I am a 42 year old bbw ebony woman from the uk I have uk size 7 flat feet, i have short toes and thick nails. I also am prone to calluses and hard dry skin, because of my flat feet any time i wear flat shoes for too long i get them, unfortunately im useless at wearing heels, i fall over haha. For years I have considered my feet to be ugly and have always hidden them away up until a few months ago, i listed a pair of shoes to sell online and included a picture of myself wearing them and almost immediately i had requests from men. But these men didnt want to buy my shoes, they wanted to see the whole of my feet or the soles and begged me for pictures of them. I didnt want too at first because i didnt want to be riducled but i beat the bullet and eventually sent some pics and some of the replies were “your feet are beautiful!” “wow what gorgeous feet!” and “can i order some custom pictures from you?” and so my feet business was born. Im not gonna lie im new to this but man am i enjoying falling in love with these ugly feet of mines and experimenting with different kind of photos. Unfortunately i am unable to show my face in any of my content

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Collection: Pink Thigh High Boots Pics

Uploaded: 15 August 2022
Updated: 15 August 2022