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How to Sell Feet Pics on Whisper

Shh, it’s a secret. Well, not really. The Whisper app has been around for a decade and is exclusive to Android devices. (It was available in the Apple store before it was removed in October of 2022.) A type of anonymous social media account, users on the app can post and share their favorite photos and messages anonymously. 

Here, users can let their hair down, overcome their inhibitions, and express themselves freely. This is a far cry from most other social media platforms which are all upholding appearances and saving face.

So, how exactly does the Whisper app work and is it a viable outlet for selling foot content? We’re here to answer all of these questions and more. So grab your Android (sorry iPhone users), and let’s dive into the benefits this app offers for foot content creators – if any.

What Exactly is the Whisper App?

Whisper was launched in 2012 and currently has over 200 million users. Whisper got its name because it’s an anonymous app where people can post their secrets without anyone knowing their true identity. Have you ever had a burning secret you wanted to share but didn’t want to expose yourself or your source? 

Whisper is the perfect app for getting information off your chest without consequences. You can also indulge in reading other people’s deep, dark secrets, and bond with other members based on shared interests, troubles, or hidden fantasies. 

What happens on Whisper, stays on Whisper. Kind of. It is the Internet after all so it’s important not to share too much about yourself or your personal life. It won’t take much for Internet-savvy people to uncover your identity and information.

So if feet are your thing and selling foot pics is your game, Whisper may just be the secret society you need to join – especially if you want to sell anonymously. Users must be at least 17 years old to sell foot content on Whisper.

How to Sign Up and Use Whisper


As mentioned above, Whisper is only available on Android devices but is free to download and use. Although you can access Whisper on your desktop, you can’t post or comment on any secrets here. This needs to be done on the app. 

The Whisper app will ask for your location so they can show you secrets from other users in your area, but you can decline this option if you want. You’ll also be prompted to set up notifications on the app so you know when someone comments or replies to one of your secrets.

Creating a Profile

Next, you’ll be asked to create your Whisper profile. Under the section titled “Me”, you can choose or change your nickname, view how many people have liked your posts, and check your notifications. When you first register, Whisper will choose a nickname for you. If you want to update it, you can, but be sure to keep it anonymous. If you’re using Whisper to sell feet pics, your username is a great way to let people know you’re a member of the foot fetish community and subtly plug your business.

You can also customize other parts of your profile including

  • Your location
  • Your account PIN
  • Notifications
  • Hide or unhide NSFW content
  • Follow Whisper on other social media platforms
  • View Whisper’s email address for support, FAQs, terms of use, and the app’s privacy policy

Even though the premise behind Whisper is anonymity, it allows you to connect to your other social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. You can also sync with your phone contacts. 

Searching for Whispers

Once the setup is complete, it’s time to start searching for secrets. As soon as you launch the app, Whisper shows you the most popular whispers and secrets currently trending on the Internet so you never miss a thing. You can also start scrolling on your own and discover categories and groups that interest you, similar to other social media platforms. In addition to the most popular posts, you can also view featured posts, the most recent ones, and secrets shared by users in your area. Select “nearby” to adjust how close or far you browse for secrets. You can see posts from users within a certain mile radius, in select cities, or from around the world. 

Another unique (if not outdated and controversial) setting available on Whisper is to search by schools. Users that add what school they attend or have attended in the past, can be found using this feature. Before Facebook, MySpace was founded on the premise of connecting students from different schools, so this tactic isn’t completely original. Once you choose a school, search for the newest and hottest whispers within that group. 

You can also use the app “discover” search feature to find specific types of secrets in categories like “LGBTQ”, “MILF”, and yes, “feet”, “foot fetishes”, and “foot pics”. 

Interacting with Other Users

Interacting on the Whisper app is similar to any other social media platform and involves commenting on posts, replying, and liking certain images, videos, and comments. Choose a whisper or secret and then scroll down or swipe up to read recent replies. Click on a comment and reply to it to start meeting new people. This is also a great way to network and meet potential buyers interested in your foot pics.

Replies on Whisper work a little differently than comments on apps like Instagram and Facebook. When you click on “reply’, a pop-up will appear that lets you start typing your response. All text on Whisper is displayed on top of a random image. As you type, Whisper automatically starts searching for a relevant photo for the background of your text. You can also choose a custom background or photo from your camera roll. Use a quality foot pic for yours so people know what you’re all about. Just remember, leave out any identifiable features like tattoos or unique jewelry that might accidentally reveal your identity. 

Private Messaging

Similar to Facebook Messenger and private messages on Instagram, Whisper has a private chat feature that lets you connect with other users, chat, flirt, and negotiate foot pic sales. Like any other online chat, keep the conversations polite, pleasant, and a little flirtatious. Never share your private information or personal details – especially on an app that’s founded on anonymity. 

Start a chat by first opening and viewing a whisper you’re interested in and hitting the “chat” tab which is located right next to “reply”. You’ll then be redirected to a private screen where you can send a message to the poster. You can also navigate the dashboard to view any existing chats you currently have going, delete old chats, and edit existing ones. Whisper lets you favorite, block, and delete certain users from your feed as a form of protection against stalkers, harassers, or scammers. This feature comes in handy when selling foot pics on Whisper, as some potential buyers can get overly aggressive or try to scam you out of your money. 

Creating and Posting Your Own Whisper

As much fun as it is to search and reply to other people’s whispers, you’ll want to create some of your own. Especially if you want to sell high-quality foot pics to other users. Creating a post is easy. Simply tap the large purple plus sign and circle on the screen and start typing. You can include as much information as you want from questions and confessions to simple text. Click “Next” and Whisper will prompt you to upload an image.

If you’re selling foot pics on Whisper, be sure to promote your business on your posts. For example, the secret you share could be that you have a foot fetish or a secret foot pic collection. Share this whisper publically and let members know that you’re open to selling your content for a price. Then, take custom and personalized foot pics for buyers once they contact you.

Whisper lets you customize your posts too by hiding the keyboard and adding a background image (similar to when you craft a reply). Upload an image, search for one, or take a photo. Other tools include different fonts, colors, and sizes. You can also select which groups to share your secret with. This is a great feature if you plan to sell foot pics but also use the app for your own personal reasons. You can post your foot pics strictly in foot-related groups and save your own dirty little secrets for your personal page.

Can You Sell Feet Pics on Whisper?

Absolutely! In fact, some people believe the app was designed for precisely this thing. It is, after all, an app that lets you remain anonymous and post text along with images for all the world to see. It also lets you chat privately with other users to discuss pricing, payment, and delivery of your foot content. 

Here are some pro tips for selling feet pics on Whisper:

Only Post Pics of Your Own Feet

It’s illegal to take and post pictures of other people’s feet and pass them off as your own. Although Whisper lets you post whatever background pictures you want including GIFs and images you find online if you plan to sell and monetize your photos, they need to be of you and you need to be at least 17 years old.

Remain Anonymous but Not TOO Anonymous

Yes, all users on Whisper are anonymous. No one uses their real names or identities. But if you want to succeed in selling foot pics on the app, you need to add a little personality to your profile. Most people selling feet pics online capitalize on their flirtatious and playful personality to help attract and secure buyers. 

Customers want to feel a personal connection to you and your content, which can be a little trick when using an anonymous app like Whisper. Share details about your hobbies, interests, fantasies, and even your age or occupation (i.e. naughty nurse, horny MILF, etc.). You can achieve all of this without revealing your true identity. 

Join Relevant Groups

The best way to find interested buyers on Whisper is to join as many relevant groups as you can. For example, search for foot fetish groups or those that support foot lovers. If you plan to sell in a specific category like foot bondage or high heels, search for groups related to these terms as well. By targeting these demographics, you’re much more likely to find people willing to pay for your foot pics.

Enable Notifications and Locations

You never want to miss an opportunity for a sale, which is why you should turn on your Whisper notifications. This way, you’ll receive an alert every time someone comments or replies to a secret you shared. You’ll also get notified if you have a chat message waiting for you. This is the most common way for buyers and sellers to interact on the app, as well as place custom orders and negotiate pricing.

If you’re open to selling foot pics to people in your local area, be sure to turn on your location setting. This doesn’t mean you have to sell to your neighbor or child’s soccer coach – or even meet in person to exchange money. It simply means that you can sell to buyers in your same state, region, and time zone to cut down on any potential payment barriers or currency exchange. Get paid faster by sharing your location and selling to those close to you. Whisper doesn’t recommend meeting other users in person since this defeats the purpose of using an anonymous app.

The Pros and Cons of Using Whisper for Feet Pics

The Whisper app is a creative and useful tool for promoting and selling foot content. Depending on your experience and comfort level, you can utilize this app among others to boost your sales and land repeat customers.

But before you open Pandora’s box and start posting all your dirtiest secrets (and best foot pics), check out some of the most commonly reported pros and cons of using Whisper.


  • The app lets you sell your feet pics anonymously for a sexy side hustle no one knows about
  • It’s a great app for beginners to get honest feedback and constructive criticism and see if they can make it as a foot model
  • Users are rated by other users, giving sellers a better idea of which members are active and legitimate
  • The app has basic features that are easy to use, regardless of your experience or skill level
  • Whisper lets you share your location and meet other like-minded foot lovers in your area


  • It can take time to gain traction on the site since not everyone is interested in buying foot pics
  • Anonymity makes it easier for scammers to dupe people out of their money or steal their information, and disappear
  • Although Whisper tries to verify users’ birthdates and ages, this isn’t full proof which means users of all ages may be exposed to sexually explicit and NSFW content
  • The app isn’t specifically intended for selling feet pics, so there’s no dedicated marketplace or category
  • Whisper doesn’t facilitate transactions using a secure payment system – this is left up to you and the buyer, offering you little protection if something goes wrong
  • Whisper is only available on Android devices, drastically limiting your access to other foot lovers using Apple devices

Share Your Secrets – And Feet Pics – on Whisper

Do you love to gossip? If you can’t get enough juicy information and love sharing your own, you’ll love Whisper. The Android app is designed to let people share their deepest secrets, completely anonymously with little to no consequences. Whispers shared on the site range from text and stores to photos and even videos.

Because the platform is so diverse and welcoming to racy, NSFW content, it can also be a viable place to sell feet pics. If you know how to utilize the app’s features for posting secrets and interacting with other members, you could reasonably market and sell your foot content on Whisper. 

Many people join and use Whisper to supplement their current sales efforts on other platforms like FunwithFeet. Here, you get access to a dedicated market of foot lovers looking to buy your high-quality content. But you can also use Whisper as a resource for reaching more buyers, expanding your business, and gaining much exposure and notoriety as a reputable foot pic content creator.

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