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How To Find Foot Fetish Escorts Near You

By Fun With Feet
Escorts have gotten a bad wrap over the years. Most people associate this profession with prostitution and degrading sex work. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Escorts don’t necessarily have sex with their clients. In some cases, they offer companionship, act as a travel partner, or perform other girlfriend services that have nothing to do with sex.

Helping people explore their foot fetish is one such service. Although foot fetishism is sexually arousing for most people, foot fetish escorts don’t normally engage in sex acts or intercourse with clients. Instead, they simply take part in foot play and other acts to satisfy their clients’ needs – whatever they may be.

Are you looking for someone to massage your feet or let you massage theirs? Do you want a foot model to try on different shoes and pantyhose for you? If you know where to look, you can find foot fetish escorts near you that will gladly indulge in your fantasies – for a price. In this article, we’ll offer tips and tricks for finding foot fetish escorts near you, plus information on what you can expect during your encounter and how much it’ll cost you.

So, hang onto your pantyhose, and let’s get into it! 

What is a Foot Fetish Escort?

The title of “escort” applies to a variety of paid services offered by one individual (the escort) to another (the client). Most escorts are independent contractors that supply their time, company, and services in exchange for money. As the name suggests, a foot fetish escort is someone who fulfills foot fetish fantasies and engages in foot play for a price. This can involve the escort letting their client perform certain acts on them or vice versa. Not all foot fetish escorts will provide the same services and prices will vary depending on the type of service, the duration of the session, the location, and what additional supplies are needed. 

How Much Do Foot Fetish Escorts Charge?

As with most forms of sex work, the cost of a foot fetish escort varies significantly and is based on several variables. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Location
  • On-site vs off-site services
  • The length of the session
  • The type of services
  • How experienced and in-demand the escort is

According to several online search results and forums, most escorts charge between £100 and £150 per hour. Again, this is a very rough estimate and can fluctuate significantly from one client and experience to the next. 

What Services Do Foot Fetish Escorts Offer?

Before you try to find and hire a foot fetish escort, you should know what it is you’re looking for. The escort you find can’t quote you a price or agree to a booking if you don’t know what type of service you want. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Foot massage
  • Pedicure or foot bath
  • Foot job or genital stimulation
  • Foot bondage or humiliation
  • Shoe shopping or modeling
  • Foot worship
  • Public stimulation

Some escorts may also specialize in certain types of feet. For example, some may have abnormally large or petite feet, long toes, smelly feet, or high arches. If these unique attributes are appealing to you, be sure to mention them up front or include it in your search. Most foot fetish escorts will advertise their distinct features as a selling point. Remember, most foot fetish escorts will accommodate your needs, whether that’s you performing certain acts on them or them allowing you to play with their feet. 

How to Find a Foot Fetish Escort Near You

If you have a foot fetish or are curious about exploring the world of foot fetishism and foot play, hiring a foot fetish escort might be right for you. It’s a relatively anonymous, safe, and no-strings-attached way to experiment with different foot fetish activities. This is especially useful if you’re single or in a relationship but are hesitant to share your fetish with your partner. 

Here are a few tips for starting your search for a foot fetish escort near you. 

Search Online Foot Fetish Communities

If there’s a taboo fascination over something, chances are, there are multiple online forums and communities dedicated to it. The Internet is considered a safe, judgment-free place where like-minded individuals can meet, communicate, and share their thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. In this case, feet!

Search online for popular foot fetish groups and communities, then register to join. Every group will have its own requirements, but most are relatively straightforward and simple. Once you’re approved, get a feel for the group and its members. When the time seems right, ask your new friends if they’ve ever used a foot fetish escort and if so, where they found them. Who knows, maybe one of the group’s members would be willing to indulge you in your needs. Just be sure to read the group’s community guidelines carefully so you don’t break any rules or get banned. 

You can also search websites dedicated specifically to matching foot fetish escorts with clients like you. Some websites to consider are:

Skip the Games

Skip the Games offers an extensive database where you can find escorts in your local area, with some providing special foot-related services. The site even has a dedicated section for Domination & Fetishes. Try searching using specific keywords and filters including your local city, town, and the type of service you want. Searching on Skip the Games is completely free and will usually generate at least a few candidates. 

Massage Republic

Massage Republic is an escort database that searches major US cities for escorts that fit your needs, description, and budget. Similar to Skip the Games, you’ll need to search using specific keywords including things like “feet”, “foot fetish”, “foot massage”, and “foot bondage”. This is another website that’s completely free to use and can generate a list of several to a dozen escorts near you. 

Head to Social Media

The next best place to search for foot fetish escorts (besides the world wide web)  is on social media. Again, if a kinky fetish exists, so do plenty of eager social media content creators and groups. It doesn’t really matter where you start, it just matters that you tap into all possible resources. These include the following platforms:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • OnlyFans

One thing to keep in mind is your location and the location of the people you’re engaging with. Remember, escort services and prostitution aren’t legal in most countries. The last thing you want to do is get yourself into legal trouble for soliciting sex services from someone in a country where it’s prohibited. Even if you don’t plan to have sex with the escort you find, you still need to be careful with how you word things and what direction the conversation goes in. If you’re simply looking to buy feet pics, engage in foot massage, or play around with shoe shopping and modeling, you may be fine. 

Start by searching each platform using hashtags. This will help you find foot fetish communities designed for people just like you. Once you’ve landed on a few, join or follow them and proceed how you would on any other online community. You may even stumble on an individual’s account that is advertising escort services – score! Now, you can send them a private message or strike up a conversation about what services they offer and how much they charge before scheduling a meeting.

In addition to being mindful of local laws surrounding escort services, there are a few other things to keep in mind when using the internet or social media to find escort services.

  • Don’t send the escort any money prior to receiving services
  • Never share your personal details unless you’re comfortable and confident that the person isn’t a scammer
  • Don’t harass or spam someone you find online
  • Don’t try to convince an average content creator to offer you escort services (this could be mistaken for harassment)
  • Discuss and confirm pricing upfront, including the payment method
  • Agree on a code of conduct for the meeting and meeting location

Explore Local Escort Services and Agencies

With so many “what ifs” and worries over hiring foot fetish escorts online, you may prefer to hit the streets. No, we don’t mean literally! But there are plenty of local escort services and agencies that you can contact and inquire about foot fetish services.

Generate a list of reputable escort services near you. Then, start making phone calls. You’ll probably encounter a mix of independent escorts and those who work for an agency. Both are viable options when finding an escort to meet your foot fetish needs. Finding an agency might save you some time since most work with a large group of girls and can easily match you with the best fit. Agencies are also accustomed to meeting specific client requests, like foot play and foot-related activities. This also helps remove any level of embarrassment on your part. Not only are escort agencies used to receiving bizarre and kinky requests, but many claim that foot fetishes are actually one of the most common and normal requests they get. 

Check Out Local Spas and Massage Parlors

Because some foot fetish activities are commonplace like massages, foot baths, and pedicures, you may be able to find an escort or independent contractor at a local spa or massage parlors. 

Some generic massage therapists may have no problem focusing solely (pun intended) on your feet during a scheduled meeting. Booking a traditional therapist for a foot massage is only recommended if you have a foot fetish that doesn’t cause intense sexual arousal or satisfaction. If it does and the masseuse is unaware, this could create a very uncomfortable, possibly illegal, situation. Express your interest and needs prior to booking an appointment. If you’re lucky, you may even find a massage parlor that specializes strictly in foot massage.

Another way to indulge your foot fetish through massage is to allow the masseuse to manipulate your back and body using their feet. This is an art form known as Ashiatsu and is a type of deep tissue massage. During Ashiatsu, the therapist uses an overhead beam or rail for support and balance as they gently apply pressure to your back and other areas of the body. 

Some spa bordellos may also have services that meet your foot fetish needs. Simply search “foot fetish spa” online and see what bordellos there are near you. Many specialize in foot fetish services including wraps, worship, pedicures, and foot baths. 

Browse the Classified Ads or Create Your Own 

While most people use the classified ads to find jobs, housing, or vehicles, you can also search them for services or independent contractors, including a foot fetish escort. Classified ads are also available online where you can search based on your region or country, but most offer international coverage and results. 

Categories include escorts, W4M, and casual encounters, all of which may fit your needs, depending on what they are. You can also search by keyword, similar to other online websites and platforms. Once you find an escort that seems like a good fit, do a little more digging before arranging a meet-up. For example, ask for some feet pictures that also include a code word or handwritten note with a date or time stamp. This will guarantee that you’re dealing with a real person and not a scammer. Another way to check for scammers is by asking the escort for their contact phone number and then performing a quick Google search which may alert you to a scam, sting operation, or other hidden issues. 

Two legitimate places to search are Locanto and Cracker. Both classified ad websites offer categories like “fetish encounters”, “BDSM”, “massage”, and even “escorts”.

On the flip side, you can also use the classifieds to advertise your search for a foot fetish escort. Similar to how someone might advertise their need for a house cleaning or landscaping service, you can post an ad detailing your search for a foot fetish escort.

Successful classified advertisements require certain elements. First, be as detailed and specific as possible about exactly what you’re looking for. If your foot fetish fantasies do involve sex, avoid mentioning this in the advertisement and save that conversation for in-person or over the phone. Don’t mention anything about payment for services either, as all of these details could get you in trouble with the law, depending on your location. One way around this hurdle is to use classified ad codes. For example, roses can mean dollars (or currency), as well as other phrases like sugar, tips, or doe. 

When an escort does contact you, make sure that you’re both on the same page in terms of the agreement, payment, and other arrangements. Also bear in mind that anyone can respond to an advertisement, which means there are no background checks or verifications done. You need to be your own advocate and do your due diligence before meeting the chosen escort in person. 

Another perk to using classified ads is that it’s usually free. 

Host a Private Party

Some foot fetish escorts actually host parties and group events that let interested and intrigued kinksters get a feel for the foot fetish world. Gather a few of your closest, curious friends and find out if there are any local foot parties in your area. Certain companies like Elegant Bare Feet and DominionSM specialize in hosting these types of parties. Google local events near you or in major cities nearby. You’d be surprised how many cities host these types of events on the regular. 

Tips on Having a Successful and Satisfying Encounter with a Foot Fetish Escort 

Once you’ve found the perfect foot fetish escort near you, it’s time to schedule a meet-up. If this is your first time hiring an escort service, you might feel a mix of nervousness and excitement. This is completely normal. Once you meet your escort in person and start the ball rolling, you’ll become much more relaxed, confident, and engaged. 

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind before meeting your foot fetish escort.

Meet in a Safe, Agreed Upon Location

This is the #1 rule of thumb anytime you hire an escort service for a foot fetish or otherwise. Always meet in a predetermined location that both you and the escort agree upon. If you hire someone through an agency, they may even run a brothel or have a house they work out of. This guarantees both you and the escort have a safe, comfortable location to meet. These are also referred to as “in-call” services. 

“Outcall” services involve the escort coming to your location. This is a common arrangement when hiring a foot fetish escort, just be sure to do a background check and research the escort before sharing your home address. That, or choose a hotel or other local place to meet so you don’t have to share too much personal information about yourself. 

Stick to the Agreement and Arrangements

Prior to the meeting, you and the escort should have agreed upon a price, services, and how the appointment will go. Sticking to the plan is important for both you and the escort. The last thing you want to do is make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Like a verbal contract, you hired the escort for a specific service (i.e. foot massage, foot job, foot worship, etc.) and that’s what they agreed to perform for a set fee. It’s bad practice to try and change the rules of the game mid-session. If you and the foot fetish escort hit it off, you may become a repeat customer. For this to happen, you need to be able to trust one another and develop a rapport. For that reason, clearly outline the terms beforehand and don’t waiver. 

Keep it Professional and Pleasurable

Regardless of the type of foot fetish service you contract an escort for, you still need to be respectful and professional. Although the escort is, technically, the professional, clients also need to carry themselves in a certain way and be held to a certain standard.

If you’ve arranged for a foot massage or pedicure, without any sexual undertones, it would be unfair to start making sex noises, moaning, or talking dirty while the escort performs their service. If, however, you’ve contracted for a sensual foot massage or one involving genital stimulation or a foot job, then dirty talk and naughty innuendos are expected (and possibly encouraged). Similarly, if you hire a foot fetish escort to perform foot bondage on you, be careful not to merge this with foot humiliation or other BDSM practices without asking first. There’s a fine line between being creative and spontaneous and making your escort feel uncomfortable or even in danger. Always ask before diverting from the original plan or service.

With that being said, try to relax and have fun! After all, you’re paying good money for this. Relish in every moment of having your feet pampered, tickled, and teased. The best way to guarantee your foot fetish fantasy becomes a reality is to be as specific with the escort beforehand as possible. The more details you share about what you want, the better they can meet your needs. 

Pay Up and Don’t Forget to Tip 

Last but not least (and this tip should go without saying), you need to make good on your payment once the service is complete. Even if the foot fetish escort fails to meet your expectations, if they perform the agreed-upon service, they need to be paid. If you’re dissatisfied with their performance, don’t hire them again. It’s as easy as that. 

On the other hand, if you loved your encounter, show your appreciation and gratitude with a generous tip. This will improve your chances of booking the same escort again in the future. If they know you’re a generous tipper, they’ll jump at the chance to work with you again. 

Most escorts take payments via online apps or cash payments in person. This is another important detail to work out beforehand so you can arrive at your meeting prepared. 

Experiment and Explore With a Foot Fetish Escort Near You is 

Escorts offer a variety of services – some of which have nothing to do with sex. If you’re a foot fetishist or have a fascination with feet, hiring a foot fetish escort is the perfect way to explore your newfound fixation. As with any service, do plenty of research before making a commitment. 

Obviously, hiring a foot fetish escort is slightly different than hiring someone to detail your car or mow your lawn. Be sure to ask all the right questions, settle on an agreement you’re both comfortable with, and be careful about what information you share. When searching online, always follow the website’s community guidelines and be mindful of both your and the escort’s location to avoid any legal trouble.

In the end, hiring a foot fetish escort near you is actually easier than you might think. Now all that’s left to do is determine your budget and pick which fun and freaky foot fetish activity you want to try first! 

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