Buy & sell exclusive feet photos and videos
Buy & sell exclusive feet photos and videos

InstaFeet Review: Can You Make Money?

By Fun With Feet
You’ve heard of Instagram and you’ve heard of OnlyFans, but have you ever searched InstaFeet? This popular online platform for foot fetish enthusiasts was created in 2017 and has been growing ever since. A website designed primarily for girls to post a variety of feet pics, how much do you really know about Instafeet?

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy feet pics, keep reading. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Instafeet including how to join, what it’ll cost you, and if it’s worth it.

Where it All Began

Instafeet was launched in the summer of 2017 in California. A group of girls started posting pictures of their feet on various social media platforms but it didn’t take long for the admins to get wind of this and shut it down. Instagram is especially notorious for banning and closing accounts that don’t follow community guidelines and promote suggestive or explicit material. Any social media content creator knows that there’s no worse feeling than having your account completely wiped clean. Your entire portfolio of work, plus followers, is gone in an instant and you’re left with little recourse.

It was for this reason that Instafeet was born! This same group of girls got together to create a platform where feet pics were not only welcomed but encouraged. In fact, the new platform was dedicated strictly to feet and the foot fetish community. Instafeet was designed to be a safe space where people could make money posting pictures of their feet, gain followers, and interact with fans. The entire purpose of Instafeet is to pair feet pic enthusiasts with creators without fear of judgment or banishment.

How Does InstaFeet Work?

Like most of the subscription-based websites swirling the Internet right now, Instafeet is an online platform where users can subscribe to certain accounts and gain access to their exclusive content – i.e. feet pics and videos. Instead of paying a flat subscription fee, users subscribe to multiple accounts for free and then have to purchase any feet pics they want for personal use. Users must subscribe to your account to view your content, making it one of the most private platforms for selling feet pics currently.

As for sellers, all you have to do to get started is create an account and profile, plus be 18 years of age or older. Your application will require a photo ID and some other personal information. After review, your seller profile will either be accepted or denied. In most cases, your account will be activated and you can start posting immediately. In fact, it’s recommended that you do! Your new account should have at least 5 high-quality photos at a minimum. It’s also recommended you continue to add new content regularly so your subscribers don’t lose interest.

Now it’s time to price your feet pics. The average price of feet pics on Instafeet is around $10 for new sellers. The platform recommends you keep your prices low to attract and retain more subscribers. For example, if your pictures are priced too high ($50), you may only get one or two purchases a month, a total of $100. Whereas, if you price them more reasonably, or around the $10 mark, you can sell dozens per month, far exceeding $100. Of course, as you continue to gain subscribers and popularity, you can slowly increase your prices. Keep in mind that Instafeet keeps a 10% commission on all sales, but there are no registration or subscription fees. Sellers don’t pay to post their content and subscribers only pay when they decide to purchase a picture (or a dozen). Sellers on Instafeet will receive a payment every 2 weeks – once on the first of the month and then again on the 15th via PayPal.

Safety Concerns

Before you sign up for any subscription-based platform, most users (both subscribers and content creators) want to know if the site is legitimate and secure. It’s safe to say that Instafeet is a relatively secure website to use for both sellers and buyers, once you get the ball rolling. Filling out the application, on the other hand, has resulted in a few red flags.

One major claim by multiple sellers is that their photo ID was misused after being uploaded. Another common complaint is that after uploading their information and completing the application process, interested sellers were ghosted – never hearing back from the administrators and their sensitive information hanging in Internet limbo somewhere. It’s important to note that only the website’s admins have access to your ID and personal information. What they do with it after you submit it still remains unknown.

Another way to protect yourself on Instafeet is to remain anonymous – most sellers do. You never have to show your face or share your real name. You can easily create a pseudonym or screen name to protect your identity. When posting feet pics, be sure to cover up or crop out any identifiable markings or tattoos if you don’t want your friends and family to know you sell feet pics as a side hustle. Speaking of identifiable attributes, Instafeet doesn’t encourage pics taken above the knee, but if you do, you need to be fully clothed. This is not an NSFW platform for selling feet pics. There is, however, one area of your body that can’t be covered on Instafeet and that’s, well, your feet! Sock and shoe pictures are not allowed.

How Much Money Can You Make on Instafeet?

So, now comes the real question – how much money can you really make selling feet pics on Instafeet? Sadly, as you probably guessed, there’s no solid answer. The amount you make on Instafeet is highly subjective. Several factors play a part including how often you post, the quality of your photos, the variety, how many subscribers you have, and how well you promote yourself and your page on other social media platforms. Ultimately, the more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to sell more feet pics and earn more money.

As mentioned before, the average picture on Instafeet is priced at about $10, while some go as low as $5 or as high as $100. It’s rare to sell feet pics for $100, so don’t hang your hopes on this figure. Instead, focus on building your following and consistently posting high-quality content.

Who Buys Feet Pics on Instafeet?

Any company will tell you that in order to successfully increase sales, you need to know your audience. So before you create your seller profile on Instafeet, you need to research what types of buyers are out there. There are a few main groups of people searching for feet pics online.

Product Companies

If you’ve ever bought an ankle bracelet, toe ring, or other foot accessories online, you probably saw the item featured on someone’s foot. That foot could be yours! Plenty of companies and private sellers looking for creative ways to promote their products will purchase feet pics online for their marketing campaigns. Other foot products include lotions, creams, nail polish, and manicure tools.

Stock Photo Companies and Content Creators

There are millions of stock photos available online both for free and for purchase. Where do you think those websites get their photos from? While they likely utilize various resources, one such technique is purchasing photos online – including feet pics! Be sure to include some generic pictures of your gorgeous feet for these companies to view, purchase, watermark, and resell.


Sculptures, painters, and other creative minds consider the body a beautiful muse – including the feet. Sketch artists who don’t have access to live models often use real-life photographs as inspiration for their work. And your gorgeous feet pics might be exactly what they’re looking for.

Foot Lovers

While some people purchase feet pics for business purposes, others are in it strictly for pleasure. 1 in 7 people report having a foot fetish and it’s these buyers that will search sites like Instafeet for their favorite type of feet pics. Categories include everything from BDSM and bondage feet pics to dirty feet, smelly feet, and much more! By adding variety to your Instafeet profile, you’re more likely to attract a wide range of subscribers and buyers.

Tips for Being Successful on Instafeet

Now that you know what Instafeet is and how it works, let’s talk about success rates. As with most online ventures, you’ll get as much out of your Instafeet account as you put into it. If you post consistently and produce high-quality content, you’ll sell more pics and make more money. You also need to price your feet pics realistically and competitively. Here are a few more pointers for being successful on this platform.

Promote Yourself and Your Page

No one’s going to bring subscribers to your page. That’s your job! The good news is, with a little effort and some plugs on other social media platforms, you can gain a steady, loyal following in no time. Be sure to promote your Instafeet profile on your other accounts including Facebook, Snapchat, OnlyFans, Twitter, and Instagram. Reddit is another great place to promote yourself and join foot fetish communities as long as you play by the rules. A lot of subreddits and forums only allow you to add links to your own personal comments or via DM. You may also want to open alternate social media accounts from your personal ones if you’re trying to remain anonymous on Instafeet.

Create Beautiful Pictures

People aren’t going to pay for low-quality feet pics. This is especially true if you’re appealing to product companies, artists, or stock photo websites that are using these pictures to represent their company. Don’t skimp on quality. Make sure that every picture you upload is worth your subscribers’ time and hard-earned money. Use good lighting and a quality camera (although your smartphone will do for beginners). Your pictures should highlight your best attributes and be appropriate for whatever demographic you’re appealing to. Pay attention to the backdrop as well. No one wants to see a gorgeous foot pic ruined by the cluttered desk or messy room behind you. Your feet should always be the main focus.

Post Consistently

It doesn’t take long for people to lose interest in a particular website or social media persona. With thousands of people selling feet pics online, you need to stay at the forefront of your subscribers’ minds. The best way to do this when selling pics on Instafeet is to post consistently and often. Your profile should be stocked with feet pics at all times. The website recommends you post at least 5 pictures the minute your application is approved. After this, create a posting schedule and stick to it. That could mean posting one new photo every day or a dozen each week. Keep your subscribers engaged, interested, and coming back for more. Unlike other sites like OnlyFans, subscribers on Instafeet don’t need to pay unless they want to purchase your content, which means you need to offer plenty of variety for them to choose from.

Making Money on Instafeet is Possible… but It Isn’t Easy

If making money selling feet pics were easy, everyone would be doing it. Being successful on Instafeet has more to do with the effort you put into the project than how beautiful your feet are (although this is important too). The good news is, there are a myriad of feet pic categories that people are interested in which means if you don’t have a perfectly manicured foot, you can always sell bondage feet pics, shoe pictures, or even dirty feet pics!

The key to making money on Instafeet is a mix of quality, quantity, effort, and luck.

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