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How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

With roughly over 1 billion users, Instagram is the original photo- and video-sharing social media platform. Founded in 2010 and later bought out by Facebook, Instagram is still one of the most popular and user-friendly social media apps available.

Because the platform is dedicated to photo- and video-sharing, it seems like the most logical place to sell your feet pics, right? Yes and no. While Instagram does allow users to post primarily pictures, short videos (stories and reels), and quotes or memes, it also has some of the strictest rules on the internet. However, with a little know-how and finesse, you can successfully sell your feet pics on Instagram and make some money.

Keep reading to learn how.

Why Instagram?

With so many social media platforms and apps out there, you need to choose a few favorites to spend your time on. Trying to manage dozens of accounts or pages at once, while possible, is extremely time-consuming. Not to mention, it may prove difficult to run multiple pages well. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality or integrity of your work. So, instead, choose 3 to 5 platforms to dedicate your time to. You’ll also see that you can use one platform, like Instagram or OnlyFans, to promote your personal blog or website or even your Fun with Feet account. 

So, why should Instagram be in the running as one of your top 5 outlets for selling feet pics?

It’s MADE for Pictures and Videos

Instagram is dedicated to posting and sharing pictures and videos. No other social media app rivals Instagram when it comes to visual media. If people want to browse millions of pictures and videos, they head to Instagram. This is why, if you’re selling feet pics online, this is exactly where your content should be. 

It’s User-Friendly 

Instagram is a user-friendly app for both subscribers and content creators. Anyone can open an account and start posting right away. Instagram doesn’t have a lot of complicated steps to follow or hoops to jump through. The format itself isn’t complicated, making your account easy to find and follow. Users can sort by hashtags, view trending posts, and use the search bar to find exactly what they’re looking for. In this case, your feet pics!

It’s Wildly Popular

If you want to succeed in selling feet pics online, you need to get as many eyes on your content as possible. Instagram is currently ranked as the 4th most used social media platform out there with over 1.3 billion users hungry for fresh content, engaging videos, and gorgeous imagery. This is a huge captive audience that you can’t afford to overlook. In 2012, Instagram merged with Facebook, the number one social media platform to date. Now, sharing your posts between platforms and converting followers has never been easier or more convenient. 

It Offers Numerous Marketing Tools

When it comes to free marketing tools, most platforms pale in comparison to Instagram. The app makes doing business and making sales easy. You can pre-schedule your posts to maintain consistency and promote user engagement. Interested buyers can also message you privately to make a purchase or request custom content. Turning on push notifications ensures you never miss a message or a potential lead. 

Other useful tools include Instagram stories and reels where you can engage with your followers in different ways. You can also host live events and promote giveaways or incentives using the platform’s countdown feature. And let’s not forget about Instagram’s hashtags which help categorize your posts to target users searching for exactly what you have to offer. 

It Has Options for Different Types of Accounts

Instagram gives you the option to open a personal or business account. When selling feet pics online, it’s best to open a business account. When you do, Instagram provides you valuable insight and analytics into how your page and posts are performing. This data lets you know what types of followers are converting and when. Now, you can focus on your target audience, post when they’re most active, and provide the type of content they’re looking for. When you use hashtags on your posts (and you should), an Instagram business account will provide analytics on which hashtags generate the most sales. In 2019, the platform launched a creator account that is designed specifically for social media influencers. 

Instagram is Safe and Free to Use

For all intents and purposes, Instagram is a safe platform for selling feet pics. While it’s recommended you handle all of your transactions and sales outside of the platform itself, Instagram discourages users from saving your feet pics to their device. Protect yourself by never sharing personal information via private messenger, using an alias, and adding a discreet watermark to all your photos. 

How to Get Started Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

If you’re new to the world of Instagram, you’ll need to open a new account before you can start selling feet pics. Even if you have an existing personal account, you should create a completely new and different business account to use for your feet pics. Not only does this help protect your identity but it provides you with the valuable analytics mentioned previously. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to getting started on Instagram.

Create a Business or Creator Account

Starting an Instagram is easy. All you’ll need is an email address, a creative username, and an eye-catching profile picture. You may want to create a new email address to use strictly for selling feet pics. This helps keep your personal and business life separate. It also prevents Instagram from automatically linking with your Facebook account and transferring over all your personal info, contacts, and photos. 

Optimize Your Profile

When selling feet pics on Instagram, not just any profile will do. Remember, you’re essentially starting a business and your profile and page should reflect this. Make sure both your profile picture and links are relevant and reflect your business (feet pics). The photo you use should be high-quality, beautiful, and unique. When creating your user name, be sure to include the word “feet” or “feet pics” so your account is easy to find and comes up in relevant searches. Be sure to optimize your bio too. Let people know you sell feet pics and/or videos, a link to your website or blog if applicable, and information on how to contact you. 

Build Your Following

This is the hardest part of selling feet pics on any platform, including Instagram. Building a loyal following and customer base takes time, consistency, and plenty of effort on your part. It’s also about knowing which tactics work and where to dedicate the most time and effort. 

One of Instagram’s most useful tools is its hashtags. Adding relevant hashtags to your posts is a must. Doing so ensures that your photos are categorized properly and easy to find. Some of the best hashtags for selling feet pics on Instagram include #feetpics #sellingfeetpics #feetpicsforsale #feetpicsbuyers #footworshipping and #feetloversonly. Include hashtags that have the most engagement and followers along with some less popular ones where you have a better chance of standing out. Instagram limits the number of hashtags you can include to 30, which is a lot compared to other sites like Twitter which only allows 13. Just avoid adding too many hashtags to all of your posts. This takes away from the beauty of your content and could turn off potential customers. 

Remain Active

Nothing is worse on social media than being stagnant. Inactive accounts get forgotten and quickly fall out of the public eye. Consistency is key when building a social media following. Create a consistent posting schedule and stick to it. This means adding fresh, new content weekly or even daily if time allows. The more active and engaged you are, the more followers you’ll gain and the more sales you’ll make. Reply to all comments and your posts and respond to every private message you receive. While some messages may be dead ends, you won’t know unless you respond. Selling feet pics on Instagram through direct message is generally the only way so monitoring your inbox closely is a must. 

Set Realistic Rates and Create Packages

One of the biggest questions about selling feet pics online is how much money can you make. There’s no set answer to this question and results vary drastically from one seller to the next. Several factors will determine how lucrative your business venture is including how active you are, the quality of your content, how well you market yourself, and if your feet pics and videos appeal to a specific type of buyer. 

With that being said, the price of your feet pics can also make or break your success. If you price your pictures too high, too soon, you’ll scare off potential buyers. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. Similar to any other profession, you can’t charge top dollar as an amateur. As you gain more followers and recognition, you can slowly start to increase your rates. On the other hand, keeping your prices low and competitive could result in a larger number of sales. For example, the chances of you selling a single feet pic for $100 is rare. But selling 10 pics for $10 a piece or even 5 pictures for $20 a piece is much more likely. 

When setting your feet pic rates, start low and work your way up. The average foot pic sells for between $5 and $20 depending on quality, niche, and demand. Another great way to generate business selling feet pics is to create “packages”. Offer a pack of X number of pictures of X amount of money. For example, 3 pics for $50 or 5 pictures for $75. You can create feet pic packages in certain categories like bondage, dirty, or high heels or promote a mystery pack where buyers don’t know what they’re getting. 

Make sure your pricing and accepted payment methods are clearly posted. Never change the price of your feet pics after making a deal. This will sully your reputation and could cost you future sales. 

Post High-Quality Photos for Free

When it comes to making money selling feet pics, you have to give a little to get a little. That means posting high-quality pictures for free in addition to charging for other exclusive content. Similar to OnlyFans where many creators offer free content to followers but even better content to paid subscribers, you can do both on Instagram. 

Fill your page with high-quality feet pics that generate interest, engagement, and followers. One way to do this is by posting teasers. Post a picture that shows a portion of your foot but not the entire thing. If your followers want to see the rest, they can DM you and pay for access. 

Charge Fans for Custom Content

Once a fan contacts you to purchase exclusive content, you can establish a long-term, working relationship. See if they’re interested in specific, custom content including more pics or even videos. Most interested buyers are willing to pay top dollar for custom content that meets their specific needs or fetish. Always discuss your terms and payment before exchanging feet pics for money. Protect yourself by collecting payment upfront before providing any content. 

One way to convert a one-time buyer into a repeat customer is by showing your appreciation for their business. Periodically send your valued customers small gifts or thank you’s for their continued support. You can also offer them discounts. For example, a certain percentage off after a set number of transactions. You can also offer them discounts on any subscription sites you might have like OnlyFans. 

More Questions About Selling Feet Pics on Instagram 

Here are a few more FAQs about selling feet pics on Instagram so you can get started today!

Is it Illegal to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

No. Although it’s technically not illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram, you do need to be careful. Instagram’s community guidelines have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual content. If the moderators or admins feel your content is inappropriate or explicit, they can ban your account without warning. That means you lose all of your hard work, your followers, and your content. Your best bet is to keep your posts PG and leave the racier stuff for DMs and individual sales transactions. 

What Types of Feet Pics Sell Best on Instagram?

Feet pics fall into a variety of categories from toes and heels to bondage feet pics, dirty feet, and footwear. You can sell pics in any or all of these categories. You can incorporate accessories like stockings, jewelry, and tattoos in your picture. Take them from different angles and in various positions and poses. A few ideas include:

  • One foot on top of another
  • The bottoms of your feet
  • Just your toes or heels
  • Feet in heels, boots, sneakers, socks, or stockings
  • Feet with props 
  • Feet with food items

Foot videos also offer plenty of opportunities for creativity and variety like using massage oil or lotion, measuring your feet, foot bondage, and washing your feet. 

How to Take Quality Feet Pics to Sell on Instagram

In addition to including plenty of variety in your pictures, they should always be high-quality. This includes the feet pics you post for free and the ones you sell. If your free pics are low-quality or blurry, people will be less likely to pay you for additional content. Always put your best foot forward (pun intended) by posting beautiful, clear, high-quality photos that show your feet in all their beauty and glory. You don’t need to be a foot model to sell feet pics on Instagram. All it takes is a little creativity, effort, and knowledge of the industry. While some people drool over dirty feet pics, other people prefer perfectly manicured toes and smooth heels.

Your feet should always be the main focus of your pictures. Eliminate distractions by removing clutter from the background of your picture. This also helps protect your identity and prevents you from accidentally sharing clues about who you are or where you live. 

Start Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

If you’re looking to sell feet pics online, welcome to the club! The foot fetish industry has exploded in recent years with an increasing number of people showing interest in buying feet pics. Whether you’re looking to sell feet pics as a side hustle or a full-time gig, the options are endless. When making a list of which platforms to use, Instagram should rank near the top. A platform used specifically for photos and videos, this social media outlet is a treasure trove of foot fetish enthusiasts looking for content just like yours!

Just remember, Instagram should be one tool at your disposal, not the only one. The more platforms you use and the more you promote yourself and your feet pics, the more customers you’ll attract. Choose a handful of reputable sites and platforms that you can manage without sacrificing quality or consistency. 

Buy and Sell feet pics and videos

Start selling your content now!

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