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Buy & sell exclusive feet photos and videos

Top 5 Foot Fetish Discord Servers You Need To Be Apart Of

By Fun With Feet
It seems like every day there’s a new social media platform or instant messaging service popping up that lets you meet and connect with people around the world. And Discord is no different. This free voice, video, and texting app lets you chat and hang out online with friends – old and new. You can also join designated communities based on your interests and hobbies.

With a setup like this, it was only a matter of time before communities (or servers) dedicated to a kinkier way of life emerged. Foot fetishists are quickly becoming a part of this new wave of Discord users. If you’re looking to connect with other foot lovers, network, flirt, or even sell foot pics, keep reading. Here we’ll share the top 5 foot fetish discord servers you should join and why, plus tips for getting the most out of your experience on this growing platform.

What is Discord and How Does it Work?

Launched in 2015, Discord was originally built for gamers but has grown into a vast, all-inclusive communication app that allows members 13 years of age and older to share videos, files, text, and chat. You can also play games, stream videos, and listen to music. There are currently over 150 million users on the platform discussing everything from family vacations and trending art to motivational quotes and fashion. There are communities (or servers) of all sizes but the platform is primarily used by small groups that are highly active and talk on a regular basis.

Most of the servers or groups are private and work on an invite-only system. This way they remain small, yet inclusive. Discord servers are a safe space for groups and friends to gather, stay in touch, communicate and share in a safe space. Most communities are centered around a general topic, similar to Reddit’s system of subreddits. All conversations and interactions are opt-in, which means you can decide how little or much you engage with other community members and how much you want to contribute to the conversation. You’re essentially in complete control of your experience. 

A few reasons people love Discord so much is that it’s a safe space for meeting and communicating with trusted friends and making new ones. Because the servers are designed around specific topics, users know exactly what types of conversations to expect and what information they can share and receive. Most people feel comfortable being themselves when communicating on Discord because they’re among friends that share their same interests. These are just a few reasons why Discord servers are the perfect place for foot lovers and other kinksters looking for a nonjudgmental place to express themselves. Unlike other social media platforms, there is no news feed on Discord, no endless scrolling to find what you want, and no annoying algorithms telling you what you should and shouldn’t search for. It’s a completely user-driven experience with conversations based on shared interests.

Top 5 Foot Fetish Discord Servers

If your topic of choice is feet, this next part is for you! Here are 5 of the most popular and interesting foot fetish Discord servers to check out if you’re looking to connect with other foot lovers like you.

1. Furry Feet

This Discord server is dedicated to – you guessed it – furry feet! While furries are a unique fetish all their own, furry foot fetishes are also growing in popularity. Popular in the anime and artistic communities, this Discord server is dedicated to furry feet and role-playing with an emphasis on anime and pokemon. The server claims to be the oldest and largest group dedicated to furry feet and currently has over 3,500 members. 

Some of the most popular tags associated with the group are:

  • Feet
  • Paws
  • Toes
  • Furry
  • Roleplay
  • Pokemon
  • Pikachu
  • Claws
  • Furries

The adorable profile picture depicting furry brown animal feet should tell you all you need to know about this Discord server. You’ll need a link to join the Furry Feet server or know someone who’s already a member who can send you an invite. 

2. Cutie’s Feet Haven

From furry feet to cute feet, Cutie’s Feet Haven is the second Discord server on our list designed specifically for foot lovers. If it’s foot pics and modeling you’re after, this is the server for you. 

This international community currently has over 8,500 members and is dedicated to exploring a mutual love and desire for feet. Here, you’ll have access to exclusive pictures from female, male, and non-binary models, so if you’re looking to break into the feet pic business, this server can help expand your horizons and open up new doors of opportunity. Feet Haven is filled with friendly users looking to chat, interact, and share quality foot content. 

According to the server’s creators, there are other channels within Feet Haven that surround topics other than feet. There are also different roles within the community that you can choose from and earn higher rankings. It’s important to note that some of the channels on this server are for the NSFW community, so proceed with care. Members of the French and Spanish communities will also find plenty of channels that suit their needs and help bridge the language barrier. 

3. Foot Lovers Heaven

If you’re looking for a Discord server strictly designed for foot fetishes and the 18+ community, you’ve found it. Foot Lovers Heaven welcomes members of all genders, races, and sexual preferences looking to connect with other foot fetishists around the world. Foot Lovers Heaven currently has over 450 members and is slowly growing in popularity thanks to its inclusive attitude and focus on a shared love of feet. 

This Discord server has channels for trading both male and female foot pics. If you’re looking to network, connect, and grow your foot pic business, joining this server could give you valuable information and exposure. Connect with other successful foot fetishists that are making money selling their feet pics on other platforms. Get ideas for different types of foot content, how to take quality foot pics, and how to incorporate props and other accessories. A friendly, safe place to explore your foot fetish and be yourself, you can learn a lot from joining this server.

4. Looking for Feet

This foot fetish Discord server is slightly different from the rest on this list. Created by someone specifically looking for foot pics, female users can join this server to make money off their beautiful feet. The creator of this server is looking for female members only and offers compensation for high-quality feet pics. Interested parties are asked to send a DM to get started. The group currently has just over 100 members. Less a community to connect and communicate, this server is strictly business.

Tags for the group include feet, foot, soles, toes, and NSFW, which gives you a better idea of what you’re getting into when joining this server. If you’re looking for more of a community feel and a safe place to communicate, you may want to keep looking. This Discord server, though, is perfect for women looking to break into the foot pic business and gain some exposure and compensation for their work.

5. FeetUnite Community

Foot fetishists unite! As the name suggests, this Discord server is dedicated to feet, findom, and other kinky fetishes. In this inclusive community (currently made up of 680 members), you can buy and sell your foot pics and videos. Although the server is mostly for females, the description states that the group is open to male models and male foot pics as well. Here, you’ll find a variety of foot pics, videos, and foot-related content that appeal to all types of fetishes and kinks. 

FeetUnite is a branded name that can be found across a variety of social media platforms. As the community continues to grow, it’s broadening its horizons and welcoming models and members of different genders including male, female, and non-binary. The server also has an NSFW bot and countless channels dedicated to different fetishes.

Tips for Getting Started on Discord

Now that you know where all the foot fetishists are hanging out on Discord, here’s a quick guide to getting started on the platform so you can take advantage of these increasingly popular online communities.

All you need to run discord is a smartphone or computer. You can also download the mobile app for iOS or Android. Discord runs on your computer using any web browser but if you want to utilize the platform’s more advanced features, you’ll need to download a desktop version for free on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

After opening the software, you’ll be guided through the basic sign-up process. First, you need to create a username which can be anything you want including your real name or an alias. You’ll link this username to your email address later. Some people create an email address to use specifically for their Discord account and to help conceal their identity but this is completely optional. Your next step is to either start or join a server. You can choose from a public or private one. All you need to do is search or know someone who’s already a member and shares an invitation or link with you. You can use the search bar to look for servers dedicated to foot fetishes, feet pics, and related topics.

At first, the layout of your Discord homescreen may seem a little overwhelming but, in time, you’ll easily learn to navigate the interface. The four main sections you’ll need to know about are:

  • The servers you’re a part of (on the far left side of the screen)
  • A list of channels available in a specific server (this appears after clicking on the name of the server)
  • Channels, which are like chat rooms within each server, and are organized into different categories using a drop down menu
  • All users currently in the server are listed on the right where you can see who’s active and who’s offline

The two many ways to communicate on Discord are through text and voice chat. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the types of servers you want to join, creating your own, and finding other foot lovers looking to chat, swap pics, network, and share your appreciation of feet.

Find the Perfect Foot Fetish Discord Server that Fits Your Needs, Preferences, and Personality

The foot fetish community is almost as wide and vast as the Internet itself. With so many social media platforms and communication networks available, it’s never been easier to find and chat with like minded individuals from across the world. Discord and its many specialized servers are just one more outlet for you to meet and network with other foot lovers. All that’s left for you to do is create a username, learn how to navigate the interface, and join these top 5 foot fetish servers. But don’t stop there! There are plenty of other suitable servers to choose from or you can create your own. This is especially beneficial if you plan to buy or sell feet pics online. Click here to learn more about how it’s done.

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