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How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

Nearly 3 million people get scammed online every year. While phishing is the most common type of online scam, plenty of people are robbed of their hard-earned money or purchase a service or product they never receive.

If you’re getting into the business of selling feet pics online, you’ll want to keep reading. In this ultimate guide, we’ll share useful tips and tricks for successfully selling your foot pictures and videos online without getting scammed, including scammer warning signs, how to prevent getting scammed, and ways to protect yourself and still make money!

Safety Measures to Avoid Scammers When Selling Feet Pics Online

Your first defense against online scammers is a strong offense. Protect yourself by taking these precautionary measures before selling feet pics online. 

Only Use Legitimate Platforms

One of the best ways to safely do business online is to use a reputable company. The same holds true when selling feet pics and trying to avoid scammers with no intent to pay. Most online websites dedicated to selling feet pics offer some level of protection for both parties – the one selling the feet pics (you) and the buyer. Some of the most popular websites and apps include FeetFinder, Kik, and FunwithFeet!

While social media is another popular place to sell feet pics, there aren’t specific security measures in place, however, these platforms are serious about protecting their users. This includes some of the biggest names in social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok. 

Use a Secure Payment Method and Don’t Deviate

If you sign up with a website dedicated to selling feet pics and other content (like OnlyFans), they’ll already have a payment process and method in place. Many platforms use CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, or other secure payment services. When it comes time to close a deal and send your feet pics or videos to a buyer, ALWAYS complete the transaction through the website and only accept payment via the approved method. Deviating from this or accepting a different form of payment means the website won’t guarantee your funds. 

For example, if a buyer tries to contact you directly and arrange a different form of payment, like providing a credit card number or sending you a check or cash through the mail, and you accept it but never receive your money, there’s not much the website can do about it. They use secure payment services for a reason and most companies will reimburse you or take action against the scammer if you follow all the right procedures and something goes wrong. The minute you take matters into your own hands and try to strike a deal outside the parameters of the community guidelines, you’re essentially on your own and much more vulnerable to scammers. 

Protect Your Photos from Being Stolen or Downloaded 

Your content is your own and you need to protect it as such. The only way to make money with feet pics online is to sell them. Giving them away for free, while generous, won’t do anything for your bottom line. Some sellers choose to open multiple accounts on subscription sites like OnlyFans where users can see some of their content for free but are then required to pay for the full version, more exclusive content, or customized content. This is known as using teasers to draw followers in and convert them to paying customers.

But what happens to your photos once they leave your hands? If someone wants to reuse your photo, they need your permission. This is standard, regardless of the type of photo it is. One way to ensure that you’re getting the credit you deserve for your work is to add a watermark to all your photos. Watermarks are small, inconspicuous logos, signatures, or pieces of text that are superimposed on your photo. Watermarks should be transparent and not interfere with the beauty or integrity of the photo itself. Not only can other people now identify the work as yours, but, you’ll get credit for it no matter how the buyer uses it in the future. Another way to protect your best interest when selling feel pics online is to encrypt your photographs. This prevents people from downloading them without your permission. 

If It Sounds too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

You’ve probably heard this phrase before because it’s a life lesson. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scammer. Identifying these types of scams takes a keen eye, industry knowledge, and a little common sense. 

For example, if you’re selling your feet pics on a legitimate platform for $10 a piece and someone contacts you privately offering $100 but only if they can mail you a check or wire the money directly to your bank account, it’s probably a scam. That’s not to say your work isn’t worth $100, but for someone to offer you 10 x the listing price in exchange for personal information, it should send up some red flags. Even if they’re not asking you for details, they’ll need your mailing address to send a check and your routing or account number to send money to your bank. This is sensitive information that you should never share with someone online. A reputable, honest buyer would never propose this arrangement. Anyone trying to convince you to make a deal that doesn’t align with the website’s community guidelines or gives you a bad feeling is probably a scammer and you should report them immediately and end all contact. 

Never Meet Buyers in a Public Place

This is another major red flag when selling feet pics online and something you should never do, under any circumstances! If a buyer asks you to meet them in person to exchange your content for money, not only should you be concerned it’s a scam but you should also be concerned for your safety. The majority of online buyers know the rules and have no problem following them. It’s very uncommon and suspicious for someone to propose meeting in person, at a public place or not, to get feet pics that you can easily send them virtually. This is usually a sign that the person on the other end has ill intentions and you should end communication immediately and report them as well. 

Keep Personal Information and Details Private

This is one of the best and most basic ways to protect yourself when doing business online, including selling feet pics. As previously mentioned, there’s no valid reason for a buyer to ask for your personal information like your full name, birthday, street address, or telephone number. If a customer starts asking for personal details about your life, they may be on the hunt for more than just some sexy feet pics. Being conversational, charismatic, and even a little flirtatious, is all part of the feet pic business, but you can still achieve this without divulging too much about who you are or where you live. This brings us to our next tip for avoiding scammers online…

Sell Your Feet Pics Anonymously or Using an Alias

Some of the most famous, popular, and successful adult stars and entertainers use a “stage name” or alias for conducting business. This is usually done for two reasons. First, entertainers use a name that’s eye-catching, sexy, and creative. For example, Lexington Steele and Missy Martinez are a lot more appealing than your average name. The second reason for this is anonymity. While it’s harder for porn stars and strippers to keep their true identity under wraps, it’s fairly easy to remain faceless and nameless when selling feet pics online.

For starters, don’t include your face in your pictures. After all, people are looking for pictures of your feet, which means you can easily omit your face and other identifiable parts of your body. (Remember, things like tattoos and birthmarks may give you a way to family, friends, and coworkers.) Using a fake name and keeping your true identity concealed not only protects you from scammers online but also adds to the mystery and appeal of the feet pic business. There’s something arousing about interacting with and purchasing pictures and videos from someone whose face you’ve never seen and whose name you don’t know. Use this shroud of mystery to your advantage. 

Always Collect Payment or a Deposit First

Never release the rights to your photos or the photos themselves without getting paid first. If you don’t feel right collecting the entire payment upfront, at least take a deposit that will cover your time and expenses if the buyer turns out to be a scammer. Because exchanging feet pictures for money online is so easy and done with the click of a button, it’s that simple for a scammer to promise you payment and then disappear the minute your sexy feet pics or videos reach their inbox.

Most buyers are familiar with this process and have no problem paying upfront for the content they want. Collecting a deposit evens the playing field to an extent so that you’re guaranteed some reimbursement and the buyer knows that in order to get the full amount, you need to provide the promised content. Working within the realm of a reputable website or app that guarantees secure exchanges also makes this process seamless and the rules and guidelines clear to avoid any confusion. 

The Safest Platforms for Selling Feet Pics Online

Now that you know a few basic ways to protect yourself and your valuable content against scammers, let’s take a quick look at how to use the most popular online platforms to safely and securely sell feet pics.


One reason to use Instagram to sell feet pics is that it’s already designed as a photo and video sharing network. Instagram focuses on posting high-quality images and engaging videos. You can also utilize hashtags to categorize your content and find and attract people specifically looking for feet pics.

Create a business account that’s separate from your personal one to take advantage of Instagram marketing tools like analytics and statistics. This feedback will show you who’s engaging with your content, when, for how long, and which posts are converting best. You can also set up an Instagram commerce shop, which acts as an online store for your feet pics. Here, you can create a business profile and design a customizable storefront that makes it easy for people to browse and purchase your feet pics and videos. Once potential buyers see something they like, they can click on your link and purchase your photos directly. Because all of this is done on the Instagram platform (unless your sales page redirects buyers to your personal website), the transaction is secure. 


The fact that Facebook is the most widely recognized and used social media network out there today is reason enough to consider this platform when selling feet pics. It also adds a certain level of security and reassurance that other platforms don’t. 

One downside to how vast Facebook is is that it’ll take some legwork to find out where all the foot lovers are congregating and then target them with high-quality marketing. Filter your search by groups, using relevant keywords like “feet pics”, “foot fetish”, and “sell feet pictures”. You’ll be surprised to find a pool of thousands of potential buyers. Here you can comment, respond, and conversate with foot lovers across the world. 

Similar to Instagram, you can create a business account on Facebook that lets you easily and seamlessly conduct business transactions (i.e. selling feet pics and videos). Like with any business venture, your page should look professional and organized if you want to be taken seriously in the foot fetish community. Another similarity with Instagram is that Facebook professional accounts provide analytical data to help you reach and target a larger demographic. It also runs a scan to guarantee that your customers are legitimate, protecting you, your money, and your reputation. 


People often forget about Twitter as a viable platform for doing business. It’s about more than just celebrity banter and political rivalries. In fact, Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for selling feet pics and other adult content because it tends to be more forgiving than other sites like Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is also a meeting place for investors and marketers looking to advertise their products and search for lucrative investment opportunities. This significantly increases your chances of not only finding buyers with deep pockets but legitimate businessmen and women who are on the up and up.

Because Twitter isn’t as visual as other platforms, your posts and product descriptions are the most important part of your page. Your best bet for selling feet pics on Twitter is to attract and gain followers, get their email addresses, and target them with your content at a later date. Make sure your posts are relevant, engaging, and entertaining. Your main objective on Twitter is to promote your brand (yourself) and attract the eye of potential investors and customers. 

Feet Pic Websites and Apps

Outside of social media which can be used for any number of business ventures, there are apps and websites (like this one) dedicated specifically to selling feet pics. These are some of the best resources for selling feet pics for a variety of reasons.

A Dedicated Audience

This is the #1 reason to sell feet pics on a website or app dedicated specifically to your line of work. People on social media and other websites like Etsy could be searching for any number of products, services, or groups. When someone visits a website like this one, they’re looking for one thing only – high-quality feet pics! 

Instead of wasting precious time, effort, and resources marketing to millions of online users, some of which may have zero interest in feet pics, you can post your content to a page that’s guaranteed to be seen by someone who appreciates the beauty and appeal of feet. This also simplifies the buying and selling process. Your prices are clearly listed on the website and buyers know exactly what to expect, how to pay, and when they’ll receive their photos. You, as the seller, know what portion of the money you’ll receive and how much the website will keep. Here you can also easily receive tips, see how much you’ve earned, and keep track of the website’s payment schedule. Selling feet pics to legitimate buyers has never been easier. 

Endless Categories

Feet pic websites and apps often categorize feet pics and videos into several different categories or niches depending on peoples’ specific interests and fetishes. For example, some people are searching for footwear pics including high heels, boots, and pantyhose while others prefer manicured feet, dirty feet, foot bondage, or even humiliation pics. These categories not only make it easy for buyers to find your pics but for you to create gorgeous photos that appeal to these specific buyers. You may even get some creative inspiration from these categories, helping you branch out, broaden your portfolio, and close more deals. 

Be Smart, Proactive, and Informed When Selling Feet Pics Online

The internet is an expansive arena of endless possibilities when it comes to conducting business and making money. And selling feet pics online is no different. Unfortunately, where there’s money to be made there are also scammers lurking behind their screens and keyboards. Understanding the warning signs of a scammer and taking the necessary precautions to keep your information, content, and identity safe will help prevent an illegitimate buyer from taking advantage of you. With a little industry know-how and common sense, you can avoid being scammed selling feet pics online and simply enjoy the fruits of your labor! 

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