Buy & sell exclusive feet photos and videos
Buy & sell exclusive feet photos and videos

How to Sell Feet Pics on Reddit

By Fun With Feet
With over 220 million active users, Reddit has become one of the most popular discussion sites on the Internet. Reddit is a social platform where members submit posts that other members either “upvote” or “downvote” based on how well-liked, relevant, and useful they are. Once a post gets a certain number of “upvotes”, it moves toward the top of the results page where more people can see and interact with it. 

People post all kinds of content and information on Reddit from personal stories and advice to photographs. With countless communities, groups, and subreddits to choose from, there’s a forum that fits your needs, interests, and fetishes. And if your need is selling foot pics, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll explore how to sell your feet pics on Reddit and earn some extra income.

Find the Right Subreddit

Selling feet pics online is becoming an increasingly popular trend. From people with foot fetishes to accessory and stock photo companies, there’s a vast audience of eager buyers looking to scoop up your quality photos and videos.

When it comes to sales (including foot pic sales) you not only have to identify your audience but find them. That’s where subreddits come in handy. Since Reddit allows users to post just about anything, combing through the content can be overwhelming. That’s why certain discussions, categories, and forums are broken down into subreddits. This makes it easier for you to find relevant information. As someone looking to sell feet pics on Reddit, your first step is finding the right subreddit for your “product”.

Your best bet is to create a Reddit profile and search “feet”. Several communities related to foot fetishes and feet pics should come up. Take a minute to look around and see which subreddits best coincide with your content and goals. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular subreddits trending right now.


This is one of the largest foot fetish subreddits with over 372,000 members. Feet pics are filtered by gender into 4 main categories – male, female, trans, and non-binary. 

The rules of this group are pretty simple. Members must be 18 years old or older and any NSFW pictures or posts must be labeled as such. NSFW content permitted on this subreddit include breasts, dildos, and buttcheeks. You can’t repost anything and all content must be fresh and original. All photos must show at least part of your foot. For example, you can wear sandals or open-toe heels but close-toed sneakers, boots, or socks are not permitted. 

In terms of quality, no blurry or grainy pics are allowed. While there are subreddits that allow racier photos (we’ll get to those in a second), f/feetpics doesn’t permit any hardcore material including pictures of your genitals or anus. If you’re taking a photo from the ground up or sitting at a desk, be sure to wear underwear and cover up all your important parts. And no, you can’t cover your goods with an emoji – the group doesn’t allow emojis or stickers on your photos. Watermarks are permitted but must be small, subtle, and not placed over your feet. 

When it comes to marketing yourself on subreddits, including this one, be sure to check the rules. On f/feet, you can promote yourself but not in the title of your post. The moderators suggest that instead of including your social media handles in the titles, add something like “DMs/PMs welcome”. Once an interested buyer contacts you privately, you can arrange a private sale outside the discussion board. Another way to market yourself on r/feet is through your comments. Since you technically own your personal comments, you can post all of your social media links here including to your OnlyFans, Instafeet, Instagram, and other accounts. 


This subreddit is dedicated strictly to female feet pics. It currently has 271,000 members. The rules of this group are similar to the ones mentioned above and most other foot fetish communities on Reddit. For example, all users must be 18 years of age or older and you can’t post your genitals, sex toys, or any other overly-suggestive images. You also can’t post these photos and then cover your body parts with “censored” stickers or emojis. One rule that’s different about this group is that no footwear of any kind is permitted. r/feet only posts barefoot photos. No sandals, flip-flops, stockings, or socks are allowed. Similar to r/feetpics, watermarks are allowed but they must be small and subtle.

The r/feet subreddit does allow some users to sell goods and services but not at top-level posts. Administrators let you mention your other social media accounts like OnlyFans and Pornhub but only in a top-level comment and not in your title. Be aware that r/feet does not permit DMs or PMs so don’t request private messages or your account could be banned. r/feet prides itself on being a discussion platform, not a chat hub. 

If you want to post racier photos, promote yourself and chat with interested buyers, head over to the NSFW group of this same subreddit – r/feet_nsfw. Here, you can post pictures of your feet and every other part of your body. Most posts include plenty of nudity, hence the NSFW label. Here, you can invite people to private message you and post your other social media links in your own comments. Only original content is allowed and all users must be aged 18 and older. 


Another popular subreddit dedicated to foot lovers is r/footfetish. With 168,000 current members, the rules of this group are pretty straightforward and not as long as some of the other subreddits on this list. r/footfetish doesn’t allow any self-promotion or talk about buying or selling your feet pics. Links aren’t allowed in your title or comments. r/footfetish doesn’t allow you to promote your other social media pages including OnlyFans. Users that break the rules are banned after their first offense, so be careful. One positive of this subreddit, and a benefit if you’re trying to sell your feet pics privately, is that users can invite direct messages. Note that this subreddit, like many others, is for female feet pics only. 

Other foot pic subreddits to check out include:

  • r/feetshowing
  • r/solesandholes
  • r/FFNBPS
  • r/feetish
  • r/footfetish
  • r/FeetLoversHeaven
  • r//Feetgirls

The most important thing to do before you start selling feet pics on Reddit is to carefully read the admin’s guidelines and community rules. Some groups frown upon (or completely prohibit) selling any type of product or service. They may also remove you immediately for self-promotion. Other groups are a little more lenient and allow you to post your pics, ask for feedback, and connect with other like-minded users. After all, that is the point of this social media discussion platform, isn’t’ it? Whatever you do, don’t come on too strong by shoving your content down people’s throats, being pushy, or soliciting every member. Play by the rules and you can use these subreddits to drum up not only interest in your feet pics but business. 

Interact, Engage, and Keep Your Eyes Open

Once you find a subreddit that fits your needs and feels like a community you could belong to and succeed in, it’s time to start interacting. Don’t start off by posting your feet pics for sale, advertising what you do, and DMing users. Instead, introduce yourself, get to know the other members, and see what direction the discussion is going in. Comment on other people’s posts and engage in conversations. Ask and answer questions. Be personable! The more members feel like they know you, the more likely they’ll be to do business with you.

Reddit is also a great place to find out what’s trending. In fact, some of the most successful online companies and websites head to Reddit to see what their audience is discussing and passionate about at any given time. Use this discussion platform and the groups you join to find out what people are interested in. Are they talking about bondage or dominatrix feet pics or more traditional foot pics that depict strappy heels and sandals? These discussion groups can give you inspiration for your next photoshoot or video if you know where to look. 

Promote Yourself

Now that you’ve become an established member of a few Reddit communities, you can start gradually getting more involved and promoting yourself. Start by posting a foot pic and asking for feedback. Ask what types of pics people want to see including your position, angles, jewelry, and footwear (if permitted). Subreddits are an untapped resource of both information and potential buyers.

Regardless of where you choose to sell feet pics, you need to share your other social media accounts when and where appropriate. Before you do, make sure these accounts are up to date and stocked with plenty of high-quality foot content. That way, when you share your handles on Reddit and people head over to your page, they’re greeted with gorgeous pictures that pique their interests even further. This is your chance to make a good first impression and land a potential sale. 

Send Direct Messages

One of the best ways to sell feet pics on not only Reddit but all social media platforms is through direct messenger. Direct messages allow you and the potential buyer to have a private conversation. They can share their specific fetishes and requests with you and you can discuss a price without publicizing your discussion in the comment feed. Just be careful when direct messaging clients. Never share your banking or personal information. Protect yourself by requesting payment before providing any content. This is one of the most common ways people get scammed selling feet pics online. And remember, if the subreddit you join doesn’t allow DMs or PMs, you may want to find a different one with more relaxed rules.

Join the Discussion and Start Selling Feet Pics on Reddit 

The internet is a vast place, to put it mildly, If you’re like thousands of others trying to get in on the wildly popular world of selling feet pics, you’re probably scouring the internet for potential platforms. While social media pages like OnlyFans and Instagram are some of the most popular avenues for this type of business venture, don’t overlook Reddit. With a little time and patience, you can find subreddits that are treasure troves of not only potential buyers but information to help catapult your sales. 

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