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How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap

Buying and selling feet pics online has never been more convenient or more popular. What started as a small side hustle for some has morphed into a lucrative career for many. People from all walks of life (pun intended) can succeed in this taboo industry where sellers post high-quality foot pics and videos for sale and buyers purchase and download them for various reasons.

While some buyers have a foot fetish, this isn’t always the case. Plenty of business professionals, advertising agencies, artists, and stock photo websites are also in the market for beautiful foot content. As a seller, your job is not just to create gorgeous images but also to find the best platform for selling your work.

Websites like FunwithFeet offer everything a seller needs to succeed from a professional layout and secure payments to a large pool of potential buyers and internal marketing. Even if you love FunwithFeet as much as we do, you don’t need to limit your sales to just one outlet. There’s nothing wrong with selling your foot pics on multiple platforms.

One such option is Foap, a website designed specifically for selling photos or videos online. Keep reading to learn more about what Foap is, how it works, and if it’s a viable option for selling feet pics.

What is Foap and How Does it Work?

Like Instagram for artists, Foap is a photo and video platform where creative minds go to buy and sell their work. Buyers on Foap range from everyday users to businesses, agencies, and even name brands. Foap offers an extensive inventory of images and videos on just about every subject imaginable – including feet pics! 

The average photo on Foap sells for around $10. Unfortunately, the platform keeps 50% of all sales which means sellers only see half that. This is a pretty steep fee compared to other websites, however, Foap isn’t a foot content marketplace. It’s designed for all types of digital images, which is one reason it charges such a high commission.

Users start by downloading the Foap app on iTunes or Google Play. Registering requires an email address or a Facebook account. All photos uploaded to Foap must be a minimum resolution of 1280×960 pixels. This may require you to take several foot pics to experiment with angles, position, and sizing. After you successfully upload your foot content, Foap will share them with the Foap community, which spans the globe. Buyers from around the world can now browse and purchase your foot pics via the Foap app. 

Once a purchase is made, Foap takes 50% and deposits the remaining balance in your account. Although losing half your earnings can be painful, Foap is one of the largest and most widely recognized photo platforms in the world. This means millions of buyers from across the globe are viewing and buying your photos, increasing your earning potential substantially.

Selling Feet Pics on Foap: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Getting started and selling foot pics on Foap is pretty simple. From sign-up to sale, here’s what you need to know about registering, uploading, and collecting your money on this photography app.

1. Create a Seller Account

Start by downloading the Foap app, as mentioned above. Android users can find it on the Play Store or the Apple app store for iPhone users. Once downloaded, launch the app and register for an account. This includes entering your personal information like your birthday and the country where you live. You can easily register by syncing Foap with your Facebook account. 

At this point, your Foap account is live and ready to use! Take a few minutes to create and design your page. This is the first thing people will see when browsing your foot pics. It should be attractive, professional, and easy to navigate.

2. Upload and Manage Your Photos

When you’re looking at your sales page, select the camera icon at the bottom. Foap will ask for access to your camera roll. From here, you can upload however many photos you want, as long as they meet the size requirements. 

Be sure to upload a variety of foot pics that will attract buyers from different demographics. For example, foot pics that include shoes, socks, stockings, and other accessories. You can post and sell basic foot pics that appeal to professionals and advertising agencies or sexy foot pics for fetishists and more kinky buyers. None of these images need to include your face if you choose to sell anonymously, but they can.

Successful sellers on Foap recommend that you also add attractive titles to your images to increase visibility. Include captions or tags that are related to foot fetishes or the particular niche or category that describe your foot pics. By adding related keywords, you increase the chances that buyers will search, find, and purchase your content. 

Stumped? Foap can help by suggesting relevant keywords but ultimately, the choice is yours. Check out what other foot pic sellers on the app are doing for creative inspiration and a little bit of insight into current foot pic trends.

3. Publish and Promote

Once your images are uploaded to the Foap app, and resized, and all of your titles, keywords, and captions are added, it’s time to publish them. Click the “Publish” button. A few pop-up questions will appear including

  • Are there any people in your photos?
  • Are the faces in your photos recognizable?

Foap asks these questions because images that include people’s faces aren’t permitted on the app. This works in your favor as a foot content creator – especially if you plan to remain anonymous. Only create and upload images of your feet in various settings and backgrounds including nature, different colored fabrics, and in various positions and poses. None of these need to include your face and are all permissible on the app. 

It takes about 5 minutes to successfully publish your photos and answer Foap’s general questions about your content. Now, all that’s left to do is wait for a serious buyer to find your content and make an offer. 

4. Finalizing a Purchase

Congrats! Someone found your foot pics and wants to buy them. Foap works strictly with PayPal, so you’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one. When someone clicks on your photo and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. Foap will then send you an application form via messenger. This form is what allows you to receive your money. 
Fill the application out as soon as possible to receive your money. Foap gives sellers up to 15 days to complete it. If you fail to do so, you can fill it out at a later date and receive your money the following month. All payments are made directly to your linked PayPal account – minus Foap’s 50% commission of course.

Making Money Selling Feet Pics on Foap

Different from other foot pic platforms, Foap controls the price of your images. The app has its own fixed rate for photos and, as previously mentioned, keeps 50% of your profits. Not all foot pic content creators are comfortable with this high commission or the fact that Foap decides how much you can charge. If you want complete control and freedom over your foot content sales and pricing, this may not be the right selling platform for you.

Sellers on Foap can increase their earning potential by joining the app’s Mission (more on this below). Foap runs photo competitions with the winning images receiving cash prizes. All submissions must meet the app’s requirements and criteria for consideration, but it can’t hurt to enter, try, and see if your beautiful content is selected.

Foap Missions Explained

Making money on Foap isn’t just about posting high-quality images for a massive market. The app also offers photo competitions with cash prizes known as Missions. This is done for two reasons. One, it gives sellers on the app incentive and motivation to continue producing and posting high-quality photos and second, it increases revenue for both the app and the content creators that make it possible. Winners are also featured as top sellers, increasing visibility and popularity. 

Missions on Foap are hosted by different companies, each listing the criteria sellers must meet to enter and participate. The company then selects a winner and awards them cash prizes or coins. Coins can be used toward future Missions on the site. For example, certain Missions require coins for you to enter, while others are free.

Cash prizes vary from as little as $3 up to $150. Foap Missions give photographers a great opportunity to garnish the attention and recognition of big-name companies, brands, agencies, and website owners. As long as you meet the criteria, there’s no penalty or cost to enter, so you have nothing to use.

Other Notable Features and Tools

Foap’s Missions aren’t the only unique feature offered by this photo and video app. Here are a few more distinctive features that make Foap a viable option for promoting and selling your foot content.

  • Newsfeed: Get regular updates about the app, its users, Missions, and other trending topics in the world of photography
  • Camera Icon: The easy-to-use icon makes it quick and easy to upload new photos to your page 
  • Explore: This section of the app helps you organize your photos into new, old, and sold. You can also use this feature to search for a particular type of image in your collection.
  • Menus: Like most foot pic platforms or apps, Foap has different menus for navigating your own dashboard and the app itself. These include sections for editing your page, withdrawing money, and changing your account settings.
  • Active: Under this tab, you can see what other Foap users are currently active.
  • Winners: Here, you can view all of Foap’s past and current Mission winners. Take a look at the types of photos that have won in the past and use this for creative inspiration.

The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Foap 

Before you decide whether or not posting your foot pics on Foap is worth it, consider these pros and cons.


Global Market

There’s no denying that Foap has one of the largest markets for selling all types of photos and videos – including foot pics. If you’re looking for a vast audience for your work, this app could be the answer. This is especially true for aspiring artists and foot content creators that place great importance on capturing beautiful, unusual, and creative foot photos.

Foap attracts buyers from all around the world and in various markets. For example, you may garnish sales from an advertising agency, product company, or brand ambassador one day and from a foot lover with a kink for foot bondage the next. There’s no limit to the types of buyers you gain access to when selling feet pics on Foap. 

Missions for Cash Prizes

Everyone loves a good contest. In addition to making money off selling your feet pics on Foap, users also have the opportunity to enter various contests, or Missions, with cash prizes. These Missions are put on by various companies looking for a specific type of image. Rewards vary, with some companies offering cash and others offering coins that can be used on the app at a later date. 

All you have to do is meet the criteria for the contest, upload an image according to the Mission’s rules, and wait to see if yours is selected. Foap doesn’t limit how many Missions you enter, as long as you meet the guidelines posted by the hosting agency.

It’s Free to Use

Although Foap takes a pretty hefty commission on your sales, the registration process is completely free. Downloading the app is also free. This is a far cry from other websites that charge high membership fees with recurring monthly charges that are easily forgotten. On Foap, you know exactly what you’re getting and when. (Deposits are made at the end of every month via PayPal.)

Internal Marketing

Another benefit of using Foap for selling feet pics is that the app does all of the advertising for you. Foap promotes all of its sellers, images, and the application itself across various platforms and outlets. Remember, the more sales and money you earn, the more Foap makes since the app keeps a 50% commission on your images. Many sellers simply post their photos and wait to receive a notification that someone purchased their work. Foap offers a “set it and forget it” approach to selling foot pics online. 


Most artistic communities are incredibly supportive of one another. And Foap is no different. On this app, users can rate each other’s photos, give compliments, and help boost each other’s sales and confidence. You can circulate someone else’s photos, give them positive feedback, and help one another succeed. While you want to keep your competition at arm’s length since, after all, you’re targeting the same market, there’s something to be said about mutual respect amongst artists and a desire to see one another succeed. 


High Commission Fees

This is one of the biggest downsides to Foap. Because the app keeps 50% of your sales, it may take you twice as long to make a profit. For every foot pic you sell for $20, you only keep $10. Even though Foap does its fair share of marketing and promotions, plus offers Missions, this is still a big chunk of change coming out of your bottom line. Plus, Foap has fixed rates for content which means you can’t always list your foot pics for as much as you’d like. This can be especially frustrating for sellers who are used to having full control over their foot pic business. 

Stiff Competition 

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Because Foap is a free, open marketplace for artists from around the world, the competition can be fierce. You’re up against a large pool of talented creators all vying for the same customers and competing for the same Missions. Additionally, Foap is a photo and image platform, not a foot pic marketplace. This means that not every customer visiting Foap is in the market for your type of content. For this reason, selling feet pics on dedicated platforms like FunwithFeet significantly increase your earning potential. 

Limited Payment Options

If you don’t like using PayPal, you’re out of luck. This is the only payment method that Foap accepts and uses for its transactions. Buyers must make purchases through PayPal and sellers can only access their funds through this system. Not only that, but payments are given at the end of every month and users must request a withdrawal within a certain time period. Failing to do so could result in missed payments or having to wait until the following month to access your money.

Tips for Succeeding on Foap

Are you ready to try your luck at selling feet pics on Foap? Before you register, check out these tips for success from real users who have sold and made a decent income on this popular photo app.

  • Stay consistent, active, and engaged (stay up to date on trends, Missions, and other Foap news)
  • Upload a wide range of photos (take feet pics in different settings, using various props and accessories, experiment with different poses, and include other body parts like your legs and hands)
  • Create a large collection (in addition to variety, your photo collection on Foap needs to be extensive with many artists uploading 100 images or more)
  • Use relevant keywords, titles, and tags to get your images noticed (feet pics, foot fetish, feet lover, etc.)
  • Connect, communicate, and collaborate with other sellers for inspiration and motivation
  • Enter as many Missions as you qualify for.

Consider Foap As a Positive Addition to Your Foot Pic Sales

Most people selling feet pics online don’t limit themselves to just one platform – and neither should you! Even if FunwithFeet is your primary outlet for selling foot content, downloading and using other apps and websites like Foap or even Etsy can increase your visibility, help garnish much-needed exposure, and boost your income. Consider adding Foap to your list of foot pic platforms, but remember, the competition can be fierce and you’ll need to relinquish a certain level of control if you want to succeed on this particular outlet.

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