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How to Use Tinder to FulFill Your Foot Fetish

For nearly a decade, Tinder has been one of the most popular dating apps and websites for finding local singles in your area. While some people turn to Tinder in search of a serious relationship, over the years, it’s become more of a hook-up site than anything else. It’s also a place where users have no issues putting their sexual preferences and history on display. Perhaps that’s why this dating app, above all others, is the perfect place to fulfill your foot fetish.

But before you start snapping pictures of your feet and hoping people swipe right, there are a few things you should know. Keep reading to learn more about using Tinder to indulge your foot fetish.

What is Tinder and How Does It Work?

Tinder is an online dating app that matches people based on their physical appearance and attraction to one another. This is the main reason Tinder is used for hooking up more often than finding a meaningful relationship. The app has also coined the phrases, “swipe left” and “swipe right”. When scrolling through your matches on Tinder, you swipe right if you’re interested in someone and left if you’re not. 

Tinder only shows you other singles that fall within a certain gender, age range, and proximity to your current location. This makes it easier for you to meet up and hook up. Like Facebook, Tinder will also tell you if you have any mutual friends on the platform. Once you find a match, you can use Tinder’s private messaging tool to strike up a conversation and schedule a meet-up. This is also where you can discuss your foot fetish when the time is right.

Getting Started on Tinder

Before you can start exploring your foot fetish fantasies with your Tinder find, you need to sign up and create an account. You can easily download the app for free for both iOS and Apple. Tinder used to require a Facebook account to get started, but not anymore. Now, you can create an account using just your phone number. One downside to this, though, is that you can’t sync your account with Facebook which means missing out on the mutual friends feature mentioned above. You also can’t pull pictures from your Facebook account to use on Tinder or see which users you shared “likes” with, which is one way to find people with similar interests. 

Most people use their real names, locations, and attractive photographs when creating their Tinder profiles. Not only does this attract more people, but it prevents them from thinking you’re dishonest or simply catfishing them. Similar to Facebook, you can always use a nickname or your first and middle name instead. 

When creating your account, Tinder will ask a variety of questions where you can specify the gender and age range of people you want to meet. You can also indicate how far you’re willing to travel. When a match is found, images of those individuals will appear on your screen along with additional photos and a short description of who they are and what they’re looking for. When creating your own description or adding photos, be sure to make your foot fetish known.

Tinder will also ask things about your job and education. What you include in your bio is completely up to you. 

Another unique feature of Tinder is Smart Photos. When activated, the app will monitor which of your profile pictures get the most attention and likes and automatically put them in order from most popular to least. This takes the guesswork out of which profile picture to use. For foot fetishists, this could be a variety of sexy feet pics that don’t even show your face. Based on likes, you can determine the preferences of your fellow Tinder users. You can also link your Tinder account to Instagram and Spotify, displaying your most recently uploaded photos and your favorite songs to create even more common ground.

Important Features of Tinder

Before you can use Tinder to fulfill your foot fetish, you need to know a little more about the app’s useful features. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.


Prompts is a new addition to Tinder and acts like icebreakers for shy or hesitant users. These conversation-starters can be added to your profile to help get the ball rolling. Some examples include:

  • Why hasn’t someone invented…
  • The one thing I won’t take for granted again is…
  • I’m talking to my pet about….

You can add several prompts to your profile for people to see as they swipe through your photos. You can also document your own answers to help strike a conversation (and controversy) in a private chat. 

For now, you can only choose from the prompts that Tinder offers so you’ll have to work with what’s available. But, with a little creativity, you can work your foot fetish into your answers. For example, for the above prompt “I’m talking to my pet about”, you can answer “feet” or “how much I love feet.” Or to answer “The one thing I won’t take for granted again is”, you could respond with, “foot massages”. Use these prompts to drop hints about your appreciation for the human foot. 


In its infancy, Tinder allowed users to upload two-second videos called loops. As the demand for videos grew, so did Tinder’s timeline. Now you can upload up to 9 videos at a time, each one lasting 15 seconds. These videos are added to your profile, right alongside your photos and prompts. To attract other foot fetishists, be sure to include a few clips of your gorgeous feet. Some ideas include your bare feet rubbing together, you laying down kicking your feet in the air or a video of you modeling sexy shoes.

Super Likes

Super likes let someone know that you REALLY like their photo and are REALLY interested in meeting them. When you hit the blue star icon for a super like, it instantly sends the person a notification instead of waiting for a match to be made. While there’s nothing wrong with taking charge and being upfront, beware – some users find the “super like” a little too bold.


Similar to most other platforms, if you want more eyes on your Tinder account, you might need to pay for them with another feature called Boost. For under $5 you can pay to have your Tinder account pushed (or boosted) to the top of the results page for every local user for 30 minutes. This drastically increases your chances of getting noticed and contacted within a half hour of making the purchase. All you have to do is hit the purple lightning bolt button and watch the messages and matches roll in. Tinder also offers a discount if you purchase a five or ten-pack of Boosts. If your foot fetish account isn’t getting the attention you want, this is a short-term solution for getting more eyes on your account. 


Explore is another way to find compatible matches on Tinder and lets you view more focused groups of potential matches. For example, in Explore, users are listed based on their interests. Some keywords include “thrill seekers”, “foodies”, and “early birds”. Now you can swipe right or left based on shared interests and personality traits. Look for keywords that might attract foot fetishists and other kinky members. 

If you’re worried about getting catfished, you can try Tinder’s new photo verification tool which filters accounts and only shows you ones that have been verified. Don’t worry, you’ll still see all of the users on the main feed but can use the Explore feature to view exclusively verified accounts. You also need to be verified to use this feature. If you’re looking to sell feet pics using Tinder, this may be something worth your time. Although a verified Tinder account doesn’t guarantee the buyer isn’t a scammer, it’s still one more layer of protection. 

Within the Explore feature, you can also use Music Mode. This only works if you enable Spotify integration. When activated, Music Mode plays the user’s anthem or theme song that they’ve chosen to represent themselves. Not only does this give you an idea of their music preferences but also their self-image and perhaps a little insight into their personality. Similar to photo verification, you need to apply an anthem to your own account if you want to hear other people’s songs. 


Vibes is the word Tinder uses to describe quizzes. When a Vibes event is started in your local area, you’ll receive a notification on your main feed and on the Explore feed. If you decide to participate, you’ll be asked to answer a series of questions, mostly focused on your personality. You have to respond within 48 hours and, be prepared, some of the questions are quite silly. 

Once you submit your answers (or Vibe), they’ll appear on your profile for 72 hours. They’ll also appear in the chat window if you start talking to someone else who also participated in the same event. Similar to prompts, these answers act as convenient conversation starters. 

The questions for each Vibe event are constantly changing, so keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to sneak in some hints about your foot fetish!

Hot Takes

Like Vibes, Hot Takes are events available between 6:00 p.m. and midnight on your Explore feed. Here you can share your opinion and perspective on the prompts and questions shared in the event. Unlike Vibes which wait for you to get the conversation started, Hot Takes will place you into a chat with someone who answered the same prompt. Even if your answers were different, you’ll at least have something to talk about. The other unique feature about Hot Takes is that each conversation is timed so you only have a small window to impress your mate. Think of it like digital speed dating. There’s no room for hesitation when using Hot Takes to fulfill your foot fetish. You’ll need to be bold and mention it right away. 

Face-to-Face Video Chat

Are you ready to cut to the chase and move your conversation beyond just chatting in messenger? Tinder decided to join the world of video chat in 2020 by launching a Face-to-Face feature. Just like many of Tinder’s features, both you and your match need to enable video chat to use it. Here’s the catch though – once you feel comfortable seeing your match face-to-face, you can hit the toggle button at the bottom of the screen, but they won’t know you hit the button. The chat will only launch if the other person also hits the chat feature button. One good thing is that you can toggle this feature off as easily as you turn it on.

Before every call, you’ll be asked to agree to specific, approved behavior and guidelines. You both have to agree before proceeding. At the end of the call, you’ll be asked to leave a review or flag, someone, if they engaged in unapproved behavior. If you plan to mention your foot fetish during your video chat or even show off your feet, make sure the other user is in agreement and understands what’s about to happen. 

Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum 

When you sign up for Tinder, you can choose from a few different options, each one unlocking more features. But these added bonuses come at a cost. Check out some of Tinder’s most popular paid plans. 

Tinder Plus

When you sign up for Tinder plus you get to use the app ad-free and receive one free Boost and five Super Likes per month instead of one. You also get to use a “rewind” button which lets you undo your most recent swipe in case you swiped right or left by accident. Are you traveling to a new location and want to meet hot foot fetishists in the area? Tinder Passport lets you change your location and get matched with people in your current location. Users argue that the biggest perk of using Tinder Plus is that you get limited right swipes. Normal users can only swipe right so many times within a given timeframe before the system locks them out for 12 hours. This is designed to prevent people from swiping right on every photo they see. Tinder is run using an algorithm that’s unique to each user, so there’s no specific number of right swipes per user. Instead, it’s based on your patterns of behavior. Either way, when you upgrade to Tinder Plus, there’s no limit to how many times you can swipe right. When looking for other foot fetishists on Tinder, having unlimited access increases your chances of finding someone who shares your passion for feet. 

Another thing that makes Tinder’s paid programs unique is that there’s no set price. Prices are decided using the same algorithm that prevents you from endlessly swiping right. You may be charged as little as $1.49 per month for Plus up to as much as $14.99. Tinder also offers a discount if you sign up for six months.

Tinder Gold

An upgrade from Tinder Plus is Tinder Gold. For $4.99 per month on top of whatever you’re paying for Tinder Plus, you’ll get all of the above-mentioned features plus two important add-ons: Likes You and Top Picks.

If you want to know if a person likes you or swipes right before you swipe right on them, then you’ll love the Likes You feature. This upgrade provides a full list of all users that swiped right on you. Now you can give their profile a closer look and decide if you want to return the favor. 

Top Picks is a newer feature and shows you a daily list of profiles that are specially chosen for you by the Tinder algorithm. Each pick will be available for 24 hours and shows you something personal about the user. If you want more than just a few hand-selected matches per day you can pay for more. 

Tinder Platinum 

The highest paid tier available on Tinder is Platinum. This includes everything from the below packages (Plus and Gold), plus two more features that are exclusive to Platinum members – Priority Likes and Message Before Match.

Priority Likes guarantees that your like will appear first on the person’s account before non-Platinum users. This means your profile is more likely to be seen and swiped right on. Message Before Match lets you add a 140-character message to your Super Like, telling the person a little bit about yourself. But you’re limited to one message per match so be sure to choose your words and characters carefully. You can use this message to introduce yourself and your interests – including your feet. But this leg up on the competition comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $19.99 per month.

How to Fulfill Your Foot Fetish on Tinder

Now that you understand the ins and outs of Tinder, let’s talk about foot fetishes. With 1 in 7 people having one, chances are, you’ll meet at least a few Tinder users that share your same fascination with feet. If you’re already active on Tinder, you may not have a problem exposing your foot fetish for all the (digital) world to see – and you may need to. Here’s how to fulfill your foot fetish using this popular dating (hookup) app.

Add It to Your Bio

The best place to mention that you have a foot fetish or enjoy foot games and play is in your Tinder profile bio. You can make this as obvious or as obscure as you wish. For example, give users subtle hints about your foot fetish by saying things like “I love giving and getting foot massages” or “Wait until you see my extensive shoe collection.” Once Tinder finds you a match, you can determine if the other person is open to foot play as the conversation unfolds. 

You can also be upfront and clear about your foot fetish from the start. Mention in your bio that you love, appreciate and worship feet. Include details about the types of activities you like to engage in and with whom. Not only will other users appreciate your honesty, but they’ll know exactly what they’re getting into from the start which means fewer mind games and more getting down to business. 

Use a Foot Pic for Your Profile

If you don’t know how to say, “I have a foot fetish” on Tinder, you can show it. This is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of making sure only interested foot fetishists swipe right on your account. Use a sexy foot pic as your profile pic. You can choose one that includes your face and body or just focuses on your beautiful feet. In addition to your main photo on Tinder, upload a variety of pictures that show your best sides, positions, and creativity. 

Mention it During a Private Chat

For those who prefer to be more inconspicuous about their foot fetish, you can wait to mention it until Tinder finds you a match. When you see a picture you like on Tinder you can hit the heart button or swipe right. If you don’t, swipe left or hit the cross icon. If someone whose photo you liked (or swiped right) likes (or swipes) you back, Tinder will alert you. That means the only matches you’ll see are people you share a mutual attraction with. This is a great starting point. 

Now that you know you’re both physically attracted to one another, it’ll be easier to broach the subject of foot fetishes. Get to know each other a little first before asking what their preferences and fantasies are. Once you get the ball rolling in this direction, you can mention your love for feet and see if they’re interested and intrigued or scared off. 

Wait Until the Date

While this may not be the best option, you can always wait until you meet your Tinder match in person to bring up your foot fetish. This is a risky approach for several reasons. First of all, you may scare them off immediately. Secondly, you might make them uncomfortable. And thirdly, they may feel as if you met with them under false pretenses. All of which are not ideal outcomes. 

One exception is if you’re using Tinder primarily for hooking up and less for indulging your foot fetish. If your love of feet comes second to your desire to meet someone you’re attracted to, this tactic might work fine. That’s because, even if the person isn’t into feet or exploring your fetish, you’re still meeting and hooking up with attractive singles in your area. Just know this going in so that neither of you is left disappointed (although that’s always a toss-up on Tinder). 

Use Facebook as a Resource 

Since Tinder will connect with your Facebook account, this is an untapped resource for finding fellow foot lovers on the dating app. Before you launch your Tinder account, focus on Facebook. Join some of the most popular foot fetish groups and communities. Meet, network, and friend other foot fetishists and foot lovers. 

Once you’ve created a solid foundation on Facebook, create your Tinder account, sit back, and watch the app do the rest. Tinder will show you any mutual friends you have across both platforms. Now, you can pick out our fellow foot fetishists and strike up a conversation on Tinder. While you can also do this directly through Facebook and Messenger, Tinder might give you a little more insight into their personal life and access to sexier, more revealing photos.

Tinder is for More Than Just Hookups

Tinder has gotten a bad wrap over the years as being just a hookup app. While this is true for most users, some people are actually looking for love – or foot lovers. If you have a foot fetish and want to find like-minded people that love feet as much as you, Tinder might be the perfect app. Not only does it link to your Facebook account, letting you connect with mutual friends in the foot fetish community, but you can use the app’s many different features to drop hints about your fetish and find other users that share your passion for feet.

Click here to learn more about other online foot fetish communities you should explore.

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