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Why Do Men Actually Want Feet Pics: Explained!

Over 92 million selfies are taken every day and another 1.8 million nude photos are taken and sent via text or messaging apps. That equates to 20 nude pics per second! Sending naughty pictures is a popular form of foreplay and common among sexting couples. Whether you’ve sent or received a nude photo, you can probably understand the appeal. But what happens when someone asks for a picture of something else? (No, we aren’t talking about the numerous unsolicited dick pics that are sent every day.) What does it mean when a man asks you to send a picture of your feet? If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this question you might be confused and maybe even a little freaked out. Don’t be!

Foot fetishes are much more common than most people realize, with 1 in every 7 people admitting they’ve been sexually attracted to feet at least once in their lives. And it’s usually guys that are looking for and asking for feet pics. But why? Learning more about this foot fixation phenomenon might help you understand your man’s motivation and even get you on board with exploring the world of foot fetishism together.

So hold onto your socks and let’s find out why men want feet pics, what they do with them, and what it all means.

Why Do Men Love Feet?

By nature, men are very visual, hands-on lovers. Studies show that male arousal is closely tied to visual stimuli. In short, it doesn’t take much to get their motors running. But sexy images impact male desire, arousal, and performance the most. So is it the mere look of delicate feet that gets men excited or is there more to it?

Let’s explore the many reasons why men are attracted to feet, with many willing to pay top dollar for sexy feet pics online.

The Look

Let’s start with the most obvious attraction to feet – the way they look. From pretty and petite feet with perfectly manicured toes to high arches and tattooed feet, there’s something undeniably sexy about this female appendage.

Some men are attracted to certain foot shapes and sizes, toenail polish colors, and toe lengths. Most women have pretty, well-shaped toes, unlike men whose toes are usually larger and broader with more hair. For some guys, the look of a foot is as sexually arousing as other more obvious body parts like breasts or a woman’s bum. 

Some foot fetish experts credit a foot’s phallic shape as the reason behind its appeal, claiming the shape of a woman’s foot resembles the same curves of the female vagina.

And let’s not forget about the way sexy footwear enhances the already attractive, feminine look of a woman’s foot, ankle, calf, and leg. High heels are one of the most popular and versatile choices for erotic footwear. Other popular choices include sandals, dancer’s shoes (ballet), thigh-high boots, pantyhose, and stockings.

The Smell

Smelly feet are a huge turn-on for some people. While some men enjoy a stinky foot with hints of sweat and other natural aromas, others prefer a squeaky clean foot that smells of soap or perfume. 

The human olfactory sense is one of the strongest and most nostalgic. Smelling a particular fragrance or scent triggers specific and very powerful emotions. This is because your sense of smell is connected to the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotions. So, don’t be surprised if your man asks to sniff your puppies after a long sweat session at the gym or fresh out of the shower. Both smells may be equally arousing and satisfying for a foot fetishist.

The Taste

Since we’re discussing senses like sight and smell it’s only natural to move on to the sense of taste. While it may not be the actual flavor of a foot that turns men on, it’s more the oral pleasure they get from licking, kissing, biting, and sucking on toes and feet. 

You may have noticed your man nibbling on your toes, ankles, or heels during intercourse or kissing you from your toes up your legs to your thighs and beyond. For many guys, it’s a combination of the satisfaction they get from mouthing your foot and watching your body react that brings them so much pleasure.

The Feel

Last, but certainly not least, on the list of senses associated with foot fetishes is the feel of them. In general, women’s feet tend to be more attractive, soft, and well-cared for than men’s. One reason is that you see a woman’s foot a lot more often than a man’s. Women’s shoes are usually open, showing off more of their toes, heels, and the tops of their feet. For this reason, women put more time and attention into caring for their feet. This includes getting pedicures, applying moisturizer, and keeping their feet looking smooth, clean, and attractive. Smooth and soft feet free of cracked skin, bunions, corns, and other unsightly imperfections are just begging to be touched and men with a foot fetish are more than happy to oblige. They may also enjoy having a woman’s supple feet on their bodies, both in intimate areas like their genitals and other more PG places like their back or neck for a massage or on their torso or chest. 

The Humiliation

There’s a very strong humiliation factor associated with foot fetishes and foot worship. When someone is at your feet, they’re considered lower or beneath you – both physically and metaphorically. Think of the phrase, “Worship the ground you walk on” or having someone bow down to your feet. Some guys get off on being humiliated, which lends itself to some pretty kinky and intense foot fetishes. Men with this type of fetish might ask their partners to use them as a footstool, push them around or playfully kick them, or demand a foot massage and other acts of pampering. 

Foot fetishes also lend themselves to the power dynamic of a submissive and dominant relationship. Some foot fetishists who also enjoy being humiliated will take the more submissive role, while others may prefer to be dominant. Dominants with a foot fetish may experiment with foot bondage and demand their partner stimulate their genitals with their feet (also known as a footjob).

The Mystery

Some men are turned on by the concept “less is more”. The mystery of not knowing exactly what’s beneath a woman’s shoe, socks, or stockings is a huge turn-on for some guys. Not only can they use their own naughty imagination to picture how smooth and sexy a woman’s foot is, but the mere fact that they don’t know or can’t know is somewhat arousing and plays on that same desire to relinquish control and be at a woman’s mercy. This theory also stems from the fact that many men find a woman’s genitals (including her breasts) most attractive and, in most cases, these parts of the body are also covered up. It’s the final unveiling of these sexy and erotic areas that adds to the excitement. 

The Science

Evidence suggests that the male attraction to feet is deeply rooted in science and biology. It’s not just about being sexually attracted to a pretty pair of feet. According to famous biologist Forrest Valkai, the part of your brain that controls your toes and feet is right next to the same part of your brain that triggers sexual arousal and stimulation in your genitals. Sometimes, these signals get crossed or overlap, linking foot stimulation with sexual arousal. Valkai explains that this is one reason why foot fetishes are one of the most popular in the world.

The Memories

Similar to your olfactory sense, memories create very powerful emotions and connections within the brain and body. We often associate certain objects, places, people, and even sounds with a specific experience. For example, if a man had one of the best sexual encounters of his life or an intense orgasm with a woman wearing high heels during sex or during a foot job, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll now associate feet or sexy footwear with mind-blowing sex. 

Some research suggests that a foot fixation can also date back to fond childhood memories. The human foot is covered in feel-good nerve endings that are stimulated by something as simple as a gentle touch or as intense as tickling or massage. If you experienced a particularly pleasurable experience as a child and associate that positive encounter with feet, this connection may linger into adulthood and take on a more erotic feel. 

Other Reasons Men Love Feet

There are numerous reasons why men are attracted to feet and the ones mentioned here just scratch the surface. For some men, their foot obsession is unexplained. They can pinpoint exactly why they love feet, they just know that they do. For others, the fixation stems from other fetishes.

For example, men who love women’s legs may also develop a foot fixation as they explore the vast world of sexy footwear and accessories. Other guys are attracted to the soft, smooth skin on a woman’s foot and can’t help but want to touch, caress, and explore them. Foot bondage is another common extension of BDSM and bondage fetishes.

Why Do Men Want Feet Pics?

Now that you have a better idea of why men are so fascinated and fixated on feet, let’s explore how this obsession carries over into the growing business of buying and selling feet pics and why some men just can’t get enough!

Sexual Arousal and Pleasure

This is the main reason men hit the Internet to buy feet pics. Foot fetishists get off on viewing pictures and videos of feet. Similar to traditional porn, foot content acts as an aphrodisiac for men with a foot fetish.

There’s no telling what men do with the photos and videos they download and buy, but you can probably use your imagination. The growing foot pic business is ideal for foot fetishists given the sheer volume of content available. Foot pics cater to every kink, preference, and niche out there. Chances are if you want to see a particular type of foot in a specific scenario, there’s content out there to fit your needs. And if there isn’t, you can ask for it. Most people selling foot pics and videos are more than happy to fill custom orders and requests. 

They’re Single

Men who have no one to share their foot fetish with need some type of outlet for their naughty desires. And for some, this comes in the form of buying foot pics online. Single guys can buy and view foot fetish content online in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. They can even invest in some of the best foot fetish sex toys to enhance their experience. There’s also no harm in admiring the beautiful feet you see in public, just be careful not to make the objects of your affection uncomfortable. 

Their Partner Isn’t Into Foot Play

Just because a man is in a relationship doesn’t mean that his partner will be willing to indulge in his foot fantasies. As previously mentioned, foot fetishes are much more common among men than women. So don’t be surprised if your girl isn’t exactly thrilled by the idea. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to safely indulge your fetish in other ways – one of which is buying foot content online. This is also a viable option for men who aren’t quite ready to share their foot fetish with their significant other out of fear of judgment or embarrassment. 

Artistic Inspiration

Men who are also artists and creative minds may simply be inspired by the beauty of the female foot. The lines, curves, angles, colors, and variety of feet lend themselves to several art forms including sculptures, paintings, and sketches. Men who buy foot pics for artistic inspiration and expression probably have more of a foot fixation than a fetish since there’s no sexual component involved. 

Selling Products and Advertising

Some male customers looking for foot pics online are in it strictly for the business. Men who own foot product companies, are involved in sales or run a website or online store might need quality foot pics for their advertising campaigns. While there are plenty of stock image websites online offering free pics to download, they’re often generic and overused. Shrewd businessmen looking for a very specific type of picture or those who thrive on originality can connect with a creator online and request exactly the type of foot content they want, down to every last detail.

Tips for Taking and Sending Quality Feet Pics

Understanding why men want foot pics is only half the equation. If you want to make money selling feet pics online, you also need to know how to give your audience what they want – quality images at a reasonable price.

Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

  • Invest in the right equipment (smartphone camera, ring light, Bluetooth tripod)
  • Take plenty of pictures using different angles and lighting
  • Pay attention to the background (declutter and remove any distractions)
  • Incorporate props and accessories
  • Add a watermark to protect your photos
  • Edit your photos before posting or sending them 
  • Try different filters, poses, and positions
  • Keep your feet looking and feeling good 

Be sure to check out our ultimate guide on taking good feet pics before you go for an in-depth look at creating high-quality content.

Give Him What He Wants: Feet Pics!

There you have it! A look inside the inner psyche of the male mind and why they love feet. You can use this information to your advantage both personally and professionally. If you’re in a relationship with a foot fetishist, find out more about his specific fantasies. If you’re looking to sell feet pics online, now you know a little bit more about what men are looking for and why. Are you ready to start making money selling your sexy feet pics and videos online? Click here to get started!

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