 

Foot Pic Marketplaces

In addition to the ones listed above, there are several reputable, international websites for selling feet pics in South Africa. is a user-friendly, marketplace that welcomes buyers and sellers from all walks of life (pun intended). 

As long as you can prove you’re at least 18 years old, you can safely browse, post, and sell feet pics.lus you can keep track of your earnings and chat with potential customers from around the world – including South Africa. 

Things to Consider Before Selling Feet Pics in South Africa 

There are a few things to keep in mind before you enter the South African foot pic industry. From choosing the best platform for your work to deciding on a username, give these factors some thoughts before getting started.

Focus on a Few Quality Platforms

With new foot pic websites popping up all over and endless opportunities to make money off your tantalizing tootsies, it’s easy to get swept away in the hype. Take a deep breath and proceed with caution. Avoid spreading yourself too thin by selling foot pics on dozens of platforms at once. 

Sure, it’s important to have a diverse inventory of foot pics for buyers to choose from. But if your foot pics aren’t gorgeous and your accounts are stagnant, chances are, buyers won’t take you seriously, and you’ll lose both clout and sales. 

Instead, do your research and pick two or three websites that align with your personality and goals. The websites should also have a professional layout, a user-friendly interface, and plenty of traffic. The customer support features are also important in case you run into a technical issue, payment dispute, or overly aggressive buyer. 

Other things to consider are the payment system the website uses, any fees or commissions they charge (see more below), and what other users have to say about their experience on the site. 

Choose a Niche or Unique Angle 

With dozens of foot pic categories to choose from, it can be difficult to focus on just a few. Some of the most popular niches include dirty feet pics, high-heeled feet pics, and dancer feet. But the options are truly endless. 

Just take FeetFinder, for example. This well-known website has dozens of categories for sellers and buyers to choose from – some more bizarre and unconventional than others. 

To avoid getting overwhelmed or lost in a sea of sellers, choose a few categories to focus on. Once you’ve mastered these, slowly expand your horizons and add different content to your inventory. You can also accept custom orders, check out competitor pages, and search current foot pic trends in South Africa for creative inspiration. 

Define Your Target Audience

Another important element of selling feet pics in South Africa is knowing your market. Defining your target audience will help guide everything from the advertising approach you take to the type of content you produce. It can even impact  the persona or personality you portray.

For example, suppose you plan to sell mostly generic, basic foot pics to stock photo websites or sales companies. In that case, your foot pics will look very different from sellers targeting the BDSM community or foot fetishists and kinksters. Decide who you plan to sell your foot pics to, and then design your entire page and approach around this target audience. (Pro Tip: You can always change gears later on or expand your customer base to include other industries.)

Consider Commission, Overhead Fees, and Conversion Rates 

While most people sell feet pics as a side hustle, some lucky and successful sellers rely on foot pic sales as their main sources of income. Either way, it’s important to create a budget and consider all of your expenses. 

The most common costs associated with selling feet pics online are any membership fees the foot pic platform charges and any commission they charge on the sale of your content. You should also consider other investments. These can include the purchase of shoes or accessories for your photo shoots, photography supplies and equipment, and the price you pay for foot care (i.e. pedicures, moisturizer). All of these expenses add up and should be factored in when setting your rates and deciding what to charge. 

You should also consider the currency conversion rate between South Africa and the US or your home country. For example, 100 ZAR in South Africa is equivalent to about $5.25 US. You may also incur conversion fees, which you should work into your final price. 

Stay Consistent and Engaged

There are hundreds of stagnant or inactive foot pic profiles flooding the Internet. Frustrated buyers click on the profile hoping to make a purchase only to realize the seller hasn’t been active in over a year. Don’t let this be you. 

Remaining consistent and engaged in the foot pic industry also means remaining relevant, which is a key component of landing sales and making money. Interact with your buyers by responding to their comments and chats in a timely manner. Post frequently and keep your page up-to-date and diverse. 

If you’re living in the US or Canada, remember that South Africa is 7 hours ahead. The time difference between South Africa and the UK is slightly less – with South Africa only being 2 hours ahead. This is an important consideration when responding to your messages and posting at the right times.

Expand Your Sales Overseas by Selling Feet Pics in South Africa

The foot pic industry is constantly growing and expanding to include different categories, preferences, demographics, and regions. South Africa is quickly becoming a thriving foot pic market that sellers can’t afford to pass up. Armed with these tips and tricks, you can successfully sell feet pics in South Africa and increase your profits.

But before you do, click here for more advice from our foot pic experts. 

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