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What Are The Most Attractive Foot Types?

Like people, feet come in all shapes and sizes. While some people are attracted to oversized feet or feet with long toes, others prefer pretty and petite feet. While 1 in 7 people admit to being sexually aroused by feet at least once, this attraction is widespread. Some people love the look of sexy feet in heels, sandals, or pantyhose while others love the look of dirty or flat feet.

Are you curious about what the most attractive foot types are? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll jump feet first (pun intended) into the types of feet that people find most appealing, and why. 

Why People Find Feet Attractive (and Sexually Arousing)

Before we get into which types of feet people find most attractive, it’s worth taking a look at why feet have become the object of so many people’s affection. 

Domination and Humiliation

The submissive-dominant dynamic is one of the most popular among couples. There’s something both arousing and taboo about being someone’s sex slave and relinquishing all control. And there’s something equally arousing about being the one commanding the situation. 

Feet play an important role in this power structure. Many scenarios involve foot humiliation and foot worship. Think of the phrase, “kiss my feet” or “worship the ground you walk on”. Someone with a foot fetish might ask their partner to use them as a foot stool, push them around with their feet or demand they perform other humiliating behaviors. This makes them feel lower or beneath them. Other foot fetishists might enjoy pampering or worshiping their lover’s feet by massaging them, kissing them, or bowing down to them. All of these activities capitalize on the power dynamic of a submissive and dominant relationship and may be one reason people are sexually attracted to feet.


And then there’s the science behind foot fetishes. For starters, your feet are covered in hundreds of sensitive nerve endings, making them a highly erogenous zone. The more nerve endings, the more pleasurable and intense the sensations you’ll feel. But even beyond that, there’s actually a scientific connection between your feet and the part of your brain that triggers genital stimulation and arousal. 

This area of the brain is known as the somatosensory cortex. Scientific studies suggest that this cortex is right next to the part of your brain that processes the sensations in your feet and toes. Therefore, when your feet are stimulated, it can also send pleasurable sensations to your genitals and vise versa, creating a direct connection between feet and sexual arousal. 

The Most Attractive Foot Types

So now that you know a little but more about why people are sexually attracted to feet, let’s discuss which types draw the most attention.

Egyptian vs. Greek vs. Roman Feet

Foot worship dates back hundreds of centuries, with foot fetishes first being mentioned as early as 1220. When discussing foot shape, there are three common types – Egyptian, Greek, and Roman – each with its own unique characteristics.

Egyptian feet are arguably the most common and most attractive. This foot shape is characterized by the big (first) toe being longer than the other toes that follow. Nearly 50% of the population have Egyptian feet.

The second most common foot shape is the Greek foot, which is defined by a second toe that is slightly longer than all the other toes. This is found in over 40% of the population. 

Last, but not least, is the Roman foot which is the least common foot shape and is also referred to as a square foot. In people with a Roman foot, all four of their first toes are perfectly aligned and the same length. This is rare and only found in about 9% of the population.

No one foot shape or type is more attractive than another. It’s more about personal preference than anything else. While some people find a Roman foot odd looking, the fact that it’s so rare is what makes it even more attractive to some foot fetishists. The same can be said for Greek feet. Some people find a longer second toe incredibly sexy or even adorable, while others feel it looks out of place. 

Hollow vs. Flat vs. Normal Feet

When discussing the different types of feet and which ones people find most attractive, it’s not just about the length of your toes or the overall shape. You also need to consider the shape of your foot bed.

A hollow foot bed is characterized by an excessive or very high arch. This is in the center of the foot bed where your arch barely touches the ground or doesn’t touch at all. The entire weight of the foot is supported by the heel and forefoot. This can lead to hyper-pressure in the foot and is the most unstable of all foot types. But aside from the structure of a hollow foot, feet with high arches are often regarded as sexy and feminine. They also look great in a pair of high heels!

On the other end of the spectrum is flat feet. This type of foot is also referred to as valgus flat foot and is defined by a very low arch or no arch. A person’s foot bed rests squarely and firmly on the ground. Flat feet can be somewhat uncomfortable and cause certain issues including foot pain and swelling near the heel or arch. The good news is that there are plenty of people out there who find flat feet particularly attractive. 

As the name suggests, a normal foot bed usually has the perfect amount of arch for support, creating stability and overall comfort.

Foot Volume

One last foot feature to consider is what’s known as foot volume. This describes how much space your foot takes up in a shoe or the vertical space. This is different from the length, size, or shape of your foot or even how high or low the arch is. Someone with a wide foot can still have a hollow arch or no arch at all. Foot volume can be measured from any point on your foot including the ball, the toes, the heel, the arch, or the instep. Feet that are “tall” in one or more of these areas are also considered to have high volume. A foot with low volume is usually low to the ground or shallow.

The Sexiest Types of Feet According to Men

Research shows that more men than women have foot fetishes. So, for the purpose of this article, we’ll take a look at what some men describe as the sexiest and most attractive foot types.

Small, Petite Feet

The vast majority of men claim to find small or petite women’s feet the most attractive. While the average female shoe size is between 8.5 and 9, most men find feet size 7.5 or smaller the most attractive. There’s something “dainty” about a small foot. One college research project reported that men associated petite feet with femininity, youth, and nulliparity (a woman who’s never been pregnant). This attraction could be rooted in biology, where men sought out fertile women as a good option for mating. The smaller the feet, the better the prospect. 

On the flipside, women prefer men with larger feet. Maybe this has something to do with the age-old myth that a man’s shoe size is directly correlated to the size of another popular body part. 

Skinny Soles and Long Toes

Slender soles and toes seem to be as appealing to men as petite feet. The skinnier a woman’s foot, the more definition you can see in the tops, soles, and even the ankles. Skinny soles often fit better into snug-fitting shoes and are a great canvas for displaying foot jewelry and other accessories. Some people are just drawn to long, thin toes – painted or not. This is one reason that the Greek foot type mentioned above is a fan-favorite.

Clean, Smooth, and Smelling Good

Don’t get us wrong. There’s definitely a market out there for smelly, dirty feet that are far from what’s considered traditionally beautiful. However, the majority of foot fetishists prefer beautiful feet that are clean, smooth, and smell good. Well-moisturized feet without cracked heels, bunions, corns, or other abnormalities are often used in foot worship. Clean feet are also ideal for licking, sucking, and rubbing. As far as odor, some people are only attracted to smelly feet. With some going as far as to say the smellier, the better. But most people who seek out clean, smooth feet want them to smell as good as they look. 

Feet Under Cover

Some of the most attractive feet are ones that you can’t even see. We’re talking about feet dressed up in super sexy shoes, stockings, and lingerie. Science suggests that men love a woman in high heels. Not only is it a sign of femininity and confidence, but also control, sensuality, and empowerment. Plus, they make your legs look amazing! For some foot fetishists, less is more. The less of your foot they see, the better. It lets the onlooker use their imagination about how the person’s feet look, smell, feel, and taste. Besides high heels, stockings, pantyhose, and thigh-high boots rank near the top of most mens’ sexy footwear wish list. 

Tips for Highlighting Your Feet’s Features

Once you figure out the type of foot you have and what features people are looking for, you can highlight your best attributes. This could result in more feet pic sales (if that’s what you’re into), a more exciting sex life, or even attracting a new partner.

Wear Shoes that Fit

As sexy as high heels are, if you can’t wear and walk in them properly, you should probably choose a different type of footwear. There’s nothing sexy about someone walking like a baby giraffe in a pair of heels that are either too high, too big, or too complicated. Instead, choose a wedge sandal, sexy dancer slipper, or a pair of fishnet stockings.

Consider the shape of your foot, your foot bed, and your shoe size when selecting sexy footwear. 

Practice Good Foot Care and Hygiene

The best way to show off your feet in their best light is to keep them clean and healthy. This means practicing routine foot care including moisturizing, getting pedicures, trimming your toenails, and keeping your feet clean and healthy. 

Invest in a good foot care routine that includes removing dead skin, moisturizing, and keeping your toenails and cuticles trimmed and neat. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in a professional pedicure to achieve beautiful feet. In fact, you don’t even need to paint your toenails. Plenty of people enjoy a clean, bare, natural look. Washing your feet regularly, wearing the proper shoes and socks, and using quality foot care products can also help prevent athlete’s foot and other unpleasant odors. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward to Achieve Attractive Feet 

There’s no single foot type that reigns supreme as the most attractive foot in the world. In most cases, it all comes down to personal preference. However, some studies, research, and industry trends suggest that petite, clean feet with a noticeable arch are revered as the most beautiful, feminine, and sexy. If you’re talking about men’s feet though, the bigger the better! At the end of the day, if you’re looking to please the foot fetishist in your life or sell feet pics online, do some research on what types of feet pictures and videos are getting the most views, downloads, and comments. If you have a unique foot feature, capitalize on it. When it comes to fetishes, there’s usually someone out there looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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