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Is There a Market for Ugly Feet Pics?

Turns out the Ugly Duckling may have been onto something. People say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and it’s true! Not everyone finds the same things attractive or arousing. What might be considered gorgeous or breathtaking to one person could be a major turn-off for someone else. So, if you’re wondering, is there a market for ugly feet pics? The answer is, yes!

Although most feet pics depict well-manicured, clean feet with high arches, sexy footwear, and other attractive accessories, this isn’t always the case. Dirty feet and feet that may be considered “ugly” can still bring in a healthy payday. 

Keep reading to learn more about why there’s a market for ugly feet and how to explore this niche category of foot content. 

Attractive Feet vs. Ugly Feet 

Because there’s no set standard for what makes a foot attractive or ugly, it’s important to take a closer look at exactly what constitutes an “ugly foot”. 

First, let’s start by looking at what is considered an attractive foot type. According to foot enthusiasts, certain features make a foot more appealing than another. Some of the major deciding factors include:

Other features to consider are flat feet vs normal feet vs those with high arches (also known as hollow feet). According to one survey, men prefer feet that are:

  • Petite (7.5 shoe size or smaller)
  • Long toes
  • Skinny soles
  • Smooth, flawless skin
  • Well-moisturized and fragrant (in a good way)
  • Feet pictures in sexy footwear (primarily high heels)

Knowing the basic types of foot pics that buyers find the most attractive could help you determine whether or not your feet are considered “ugly” and if so, how to sell ugly feet pics anyway. 

What Are the Most Common Foot Types?

There are also three common foot types when determining attractive feet vs. ugly feet – Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. 

Egyptian feet are considered the most attractive and comprise nearly 50% of the population. This foot type is characterized by the big toe being longer than the other four toes. Next up is the Greek foot type which describes a foot with a second toe that’s longer than the rest and accounts for 40% of people. Lastly, and the least common or popular is the Roman foot type. Roman feet are only found in 9% of people and describe all four toes being perfectly in line with one another. 

Despite these percentages and the overall popularity of a certain foot type, when it comes to coining a foot attractive vs. ugly, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people find crooked toes ugly while others seek these out. Dirty feet is a popular category on most foot pic websites, which means there are plenty of people out there searching for this type of content.

So, if you believe that your feet are ugly for one reason or another and you’re ready to give up on your dreams of selling feet pics online, don’t! Sometimes, your imperfections are the exact unique feature that will help you stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and land sales. 

Do You Have Ugly Feet?

If your feet don’t fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, you may just have ugly feet. Don’t fret, though, because there is a market for ugly feet pics. Here are a few conditions, features, and imperfections that may fall under the umbrella of “ugly feet” so you can start to explore your options for making money off your foot flaws.

Unkempt or Unmaintained Feet

At around $40 a pop, not everyone can pay for regular pedicures. The good news is, you don’t have to. Whether you don’t have the money or time (or simply don’t care enough to invest in the health and appearance of your feet), you can still make money off of your unkempt feet and toes. Overgrown or unpainted toenails, unsightly cuticles, dirt under your toenails, and dry or cracked heels are all signs that your feet are not regularly maintained. 

While some buyers are into this sort of thing, most people want to fantasize about licking or sucking your toes and, chances are, they want them clean and healthy. However, if you can work your magic and find a super niche group of foot pic buyers, you could make money off your unkempt feet. 

Foot Disease 

There’s a difference between ugly feet and unhealthy feet and it’s important that you know what it is. Ugly feet may be riddled with imperfections, whereas unhealthy feet are unsightly due to a medical condition or issue. For example, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, blisters, heel spurs, and bulging joints are all conditions that are instantly recognizable and to some people, unattractive. 

The good news is that some buyers might find these attributes appealing or endearing. You may also have an opportunity to sell your unhealthy and ugly feet pics to medical or pharmaceutical companies or foot care product developers who are looking for professional photos of the foot conditions their products or services treat. Targeting these markets could lead to big payouts for your ugly feet pics. 

Fungus on the Toenails 

Toenails are the main feature of a lot of foot pics. From choosing the best color for your toenails to keeping them bare and natural, your toenails say a lot about your personality. Unfortunately, if you have fungus or other issues, your toenails may be thicker than normal, brittle, or cracking. These strange toenails may attract some buyers but are more commonly sold to medical companies. You can also treat these conditions with medicine or use fake toenails (more on this below).

Veiny Feet

Some people find veiny feet extremely attractive. It shows that your feet are thin and slender. For some buyers, the more bulging veins you have the better. Experiment with different foot poses, positions, and lighting to help your veins “pop”. Like a model, sometimes it’s all about lighting, angles, and being creative with how you position your feet to find the most attractive viewpoint.

Sometimes, though, too much of a good thing can be bad. Not everyone loves the look of protruding veins. If you want to cover up your veins, consider using strategically placed props and accessories or wearing sexy shoes to help reduce their visibility. 

Bulging Joints 

Swollen joints anywhere on the body are often caused by fluid build-up. Most bulging joints are triggered by arthritis, injury, and other infections. Are you a sexy older woman looking to sell feet pics but you suffer from arthritis? Perhaps your bulging joints will lead to a bulging wallet. There’s no way to know if there’s a market for ugly feet pics associated with this specific condition but the only way to know is to try.

Crooked or Bent Toes

Although slender toes might bring in your biggest payday, you could also find a buyer who loves crooked and bent toes or those that have minor imperfections. After all, there’s an entire market for long, slender toes so there’s no denying that when it comes to feet pics, people have a thing for the digits as much as they do the ankles, tops of feet, and heels. Crooked toes add a bit of personality and character to your feet. Highlight your unique little piggy by wearing a toe ring or painting it a different nail color. There may even be a market for sellers with extra or missing toes – something that’s more common than you might think. 

Oversized Feet

Even though most men and buyers prefer petite, small feet, the average woman’s foot is between 8.5 and 9, which means chances are, buyers may consider your feet “oversized”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell feet pics and make money. Choose footwear that compliments your larger-than-life feet. Play around with angles, lighting, and different poses that make your feet appear more petite than they really are. Sometimes, it’s all about the image you portray vs. the reality. 

Your Own Insecurities 

Not everyone loves how feet look, smell, or feel. And we aren’t just talking about buyers. Even foot pic sellers and models may have certain insecurities about their feet. Whether you think yours are too big, too small, misshapen, or just unsightly, don’t let these insecurities hold you back or stop you from marketing your ugly feet pics. There’s probably someone out there who finds your feet sexy and gorgeous, even if you don’t. 

Keep in mind, too, that successfully selling feet pics is as much about having confidence as it is about having attractive feet. That’s why you may need to put your reservations aside and fake it ‘till you make it. Portray an air of confidence and let buyers know that you’re self-assured and know your worth and beauty. This positive attitude will translate through the screen and could result in more sales. You also need to portray this confidence when chatting directly with buyers who message you asking for foot pics.

Is There a Market for Ugly Feet Pics?

The answer to the question, “Is there a market for ugly feet pics?” is two-fold. While there’s no doubt a market out there for ugly or dirty feet pics that highlight major issues and imperfections the majority of buyers are looking for beautiful feet pics that depict well-maintained and manicured feet, high arches, painted toenails, and flawless skin. Whether it’s a foot enthusiast looking to fill a certain fantasy or an advertising company in search of foot pics for their marketing campaign, most people want attractive-looking feet that fall under the generic category of “pretty feet pics”.

On the other hand, if you have a knack for self-promotion, a particularly unique selling point, or a healthy social media following that might make it easy to attract paying customers or target a super niche market, you have the potential to make money off your ugly or unsightly feet. Another thing to keep in mind is that most men will buy your ugly feet pics as long as they have a good foundation. This means that your feet, overall, are well-maintained, healthy, and attractive but may not have the highest arches, painted toes, or the smoothest heels. Most buyers are more than happy to overlook a few minor imperfections in the name of foot fetishism

You can also take the necessary steps (pun intended) to turn those ugly feet into something beautiful. Check out our tips below for giving your tired dogs a much-needed makeover. 

How to Turn Your Ugly (Duckling) Feet Into Beautiful Sales (Swans)

Just because you have a certain medical condition or don’t have the financial means to invest in daily foot care, doesn’t mean you can’t improve the health and appearance of your tootsies. Here are a few ways to counteract the most common foot-related issues that may be preventing you from capitalizing on the lucrative foot pic industry. 

Adopt an Inexpensive At-Home Foot Care Routine 

Turning your ugly duckling feet into beautiful swans doesn’t need to be expensive. It also doesn’t take longer than a few minutes a day. Create a simple and cost-efficient at-home foot care routine that includes trimming your nails and cuticles and moisturizing your feet, heels, and ankles. This is best done after a nice hot shower either in the morning or at night when your skin is soft and absorbent. Keep your toenails neat and trimmed to avoid painful and unsightly ingrown toenails, cuticles, or dirt and debris from getting stuck beneath them. 

Buy Affordable Accessories and Props

Sometimes, the best way to cover up your imperfections is with beautiful and strategically placed props and accessories. While it’s never a good idea to completely cover your feet or obscure the buyer’s view completely, you can place props like flowers, ribbons, silk sheets, and gemstones in just the right area to cover certain flaws like bulging veins, warts, crooked toes, or any other minor imperfections that you don’t want your viewers seeing. Footwear, socks, and hosiery work well for this approach as well. 

Use Fake Toenails

You’ve heard of getting fake tips during a manicure, but did you know that you can get fake toenails too? Like fake fingernails, these small acrylic pieces are glued directly to your natural nails to add length and beauty. Beware of placing anything over your toenails if you have a medical issue like fungus or something else that needs to breathe. Covering toenail fungus could make it worse and prevent you from ever getting rid of it. Once you apply the fake toenails, be sure to paint them for a natural, authentic look. 

Find a Niche Market for Ugly Feet Pics 

There’s a niche for just about anything online these days. From furry foot pics to foot fetish erotica, artwork, and more, with enough research, digging, and effort, you can find a niche market dedicated to ugly feet pics. Dirty feet pics are already quite popular, but there’s also a market for ugly foot pics that exemplify a particular medical condition or issue. After all, where do you think those medical companies and podiatrists get the foot pics they use in their brochures? These ugly feet pics come from somewhere and it could be from your inventory. 

Tips for Selling Ugly Feet Pics 

The truth is, there is a market for ugly feet pics and even if your feet aren’t picture perfect, you can still take advantage of the expanding and rewarding foot pic industry. Many of these same tips and tricks apply regardless of the niche you’re selling in but if you’re struggling to market your ugly feet pics or are concerned you won’t make a profit, be sure to utilize these techniques. 

Utilize Photography Equipment and Editing Software 

Although it’s never a good idea to heavily edit your photos, using certain software and equipment, you can highlight your best features while downplaying your imperfections. Start with the right photography equipment like a ring light or LED light, plus a digital camera or advanced smartphone camera. The quality of the photo plays a big part in the final product and how it will appear once you post it on your sales page. Special lighting helps reduce shadows and may help cover up unsightly marks, scars, or flaws in your feet pics.

Once your photos are done, be sure to edit them. Upload them to a laptop, tablet, or even your phone and utilize free editing software like Adobe or Canva. Here, you can use airbrush tools, erasers, and other simple techniques to remove unsightly features and showcase your best work. Just be sure to let your natural beauty shine through and avoid using overly saturated filters that make your work seem unauthentic. 

Choose the Best Platform for Your Ugly Feet Pics

Not all foot pic websites or social media outlets will welcome unconventional, dirty, or ugly feet pics. Your best bet is to find a fetish-friendly platform or one that also focuses on adult content and other taboo lifestyle choices. Here you’ll find a more welcoming and interested audience and you’ll reduce the risk of your content being removed or your account being banned. Some websites and platforms like Instagram and Facebook have strict community guidelines that make it virtually impossible to market and sell anything that is considered X-rated or even slightly controversial. 

At FunwithFeet, we welcome sellers and content from all walks of life (pun intended). We agree that variety is the spice of life and we support the creative freedom of our content creators. Choose a foot pic website that has a loyal following and a broad audience. The more traffic that’s flooding a particular site, the more likely it is for an interested buyer to see your work and make an offer. Diversity is key when marketing ugly feet pics, so be sure to branch out and promote your work across multiple platforms. 

Create an Engaging Profile

Creating an engaging profile is a must for selling all types of foot content but can really help you market your ugly feet pics. Include as many details as possible in your profile and bio about the type of content you sell, why it’s unique, and other tidbits about yourself and your ugly feet that will draw buyers in and attract curious shoppers. 

Mention what makes your feet ugly but in a beautiful way. Use an “ugly foot pic” for your profile or cover photo. Describe (in detail) what makes your foot content unique and why your feet deserve the ” ugly ” label. Whether it’s a crooked toe or a particularly veiny dorsum (the top of the foot), play up these imperfections as beautiful and rare attributes that people should be dying to download and get their hands on. 

Remain Active, Engaged, and Consistent 

This is a must for any foot pic seller. Even if you’re selling ugly feet pics, if you don’t remain active and engaged on the platform where your content is posted, you will quickly become irrelevant. The competition in the foot pic industry is fierce and only getting stiffer by the minute. With so many sellers competing for the attention and payout of the same pool of buyers, remaining engaged and approachable can work wonders for your foot pic sales. 

You also need to post ugly feet pics consistently. If an interested buyer visits your page multiple times only to be met with the same inventory over and over again, chances are, they’ll find a different seller who’s more engaged and active. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s once a week, every two weeks, or once a month, it’s important to keep your foot pic profile and albums stocked with fresh, new content. And for some buyers, that means the dirtier and uglier, the better! 

Scope Out the Competition

If you find another foot content creator who’s succeeding at selling ugly feet pics, take some time to research their work and approach to see what they’re doing well. Then, duplicate this in your own unique way. It’s highly frowned upon (and extremely immoral) to copy another seller’s photos exactly. Instead, use your competitor’s success as a creative inspiration to kickstart your own! See which types of ugly feet pics they’re selling most, how they’re marketing them, and which of the above-mentioned techniques they’re using. 

Are they covering up their imperfections with props and good lighting or are their long, unkempt toenails on display for all the world to see? Check out their photo descriptions and bio for even more helpful hints on attracting the exact types of buyers you’re looking for. 

So, there you have it! While there’s definitely a market for selling ugly feet pics, it does take a unique approach and plenty of patience. On the flipside, if you want to transform your imperfect feet into picture-perfect works of art, there are ways to do this too. 

Be sure to browse the rest of our blog before you go for more creative inspiration and tips for making the most out of your foot pic endeavors. 

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