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How to Make a Tumblr for Selling Feet Pics

If you enjoy scrolling social media and have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, you’ll love Tumblr. Known as a “microblogging” platform, Tumblr lets users post a variety of media files. This includes links, photos, quotes, text, videos, and music. It’s a safe space for creative minds to express themselves, network, and build a loyal following of fans..

It’s also a great place for selling feet pics. Tumblr combines two useful tools when it comes to selling and promoting your foot content – the engagement of social media as well as the control and creative freedom that comes with blogging.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to make a Tumblr for selling feet pics.

What is Tumblr and How Does It Work?

With over 519 million blogs to date, Tumblr is like no other blogging and social media platform out there. It’s this unique duality that sets Tumblr apart from other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Not only does Tumblr feature a traditional blogging format but the main page also displays different news feeds, streaming videos, and trending content.

Tumbler is home to a healthy mix of bloggers and brands. This makes it a great outlet for marketing your feet pics and gaining recognition, both personally and professionally. 

Another awesome feature of Tumblr is the customization features.. This allows you to create an original and unique experience for viewers and potential customers. It also makes it easier to create a recognizable brand that is uniquely yours. This includes everything from the photos you post, the colors of your blog, the font, the layout, and even the HTML. 

Getting Started on Tumblr 

Anyone with an Internet connection and laptop or mobile device can easily create an account on Tumblr. You can start posting and connecting within minutes. 

Start by visiting or download the Tumblr app for iOS or Android and click “Get Started.” You can use either your email and a password or your Apple ID or Google account to register. 

Once your account is started, you’ll be asked to create a username for your blog. If you plan to sell feet pics on Tumblr, be sure that your username lets people know what you’re all about. This increases the likelihood that other foot lovers will find your page. Don’t worry – if you’re stumped, you can do some brainstorming and come back to update your username later.

Next, you have to agree to Tumblr’s terms and conditions before accessing your blog page. You can also select which topics you’re most interested in and would like to see on your dashboard. These categories include things like food, art, love, exercise, and more. 

The topics you choose are then converted into what’s known as “followed tags.” This helps Tumblr generate the type of content you’re most interested in and connect you with like-minded users on the platform. Once you start browsing other pages and engaging with other users, Tumblr will adjust your “followed tags” and start showing you content based on your choices and preferences. 

You can search by tags and topics, save different categories to your favorites, and start following accounts that catch your eye.

Customizing your Tumblr Dashboard to Sell Feet Pics

When it comes to making a Tumblr for selling feet pics, it’s important to know the basics and how to expand on them. Even if you’ve never run a blog page in your life, you can successfully create a popular Tumblr page. 

There are two main areas you need to pay attention to – the blog network and bluespace. The blog network is essentially the URL for your blog and bluespace is everything else, including your dashboard, apps, settings, and support. Think of it this way – Tumblr is a website that doubles as a collection of websites (aka – user blogs). 

The blog network URL is also your display name, so it should be something original and foot-focused. Some tips for choosing an eye-catching username that attracts plenty of attention include

  • Including relevant keywords (about feet)
  • Avoid using hyphens
  • Consider using your name or a related name
  • Don’t use trademarks unless you own them
  • Keep it concise
  • Say it out loud to hear how it sounds

Customization options on your blog network and bluespace are different. Some of the features do overlap but to simplify things, treat them like two separate parts of your Tumblr page. Personalize your blog’s layout and appearance first, since this might help you get noticed by other bloggers, faster.

Appearance options include 

  • Customizing or hiding your avatar 
  • Changing or hiding the header image
  • Changing the font of the text on the page
  • Customizing the colors and layout
  • Updating or hiding the title of your blog
  • Updating or hiding the blog description 
  • Previewing the blog view in a web browser or mobile app 

Every Tumblr blog opens with a traditional Tumblr theme, but there are countless customizable options available in the theme garden. Make sure your Tumblr page represents your personality and passion for feet. Presenting your content in an appealing way increases the likelihood that other users will engage with your blog and, potentially, make a purchase.

Posting Mature Content on Tumblr

Selling feet pics is a somewhat taboo practice that sometimes skirts the line of explicit content. For that reason, it’s important to understand Tumblr’s stance on posting mature content. Follow the rules, and you can successfully market even your sexiest feet pics on this platform.

Some people might remember when Tumblr placed a temporary ban on mature content back in 2017. This ban on “visual depictions of sexually explicit acts” has since been lifted and replaced with more liberal and inclusive guidelines. According to the website, Tumblr is “a home for art and artists” and that means “welcoming creators who publish mature content.” 

Nudity and adult content are permitted as long as they are tagged properly. To prevent your account from getting banned or your posts being deleted, be sure to add the required community label to any content that includes 

  • Racy text or images
  • Nudity
  • Sexual themes
  • Mature subject matter
  • Offensive language. 

These labels allow foot content creators and other users to express their creative freedom without offending those who are after a more G-rated experience. 

Users can also adjust their own community labels to restrict or allow certain content from showing up on their pages. When in doubt, check the platform’s community guidelines for more information about the type of content you can create and promote. 

Tips for Selling Feet Pics on Tumblr

Once you’ve created your blog network,  you can start expanding your reach on Tumblr and promoting your feet pics. We’ve shared some top tips below. 

Update Your Dashboard Settings 

Getting started on Tumblr can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to optimize your experience and connect with more foot lovers is to update your settings to “include followed tag posts” on your dashboard. This will allow you to see posts from your followed tags easily. This option is under the “preferences” setting. Now, you’ll get real-time access and alerts when other blogs you follow post new content. 

Avoid Long, Text-Heavy Posts

Tumblr is based primarily on multimedia posts – think photos, music, videos, and GIFs.increase the chances that your content will be seen by keeping your text posts short and sweet. Most of the content you post should be media-driven or interactive, so don’t post text too often.

Avoid long paragraphs, sentences, and blocks of text. Chances are, people will scroll right past them without a second thought. Instead, sprinkle mentions of selling feet pics into your other posts to entice and attract potential buyers without being overly promotional. 

Post High-Resolution, Beautiful Photos and Videos 

The photos and videos you share should be of the highest quality. Although this is important for all Tumblr users, it’s especially important for those selling feet pics. After all, you want potential buyers to see the quality of your work. 

Always put your best foot forward (literally) when creating attractive, high-quality photos and videos for your blog. 

Engage and Compliment Other Creators

Selling feet pics on Tumblr and other social media platforms is all about networking. Most creators and wanna-be influencers are looking to engage with other like-minded professionals looking to collaborate and network. 

Engagement is key for making connections and building partnerships. By commenting on other people’s posts and showing your support, you’re also building brand awareness as a genuine content creator.

The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Tumblr

When choosing the best platform for selling feet pics, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. The good news is, that you don’t have to settle on just one outlet. Promoting your content on several foot pic platforms could result in more exposure and sales.

Before making your decision, consider these pros and cons of selling feet pics on Tumblr.


  • User-friendly even for beginners 
  • A community feel
  • Fully customizable 
  • Easy to search for specific content 
  • The ability to reblog and go viral 
  • A visual medium 
  • Built-in analytics


  • The majority of the users are under the age of 35
  • Limited options for responding to and commenting on posts
  • No engagement statistics or analytics
  • It’s difficult to reblog items from other Tumblr pages

Consider Tumblr as  Creative Outlet for Selling Feet Pics

Despite popular belief, blogging isn’t a dying art. With over 600 million blogs online, people still seek out articles that are fun and informative. Add a few eye-catching photos or videos and you’ll appeal to the masses. These features are what makes Tumblr a good option for selling feet pics.

Just, keep in mind, selling feet pics on any outlet not made specifically for this line of work does come with some challenges. Click here to learn more about FunwithFeet’s dedicated foot pic platform and get started selling today!

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