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First Time Foot Worship: A Beginners Guide

By Fun With Feet
Foot fetishes are among the most common, with one study suggesting half of its participants admitted to having a foot fetish. Also known as podophilia, foot fetishes are characterized by a sexual interest in feet. Under this umbrella, foot fetishes can manifest in numerous ways including a fascination with sexy footwear and accessories, the smell and appearance of feet, foot massage, and foot worship.

It’s this last type of foot fetish activity that we’ll focus on today. Foot worship happens when a person’s entire sexual arousal and satisfaction is focused on feet. This often means the person can’t experience sexual pleasure without an emphasis on feet or foot play. But what exactly causes this fixation and such a strong connection between feet and sexuality? Keep reading to learn more about the origins and science behind foot worship and common foot worship practices.

The Difference Between a Foot Fetish and Foot Worship 

The line between a foot fetish and foot worship is very fine and in some cases, overlaps. That’s because the term ‘foot fetish’ includes all types of foot fetishes and related behaviors, whereas foot worship has its own set of practices and activities. As the name suggests, foot worship involves a person who loves and is sexually aroused by feet who worships (or loves, appreciates, and wants to praise) the feet of someone else. This may involve massaging the person’s foot, rubbing them, giving them a pedicure, washing their feet, or even kissing, licking, sucking, and smelling them. Basically, someone who enjoys foot worship simply can’t get enough feet! 

Foot worship is also said to increase intimacy between two people. As long as both partners are willing, the foot worshipper gets emotional and physical pleasure from pampering their lover’s feet while the person on the receiving end gets to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs while also getting the benefit of a deeper physical and emotional connection. The entire experience can be very satisfying and help create a deeper bond between two people.  

Certain types of foot fetishes and their associated behaviors might also be considered foot worship. For example, people who are turned on by the look of feet may buy feet pictures online simply to look at and enjoy the beauty of the human foot. Someone who is aroused by sexy footwear might invest in a collection of shoes or ask their partner to model shoes for their sexual enjoyment. 

Other things foot fanatics may focus on include:

  • Foot odors
  • Foot accessories (tattoos, jewelry)
  • Foot jobs (think a hand job using your feet)
  • Certain foot attributes (flat feet, high arches, dirty feet, large feet, small feet, etc.)
  • Foot treatments (baths, massages, pedicures)
  • Foot humiliation (where one partner submits to the other, letting them push, shove, and control them using their feet)
  • Foot bondage (binding the feet and ankles using ropes and other restraints)

Again, these practices can all coexist or play an important role in a person’s foot worship routine.

The History of Foot Worship

Although foot fetishes have risen in popularity lately, the concept behind foot worship dates back centuries with deep roots in Chinese and European culture. Foot drawings, paintings, sculptures, and stories have surfaced over the years from the far reaches of the globe, offering some insight into the world’s fascination with feet. 


The 19th century saw a spike in foot fetishism and worship in Europe mostly centered around fashion. European author Philippe Perrot wrote a book titled Fashioning the Bourgeoisie which stated, “female bosoms and behinds were emphasized (in the 19th century) but legs were completely hidden, distilling into the lacey foam of underwear an erotic capital.” He went on to say, ‘The returns of which could be gauged by the cult of the calf and the arousal caused by the glimpse of an ankle.” Based on this description, 19th century Europe fully embraced the belief that “less is more” and a mere glimpse of a woman’s ankle or lower leg was enough to spark sexual interest and arousal, perhaps drawing more attention to the feet as well.

France has a particularly rich and taboo history surrounded by eroticism and sexuality. In the early 20th century, Parisian artist Martin van Maële published many illustrations depicting foot fetishism and worship including the well-known piece titled The Countess with the Whip which shows two women engaged in foot worship. One woman can be seen licking the food of the other. And no discussion of erotica European history would be complete without mentioning Sigmund Freud. In addition to his countless taboo theories on sexuality, Freud mentioned foot fetishism in his 1927 paper titled Fetishism. This was also one of the first times foot bondage was mentioned as a form of sexual satisfaction and an expression of foot worship.


Speaking of foot binding, many people associate this practice with Chinese culture. And rightfully so. However, the foot binding practices in Asian culture differ slightly from foot bondage, which is often done as a form of artistic expression and sexual gratification. 

Foot binding in China was performed on young girls as a rite of passage believed to prepare them for puberty, menstruation, and eventually, childbirth. As a symbol of submissiveness, foot binding represented a young girl’s willingness to obey and remain subordinate to men. Some of these same beliefs may transcend into today’s practice of foot bondage where the person whose feet are being bound is acting as a submissive to their partner, enduring discomfort in order to deliver pleasure. 

Another thing that makes the practice of Chinese foot binding so different is that the girls’ feet were permanently mutilated and deformed due to this outdated practice. In some cases, the women’s feet were bound until they shrunk to just 10 centimeters. This mutilation process was known as the Golden Lotus and forced women to walk with, what was then viewed as, a “delicate style” that symbolized beauty and femininity. When, in fact, these young girls were crippled for life.

The Science Behind Foot Fetishism

Whether you want to practice foot worship or gain a better understanding of why you’re so drawn to feet and all their glory, knowing the science behind foot fetishism can help. It may explain the fixation people have with feet and why they stand (no pun intended) as something deserving of your attention and praise.

The Feet Themselves are an Erogenous Zone

If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure or foot massage you know that your feet are a feel-good area of the body. There’s something relaxing and arousing about having your feet touched and rubbed and, for some, your toes licked, sucked, and nibbled. One reason stimulating your feet feels so good is that the same part of the brain that reacts to foot stimulation is connected to your genitals. That means that when your feet are being touched, it sends signals to your other nether regions. Scientist Vilanayer Ramachandran calls this a “cross-wiring” that connects the genitalia and feet, leading to fetishes and fixations. 

The Cinderella Complex

No, this theory doesn’t have to do with glass slippers but it does have to do with feet. The Cinderella complex (or syndrome) is a psychological condition where a woman secretly fears independence (or being alone) and desires a so-called “knight in shining armor” to rescue her and take care of her. This theory got its name thanks to the fairytale where Cinderella’s perfect, petite foot fits into the slipper, provided by the prince. He then saves her from her dreadful life, playing into the submissive fantasy. Speaking of size, many cultures also emphasize the size of certain extremities (including feet) as a sign of attraction – both feminine and masculine. 

Playing Dress-Up

Speaking of glass slippers and fairytales, another reason many people find feet so appealing and deserving of worship and attention is that they’re beautiful. Especially when they’re “dressed up” in a variety of accessories from socks and stockings to high-heels, boots, slippers, and even jewelry and tattoos. 

Taboo Sex Play is a Turn On

It’s human nature to want what you can’t have and to be attracted to the taboo or prohibited. Engaging in taboo behavior — like foot worship — is naughty, which only adds to its appeal. This is another reason why some people go to extremes with their foot fetish and enjoy the look and smell (or even taste) of dirty feet, like being punished or pushed around by someone else’s feet or practicing foot bondage. Science also suggests that there’s a link between what we find disgusting or repulsive and what we find sexually arousing, though the reasoning is unclear. One theory is that the human fear response is related to the human sexual response, similar to how some people find horror movies equal parts entertaining and frightening. 

The Kinky Side of Foot Worship 

As you delve into the “darker” side of foot worship, you discover the clear connection between foot play and BDSM. The concept of submission and domination is a popular power play in many BDSM relationships and during sex play – including foot worship. Feet play an important role in showing one another who’s boss, which often leads to foot humiliation as well. This involves the dominant partner pushing, shoving, or even kicking the submissive using their feet. Many dominants demand a foot massage, force their submissive to lick or suck their toes or perform other acts of foot worship to exert their power and control. Given that the submissive is literally at the feet of their dominant only adds to this power construct. Not only are they below them (where they belong) but they’re groveling at their feet. 

Healthy Ways to Explore Foot Worship

If you’re new to the world of foot worship or are looking for new and creative ways to explore your fixation, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Experiment with Your Partner

Who better to explore your foot fetish with than your partner? If your significant other is open to it, use them as the object of your foot worship fixation. You can play around with foot massage, buying sexy footwear, or foot jobs. Purchase different types of massage oils including warming or edible ones that you can lick clean later. Worshiping your lover’s feet might also include washing them, kissing, and pampering them. Chances are, they won’t complain! Get creative with different sex positions that incorporate your’s or your partner’s feet. For example, placing your leg on your partner’s shoulder so they have easy access to licking, nibbling, or kissing your feet and toes. 

Search Online

If you’re not in a relationship or simply not ready to share your foot worship practices with someone else, head online. There are plenty of sexy pictures and videos dedicated to the foot fetish community. Here, you can search feet pics and videos by category, each one appealing to a different foot fetish. You can purchase content, browse free material, or order custom content from your favorite creators. There are also plenty of porn videos surrounding foot worship that let you vicariously live out your fantasies.

Explore All Your Senses

Foot worship is about exploring all of your senses and how they relate to feet. This includes sight, taste, smell, and touch. Looking at feet pics online or pictures of sexy footwear might be enough to satisfy your need. Others need more hands-on stimulation involving foot massage, tickling, or even bondage. Some people get off on the smell of feet – both good and bad and then there are those who enjoy the taste of feet (licking, sucking, and kissing). Experiment with these different senses to see what turns you on most.

Skirt the Line Between Pleasure and Pain 

As previously mentioned, there’s a certain element of BDSM associated with foot fetishism. Whether it’s foot humiliation that involves stomping or manhandling or foot binding, foot worship can be a kinky business. For some people, pain releases a unique set of endorphins that leads to sexual arousal and pleasure. If you’re one of these people, you might enjoy someone pushing you around or even walking on you while wearing high heels or boots. There are different degrees of BDSM involving foot worship so always take things slow and only perform acts that both you and the other person are comfortable with.

Foot Worship is About Appreciating the Human Form

The feet have symbolized sensuality, sexuality, and taboo eroticism for centuries. From the days of Freud and Chinese foot binding all the way up to today’s booming foot fetish industry, there’s something universally appealing about the human foot. If you have a special affliction to feet and believe they deserve to be worshiped, you’re in luck! There are plenty of ways to practice foot worship with a partner or alone. Experiment with some of the techniques above – you might just discover another level of foot worship you never knew existed.

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