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My Boyfriend Has a Foot Fetish. What Do I Do?

By Fun With Feet
With 1 in 7 people admitting they have a foot fetish, chances are, you’re either with someone now who likes feet or you have been in the past – even if you didn’t know it. If you’re impartial to the human foot, it may be hard for you to understand the attraction and even harder still to handle a significant other who drools over your feet.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Has your boyfriend recently admitted that he has a foot fetish? Or perhaps he just spends a lot of time admiring, touching, and massaging your feet. (Things could be worse, right?) If you’re finding yourself freaked out or confused, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll offer helpful tips on how to handle your boyfriend’s foot fetish, plus signs that he has one and what to do about it.

Understanding Foot Fetishes

Before we jump into handling your specific situation, the more you know and understand about foot fetishes in general, the better you can approach how your man’s foot fixation is affecting your relationship. Foot fetishes are pretty common and they’re more frequent in guys than girls, though no one really knows why. 

By definition, a foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. Some people like just looking at them (hence the current surge in people buying and selling feet pics online), wearing different shoes or massaging them. Others want to be pushed around, manhandled, and even kicked by someone else’s feet in a type of foot humiliation. Foot bondage and foot worship are two more common practices. As you can see, foot fetishes come in all types and degrees so you’ll need to determine exactly what about feet gets your man’s motor running before you can decide how to navigate their fetish.

But what exactly is it about feet that people find attractive? There are countless theories swirling the Internet and the kink community, but here are some of the most common and supported.

The Brain-Body Connection

Some studies show that the area of the brain that controls feeling and sends signals to your genitals during sexual arousal is located directly next to the same part of your brain that controls your feet. Sometimes, the signals get crossed, and stimulating your feet could simultaneously stimulate your sensitive erogenous zones. 

Sensory Experience

The look. The feel. The smell. The taste. For some people, feet offer a treat for all the senses. For example, looking at bare feet or feet in shoes or stockings is a turn-on for some people, while others can’t get enough of their distinct smell. Others still get off on licking, kissing, and sucking on feet and toes or simply caressing them. One theory about the look of feet dates back to Freud who made a comparison between the look and shape of a foot and the male genitals. 

Humiliation and Domination

Some people are turned on by being pushed around, spanked, and controlled. And this is no different when it comes to foot worship. Have you ever heard the phrase, “kiss the ground you walk on”? If so, you can begin to understand why some foot fetishists love being shoved, kicked, and even walked on by their significant other or a paid dominatrix. Feet are considered “below” people, creating a very distinct power structure that involves one partner feeling “lower” than the other and getting sexually aroused when being “put in their place”.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has a Foot Fetish

Do you suspect your man is hiding a secret foot fetish? Whether he’s too embarrassed to tell you or thinks you won’t notice, he’s probably dropping hints that he finds your feet especially appealing. 

Here are a few signs that your guy is passionate about feet.

He Shows Them Special Attention During Sex

If your guy has a foot fetish, chances are, he’s giving your tootsies a little extra TLC during sex. This could be everything from nibbling or kissing them when they’re near his mouth, grabbing or massaging them, or asking you to fondle his package using just your feet (also known as a foot job). Does he ask to bind your ankles or encourage you to push him around using your feet? All of these are pretty clear signs that he’s fascinated with your feet.

He Asks to Pamper Your Feet

Foot massage or pedicure anyone? Foot play isn’t just reserved for sex. Your man might love nothing more than putting your petite feet in his lap and rubbing or caressing them for hours. Lotions and oils make this experience all the more enjoyable for you both. Some guys are even interested in giving you a pedicure, complete with toenail polish. When your man has a chance to get his hands on your sexy body and he goes right for your feet, chances are, he’s a foot fetishist and this is his favorite form of foreplay 

You Catch Him Watching Foot Fetish Porn

With millions of free porn videos flooding the Internet, it was only a matter of time before people started making and posting foot fetish porn. And if your guy has a thing for feet, he’s probably watching it. The fact that your boyfriend watches porn shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering 95% of guys admitted to watching porn at least once (with most watching it regularly). 

If the idea of your man watching porn bothers you, that’s a conversation for a different day. However, if you discover that instead of watching girl-on-girl action or blow job videos, he’s watching foot fetish clips, it’s probably a good indication that his secret fantasy involves your feet. 

He’s Overly Interested in Your Footwear

Is your boyfriend always complimenting your shoes, buying you new footwear, or even requesting that you wear a specific pair of high heels or sandals? His sudden interest in your shoe collection may have nothing to do with his fashion sense and all to do with his sex drive. Some foot fetishists love nothing more than seeing a sexy pair of feet in an even sexier pair of heels, boots, fishnet stockings, or sandals. Hey, if nothing else, it’s a good reason to go shopping!

He Buys Foot Pics Online

It’s never been easier to get your hands on high-quality foot pics. With websites dedicated specifically to this business (like FunwithFeet), foot lovers can safely purchase a variety of foot content from sexy sellers who specialize in certain types of foot pics. Categories range from high heels and dancers’ feet to foot bondage, bare feet, BDSM, and toes. If your man is buying foot pics online, he’s probably using them for his own sexual pleasure and to fulfill his foot fantasies. If this bothers you, why not snap a few foot pics of your own and let him drool over your ten toes instead?

Tips for Handling Your Boyfriend’s Foot Fetish

Now that you’ve confirmed that your guy loves feet, what are you going to do about it? While you should never do anything you’re not comfortable with, there are plenty of safe and healthy ways to indulge your man’s fetish.

Talk About It

Communication is key in any relationship, especially when it comes to meeting each other’s needs. This holds true both physically and emotionally. If your boyfriend has a foot fetish and is open to talking about it, you should. Find out as much information about his fixation as he’s willing to share. Like when it started, what it is he loves about feet, and what types of foot fetish activities he’s into. The more open you are about the idea and willing to listen, the more honest and forthcoming he’ll be.

It’s also important to share your own thoughts, feelings, and reservations (if you have any) about his fetish and what it means for your relationship. As stated early, you should never do anything that makes you uncomfortable but with an open, honest conversation, you and your man can hopefully find some common ground. Choose activities that help him indulge his fantasy without forcing you too far out of your comfort zone. 

Find Out What He Likes

Even if your man isn’t comfortable sharing every dirty detail about his foot fetish, you can do some detective work to find out what he’s into and then help indulge him. If he’s buying foot pics online or browsing foot porn videos, see what type of content he’s searching for. Does he like foot worship videos where the man is being humiliated, pushed around, or dominated by someone’s feet? Or perhaps he’s fascinated by foot jobs. Start by openly asking him what he likes, but if he’s hesitant to share, see what you can find out on your own (without invading his privacy, of course), and then surprise him by planning a naughty night focused on feet. 

Start Slow

When it comes to exploring your man’s foot fetish together, start slow. Get your feet wet (pun intended) by giving each other foot massages or letting him caress your feet during sex. Once you’re comfortable with these activities, move on to some more intense foot play like stimulating each other’s erogenous zones using your feet or letting him practice his foot bondage skills. If you’re willing, let him kiss your feet or suck your toes. Add some food like whipped cream, honey, or chocolate syrup to sweeten the experience (literally). Experiment with different things until you find a form of foot play that you both enjoy. 

Take Turns

Indulging your boyfriend’s foot fetish isn’t a one-way street. Depending on the type of fetish he has, you can both get in on the fun and action. For example, start by letting him give you a foot massage before returning the favor. Try nibbling his toes the same way he does yours during sex. Let him help you put your high heels or stockings on and then help you take them off. Fondle his genitals with your feet and see if it feels good when he does the same to yours. Who knows, in time, you may discover you have a foot fetish of your own. 

Put on a Fashion Show

Sexy shoes are to a foot fetishist what lingerie is to any other man. Seeing your feet in sexy and slutty footwear is sure to get your man’s motor running. So, why not plan a seductive striptease or fashion shoe where you display your tootsies in a variety of different shoes, stockings, and accessories? Match your outfit to your shoes for an even naughtier encounter. If your guy is into BDSM, he’ll love thigh-high black boots paired with a dominatrix outfit, blindfold, and whip. You can also take a more classic approach and invest in some red-bottom heels

Set Boundaries

When it comes to sex play and exploring each other’s fantasies, it’s important for couples to have boundaries. If you’re willing to experiment with foot play and entertain your man’s foot fetish, you should set boundaries that you’re both comfortable with. Some people are freaked out by having their feet touched, tickled, or kissed. If you don’t like it when your boyfriend nibbles or sucks your toes or touches your feet in certain places, tell him and mark these areas as hands (and mouth) off zones. If the guy in your life gets off on foot humiliation or wants you to push him around with your feet but you’re not comfortable with this, tell him. The more you talk about your feelings and comfort level, the better able you’ll be to come to a mutual agreement you can both get on board with. Another option is to create a safe word. This is a word or phrase you can use when things are getting too intense or going a little too far. 

Send Him Foot Pics

Sexting just took on an entirely new meaning. Instead of sending your boyfriend nudes or selfies, why not send him some sexy foot pics? If he’s already browsing and buying them online, you might as well save him some money and make yourself the object of his affection by creating your own gorgeous photos and videos. Ask him what he likes and then create foot content he’ll drool over. Snap a picture of your feet right out of the shower or while taking a bath. Send him a shoe selfie and ask his opinion. Video clips are great too! Take a video of you giving yourself a foot massage, rubbing your feet together, or performing other naughty acts.

Approach Your Boyfriend’s Foot Fetish With An Open Mind

Does your man love all things food-related? If you’ve noticed he’s paying extra close attention to your tootsies during sex, drooling over your new shoes, or begging to give you foot massages, chances are, he’s got a foot fetish. And if you’re willing and able, you can safely explore his needs in the comfort and privacy of your home. If you’re still a bit apprehensive or unsure how you feel about his foot fixation, sit down and have an open honest conversation. While you should never engage in any sex act that you’re not comfortable with, with a little patience, understanding, and compromise, you and your man can find a common ground that meets both your needs.

Browse the rest of the blog for more articles on foot fetishes that’ll help give you better insight into the wonderful world of feet.

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