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What Does It Mean When Someone Asks For Feet Pics?

The days of phone calls and voicemails are nearly nonexistent. Now, if you want to get in touch with someone you just slide into their DMs. Unfortunately, countless people on social media receive unsolicited or unwanted private messages from all sorts of people. These messages can range from innocent flirtations or sales pitches to explicit photographs.

When you open a social media account, you’re opening yourself up to communication from other users. This is especially true when embarking on an online business venture. But not all direct messages are negative. When trying to sell feet pictures online, some of your biggest sales might come from interested buyers that reach out via private message. It’s here that they feel comfortable and confident asking for specific photos and custom orders. And most are willing to pay top dollar if you can fulfill their unique needs.

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at what it means when people ask for feet pics and how to handle these conversations in a professional, yet playful manner.

Why Do People Ask for Feet Pics?

There are thousands of feet pics posted for sale online at any given time. Some include the person’s face and body, while others are strictly their toes, soles, and heels or include jewelry, tattoos, and footwear. Every feet pics website has different rules and guidelines. Some allow NSFW pictures while others like to keep things PG. Payment on every platform varies also. For example, some websites charge sellers a subscription fee for posting and selling their feet pics while others require users to pay a fee for access to exclusive content – similar to how OnlyFans operates.

Feet pics online fall into a variety of categories including everything from BDSM and bondage to dirty feet, humiliation pics, footwear, and beyond. But what happens when a buyer has a very specific request or can’t find exactly what they’re looking for? That’s when they contact sellers directly through direct message (DM). But what exactly does it mean when someone DMs you asking for feet pics and how should you handle it?

Let’s first look at the reasons people ask for feet pics!

They Have a Specific Fetish

There are hundreds of fetishes in the world – some more unconventional than others. While a foot fetish is actually fairly common, there are countless niches that fall under this category. Some people are into massaging and sucking toes. Other people want to be kicked, pushed around, or humiliated. And others still like to see feet in precarious positions like bound with ropes, dirty, being measured or bent in odd positions.

Even with thousands of feet pics available online, foot lovers may have a very specific fetish or request they want to be filled. And that’s where you come in! Don’t be surprised if someone contacts you through private messenger asking for a very detailed, specific type of picture. This can range from simple things like your feet in a swimming pool or a pair of red bottom heels or something even more specific like your toenails painted a certain color and your feet covered in whipped cream. The beauty of this is that it’s merely a request. You’re under no obligation to provide these types of pictures. But, if you play your cards right, you can charge a lot more for these custom orders than the generic feet pics you normally post on your page. So think twice before turning down any offers and don’t be afraid to haggle.

They Like What They See and Want to See More

When you post high-quality, attractive feet pics and videos (as you should), you’ll gain a lot of attention, followers, and loyal customers. Remember, every feet pic platform has different rules and regulations users must follow. Some allow pictures of your feet plus ass and boobs while others don’t allow any other body parts. There are also racier websites designed specifically for NSFW content.

If you’re currently posting on a site that restricts content, you may receive a number of DMs asking to see more of what you have to offer. As with any transaction or request, fulfilling these orders is completely up to you! You have no obligation to deliver suggestive content that involves nudity or to even engage in a conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Unsolicited DMs are all part of the job. Some less tactful buyers may even try to gain your attention by sending you explicit photos of them. (No thanks!) You can choose to ignore or report these unprovoked and unwanted messages.

But, if the customer’s request seems valid or it’s something you’re willing to do, you can start talking specifics and price.

They Want to Use You as a Model

People with foot fetishes aren’t the only ones who might ask you for feet pics. There are plenty of companies and artists that use feet pics for business purposes. If you’ve ever used a stock photo website, you know that there are thousands of pictures available for download of all sorts of items from buildings and houses to food, people, sports, clothing, and much more. Companies use stock photo platforms like these to collect pictures for their ad campaigns, websites, and other promotional items. Your gorgeous feet might garner attention and catch the eye of a company that’s after your specific look. They may ask you to model shoes, jewelry, stockings, socks, and more.

Artists also use feet pics for a variety of reasons. Sculptures and sketch artists that focus on the human form use real-life pictures as inspiration. They may ask for feet pics of your heel, the arch of your foot, your toes, or the ankles. Other creative minds including tattoo artists and jewelry makers sometimes need photos to model their work. This includes everything from ankle bracelets and toe rings to tattoos – both permanent ink and henna. If your foot is unique and beautiful, you may just receive DMs from artists looking to use your feet as their muse.

They Want a Video

While most foot fetish websites focus on feet pictures, videos are becoming increasingly popular. Incorporating videos into your work can increase conversion rates up to 30%. People are engaged and captivated by videos. Just look at the worldwide phenomenon that is TikTok! Videos as short as 15 to 30 seconds can hold viewers’ attention for hours at a time. If the platform you’re selling your feet pics on allows videos, post some! If they don’t, you may receive messages from users asking for them.

Most videos range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and can include everything from you rubbing or massaging your feet to applying lotion, binding your feet, trying on shoes, or picking things up with your toes! If you can imagine it, there’s probably a fetish out there for it. Some buyers might also request that you talk during the video. ASMR is another phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm. Autonomous sensory meridian response describes a tingling sensation that some people experience along their scalp and down their neck and upper spine when exposed to specific stimuli. Whispering into a microphone and making certain isolated sounds is a popular form of ASMR. Don’t be surprised if someone DMs you asking for a video that includes your sexy feel plus your sultry voice,

Handling Direct Messages for Feet Pics: The Good and the Bad

Now that you know why people might ask you directly for feet pics online, let’s talk more about how to handle these inquiries, including those that are unsolicited, unwanted, and downright offensive!

Handling Unsolicited Messages

If you use social media, you’ve probably received at least one (or a dozen) unsolicited or offensive DMs. Whether it’s a guy sending dick pics or someone trying to sell you something, it happens. And you can usually address it in one of two ways – report the person or ignore it and block them. Once you make the decision to start selling feet pics online, you’re opening yourself up to the potential for unwarranted advances. You may receive multiple DMs from people complimenting your photos and asking for racier, sexier, and more revealing content. While this is flattering, you should proceed with caution.

Weed Out the Phonies

Your first order of business is to determine if the person is legitimate. Are they really interested and willing to pay for these pictures and videos or are they simply wasting your time? Figuring this out can be tricky and sometimes, you don’t know that the person isn’t serious until it’s too late. Some people will DM you simply to strike up a conversation and flirt with you. They may even ask for a custom picture or video with no intention of ever paying for it. This is one reason you should never send any content to someone who contacts you via DM until you receive payment. Most feet pic platforms have security measures in place to protect sellers against fraudulent buyers. If you do end up getting duped, you may need to file a report with the website’s administrators.

Safety First

If the person contacting you makes you feel uncomfortable, uses offensive language, or goes as far as to harass you, don’t engage with them. Instead, block them and report them to whoever runs the page.

Another safety tip for engaging with potential buyers through direct messages is to never share your personal information. This includes your location, full name, address, phone number, or any banking information. Legitimate buyers know this isn’t allowed and should never ask for personal details. The website you’re using has all the information they need and they will handle payments accordingly.

Handling Legitimate Inquiries and Sales

Not all DMs are from creepers just looking for some kicks. There’s also the potential for receiving legitimate inquiries for custom content.

Be Professional

Like any other sales transaction, it’s important to handle these messages with a certain level of professionalism. Granted, selling feet pics isn’t exactly the same thing as selling skincare products, but it’s not too far off, either. Avoid using obscene or offensive language, unless the conversation warrants it. Try to get the particulars out of the way including what type of content they want, how much they’re willing to pay, and when they can expect to receive it. Remember, never provide content until you get paid!

Show Your Personality

Once you get the business portion of the transaction out of the way, you can engage in more relaxed and flirtatious conversation – but only if you want to! You can set the tone for the conversation from the start. If you’re not interested in chatting, keep things strictly business and don’t respond to their advances. You can also let the person know that sexting isn’t part of the deal before they get any ideas.

Just because you’re not willing to talk dirty to your customers doesn’t mean you can’t be personable and friendly. The more personality you show, the more interested people will be in your feet pics. This is true both through DMs and on your profile page. Buyers want to know more about the person’s feet they’re looking at. Share little tidbits of information like your favorite hobbies, foods, and activities plus what you look for in a partner and maybe other interesting anecdotes. The more connected a buyer feels to you, the more turned on they’ll get by your pictures, and the more likely they are to pay. Just know that engaging in some harmless flirting that helps indulge the buyer’s fantasy might land you more sales and higher prices for your feet pics.

Know Your Worth and Set Your Price

Speaking of prices, selling feet pics is similar to selling personal artwork. It’s your creation and you get to determine its worth. Whether or not someone is willing to pay what you want is another story, but you’re still in the position to set your asking price. Consider factors like how much time it takes you to create and edit the content, how niche the category is, how well-known you are in the foot fetish community, and your years of experience. You don’t want to lowball yourself but you also don’t want to set your prices so high that you lose the sale. Over time, you’ll find a happy medium. Set a price that is fair for both you and the buyer. Doing so will increase your chances of gaining repeat customers.

Tips for Sending Direct Messages to Potential Buyers

Direct messages for feet pics work both ways. While you’re sure to get plenty of inquiries coming in (some serious and others not), you can also send DMs to prospective buyers. There’s a right and wrong way to do this as well. You want to engage in conversation and be personable without being too pushy. No one likes having sales shoved down their throats, even if they’re of hot and sexy feet pics.

Pay attention to users who engage with your posts most often. This includes likes and comments. Even if they’ve never purchased one of your feet pics, you can still contact them and see if they’re interested. Start with a casual conversation before letting them know what type of content you offer. Let them know the types of feet pics and videos you make, the turnaround time, and what you charge. Then, let it be. Don’t hound, harass, or spam them. Just as easily as you might get offended or bothered by countless DMs, users feel the same way. Being too pushy could result in your account being banned, you losing followers, or the user defaming you on the website and other social media platforms.

Some websites don’t allow DMs between users, so be sure to check the admin guidelines before sending any private messages.

Get to Know Your Audience and Sell More Feet Pics

If selling feet pics online was easy, everyone would do it. The good news is, with a little hard work, consistency, and business know-how, you can start selling feet pics and making money relatively quickly. Selling feet pics is like any other online venture for freelancers. It’s similar to artists selling their work, freelancers selling blog content, and people on OnlyFans gaining subscribers for exclusive, highly sought-after content.

There are countless ways to generate interest in your feet pics from self-promotion on social media to designing your own website. Communicating directly with buyers is, by far, the easiest and most lucrative way to drum up business and earn sales. Just be prepared to weed through illegitimate buyers and sex-driven users just looking for a good time. It’s also important to act tactfully when initiating conversations via DM. Remember, you’re a professional. You need to carry yourself that way while also being sexy and charismatic. This unique balance is the secret to success selling feet pics online.

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