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What is a Foot Job? Everything You Need to Know

By Fun With Feet
You love hand jobs (giving or receiving) and you love feet, so it’s only natural to combine these two erotic fixations for a stimulating and satisfying experience. Introducing – the foot job. Whether you’ve heard of it, seen it done in a porn video, or have no clue where to even start, this article is for you. In this guide, we’ll cover what a foot job is, tips for giving the best one, and even advice on how to broach the subject with your significant other.

So grab your favorite massage oil or lube and get ready to get your socks blown off (literally)

What is a Foot Job, Anyway?

As the name suggests, foot jobs are similar to hand jobs but involve your feet. Instead of using your hands to rub and stimulate a man’s penis, your feet do the work for you. Foot jobs can include your toes, the soles of your feet, and your heels. It’s a hands-free way of getting your man off and it’s ideal for anyone with a foot fetish. (Or anyone looking to add some spice and variety to their sex life.)

Guys on the receiving end with a foot fetish love nothing more than watching your delicate feet work their most sensitive areas as you slowly bring them to climax. If you’re the one giving the foot job and also have a fascination with feet, you may find yourself sexually aroused by the sight of your feet on his penis and the control it gives you as you watch him grow, squirm, and eventually explode!

While men are usually on the receiving end of a foot job, this isn’t always the case. Women can have their vulva and clitoris stimulated as well using nothing more than a strategically placed digit or the pad of a foot. Some even enjoy penetration using the toes. With a little practice, patience, and a gentle touch, you and your significant other can take turns getting each other off with your feet, leaving your hands free to explore other parts of their body.

What Makes Foot Jobs Fun?

So what’s the appeal of a foot job? Whether you have a foot fetish or not, there’s something sexy and erotic about feet. Not to mention, foot jobs are just one more creative way to stroke, stimulate, and arouse your lover. Here are a few more reasons to give this unconventional but highly-erotic sex act a try.

Your Feet Are Packed with Nerve Endings

The human foot is an often underrated body part that can unlock a lot of pleasure. For starters, it’s packed with nerve endings (over 200,000 in each foot to be exact). That means foot jobs feel good for both the giver and the receiver. These nerve endings also make your foot highly responsive and sensitive to your partner’s needs, letting you feel every twitch, pulse, and throb. Using these subtle cues, you can adjust your technique by applying more or less pressure, and changing speed or direction to bring your SO to the edge of pleasure. 

There’s A Lot to Work With

When giving a hand job, most people primarily use their palms with their fingers making a guest appearance from time to time. Your foot offers even more possibilities and variety when stimulating a penis or vagina. Starting at the top, your toes can bend, wrap, grip, and tickle. Moving down, the balls of your feet are firm and strong. If your partner likes it rough, you can use this area of your foot to apply pressure to different parts of their body. The soles of your feet are tight and smooth, making them a great tool for stroking the full length of your man’s penis. And don’t forget about your heels. Another harder part of the foot, heel play should be reserved for those who like kinky play and have experience with foot jobs. 

It Can Stimulate Other Areas of the Body

Did you know that your feet and genitals are actually connected? Well, sort of. Experts claim that one reason people may develop foot fetishes (and enjoy foot jobs) is that the area of the brain that controls your feet is right next to the area that stimulates your genitals. Sometimes, when these signals get crossed, foot stimulation or foot play can actually trigger your genitals, creating sexual arousal and desire. So much so that you start having sexual fantasies about feet. Giving or receiving a foot job is the perfect way to combine these two sensory experiences and deliver sexual pleasure for everyone involved. 

It’s a Sensory Experience 

Speaking of sensory experiences, foot jobs aren’t just about genital stimulation. When done right, it can be a treat for all your senses. Of course, the most obvious sense is touch. Your soft feet on the smooth, tight, wet skin of your partner is wildly erotic. Then, seeing your toes curl around the head, slide down the shaft, or press into the clitoris is intoxicating and empowering (more on this in a minute). Now, let’s talk about sound. If you’re using massage oil or lubricant, you may hear the movement of your foot along your lover’s body and if you’re doing it right, you’ll hear plenty of moans and whimpers coming from their lips. And lastly, if you want to incorporate some toe-sucking, licking, or kissing into the mix, opt for a flavored, edible lubricant that tastes as good as it feels. Although some people may get off on the natural flavor of their lover’s skin, sweat, and bodily fluids. 

It’s a Mild Form of BDSM

Now, let’s talk about control. Whether you’ve dabbled in the world of bondage, spanking, or blindfolding your partner, or are into much more intense forms of BDSM, you know how arousing power dynamics can be. If you get off on being in control and calling the shots, you’ll love directing your partner as they give you a foot job. On the other hand, when you give a foot job, you have your lover at your mercy. You can control how fast, slow, hard, or soft you stimulate their genitals. As you watch them get increasingly aroused and closer to orgasm, you’ll feel drunk with power. 

But there’s also something to be said about relinquishing control and being completely vulnerable. A man has to trust his partner when letting them fondle his package with their feet. And the same can be said for a woman whose significant other is stimulating her most sensitive areas. If you’re a submissive giving the foot job, you may get off on being told what to do, bossed around, and even humiliated. Just be sure to discuss these dominant and submissive roles before engaging in any sort of sex play, involving feet or otherwise.

How to Give a Proper Foot Job

Now that you know what makes foot jobs so appealing, let’s talk about technique. Since men are most often on the receiving end of a foot job, we’ll focus on that with a few tips for women thrown in for good measure. Here are the basic steps of giving a foot job.

Prep Your Feet

Before anyone takes their clothes off, it’s important that your feet and toes are well-manicured and clean. Not only does this make them more appealing to look at it but it also prevents injury or discomfort as the job gets underway. Take some time to show your feet a little TLC. Paint and trim your toenails, apply moisturizer, and wash them using antibacterial soap. Address any other underlying issues either including athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, or calluses to help keep things looking and feeling good.

Get Warmed Up

Like any good sex act, a foot job takes foreplay. Start by running your foot over your partner’s genitals through their clothes. Glide up and down their shaft until you feel their erection start to grow. Flex and wrap your toes around different parts of their package from the tip to the base. You can start this under the table at dinner, on the car ride home, or wait until you get your lover behind closed doors. 

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Once your partner is nice and warmed up, it’s time to get them lubed up. Have them remove their pants and underwear so you can get down to work. But first, apply some lubricant. When it comes to any sex act, the wetter the better. Apply a good amount of lube to your feet and your partner’s privates. Heat things up even more by using warming lubricant or massage oil. The more lubricant you use, the easier your feet will slide along their body and, eventually, into place. Lube is especially important if you plan to engage in anal or vaginal penetration, also known as foot fucking  (more on this later). 

Getting Into Position

Choosing a comfortable position for your foot job is a must. Nothing kills the mood faster than a leg or toe cramp. Once you get into a good rhythm and your partner is close to climax, you don’t want to have to stop or change position. The best position for a foot job is sitting down on your bottom with your legs extended so your feet fall perfectly on your partner’s lap. Make sure that you’re close enough to reach every inch of his shaft and balls but not so close that your legs are bent and you can’t control your feet. You can do this sitting in bed, in a bathtub, on your couch, or wherever you’re both comfortable. The most important thing is that your feet are in prime position.

Get to Work and Use Plenty of Variety 

Start by sliding the soles of your feet up and down his shaft. When you press your arches together, the shape and look of your foot may resemble a vulva. Explore the tip of his penis with your toes, curling and flexing them around the head. Just be gentle and follow his lead in terms of pressure and speed. 

Once you get comfortable using your feet and they fall into a natural rhythm, start experimenting with different techniques. Try holding his shaft with one foot and rubbing it with the other or slide one foot up and the other down opposing sides of his package. Wiggling your toes is another popular technique that offers added stimulation. And don’t forget about the balls. Some guys may enjoy a toe massage or mild pressure on their perineum courtesy of your big toe. If you want to explore anal penetration, this is something that requires consent and a conversation beforehand and plenty of communication during. 

Many of these same rules apply when giving a foot job to a female. Start slowly by running your toes up and down the length of her vagina, spending a few extra seconds near her clitoris and vulva. Once she’s nice and wet, you can use your toes to make circles around her clit, tap it gently using the ball of your foot, or penetrate her (with consent). 

Move Your Legs 

Believe it or not, your legs play an important role when giving a foot job. After all, your feet are merely an extension of your legs, so be sure to incorporate them into the activity. Bend your knees to create distance, give your man’s member a tug, and secure a more comfortable position. Straighten them out as you tighten your hold on his cock (but not too tight unless he asks for it). Moving your legs at the hip also gives you a better range of motion and prevents you from tiring too easily. 

Ask for a Hand

Even with the perfect position and technique, you’ll probably get tired when giving a foot job. If your man hasn’t orgasmed yet and your feet are feeling fatigued, ask for some help. Let him control your feet while you watch and give your legs a break. Not only does this put him in the driver’s seat of his pleasure, ensuring he’s moving at the pace he likes, but it gives you both a sexy show. You’ll love watching him get off using your extremities and he’ll love doing it. You can also use your hands to explore other parts of his body and your own.

There are no rules when giving a foot job. Do what feels good and comes naturally to you both. That might involve using other parts of your body, too. Perhaps you can give a foot job/blow job where you periodically lean down and give his package a quick kiss or licking. Speaking of blow jobs, shrimping is a term used to describe sucking someone’s toes. Remove your foot from his crotch and bring it up to his mouth, encouraging him to return the favor. Communication is key to ensuring that everyone’s on the same page, comfortable with what’s happening, and sexually satisfied.

More Tips for Giving a Sexy and Successful Foot Job

Now that you’ve got the basics of a foot job down, you can start experimenting, adding different techniques and accessories, and exploring other sex acts with your feet. Here are a few more things to consider when giving a successful foot job.

Talk About It 

Your partner might get a little freaked out if you start fondling their genitals without warning. That’s why it’s best to have a conversation about foot jobs and foot play before getting down to business. If you’re turned on by the idea of getting a foot job, ask your significant other if they’d be willing to try it. On the other hand, if you think it’s better to give than receive, tell your lover that you want to try and get them off using just your feet. The challenge alone will be a turn-on for you both. You can also start with other, milder forms of foot play including massage, pampering each other’s feet, and foot worship

Use Your Imagination

Variety is the spice of life. And it’s also what makes giving and receiving foot jobs so fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use your imagination to switch things up. Experiment with different sensations by wearing socks, stockings, or other items on your feet. If your partner is into spanking and the rough stuff, try gently tapping their balls with your toes or heel. Foot fetishists might enjoy you stuffing your dirty socks or stockings in their mouths. Edging is another popular technique during kinky sex play and is perfect for foot jobs as well. 

Add a Blindfold or Bondage Accessories

Accessories go far beyond just socks and stockings. Because a foot job can be a sensory experience, why not heighten these senses using light bondage materials like a blindfold, booties, or ankle cuffs? Blindfold the recipient so all they can focus on is the overwhelming sensation of your feet on their body or place your feet in leather booties before going to town on their nether regions. 

Try Different Positions 

While the most comfortable and popular position for a foot job involves two people sitting or lying facing one another, there are other positions to explore. Another popular and effective one involves the giver lying on their stomach with their knees bent and feet in the air. The recipient kneels behind them, placing their genitals on their partner’s waiting feet. This requires a little more work on his end, as he manipulates his package into position.

Let Him Finish on Your Feet 

The ultimate goal of a foot job is to climax, so why not let your man finish on your feet? When your man is close to coming, position your feet in such a way that he can deposit his load on your toes, the tops of your feet, or in between them. This is one happy ending your man won’t soon forget.

Get the Job Done Right

Now you know all there is to know about giving and receiving foot jobs. Whether you have a foot fetish or not, foot jobs add variety to your sex life and offer pleasure for both partners. Are you curious to learn more about the wonderful world of foot fetishes? Check out our blog for more interesting and stimulating articles. 

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